From Social to Successful

Bruce Esrig
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May 5, 2011 - 6:30pm - 8:30pm
Drew UniversityMadison, NJ
United States
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This is the story of an independent fashion marketplace with social roots. It is also a story about an integrated design process, in which strategy, design, and execution all have a voice.

Sense of Fashion is a startup that decided to transition from a social networking site to an eCommerce marketplace with social features.

Richard Stanton, who is the President and COO of Sense of Fashion, will spotlight the places in the eCommerce experience where the use of social media tools helps ... and where it can hurt.

In accordance with his personal style, our speaker will take us behind the scenes (a little bit) and walk us through the debates, the reasons for making certain choices, and the results that were achieved during the four-month design, development, and deployment process. The tensions that arose while merging two business models led to many discussions which ultimately fed back into the design and development of the product.

The site will be unveiled a few days prior to the talk, so we'll be able to see the design before, during, and after the transition.

So we can get an idea of who's coming, please reply to the event notice at 

Richard Stanton is a senior executive with 15 years of experience in Internet, technology, and media-related industries. He has worked with numerous Fortune 1000 companies and start-ups to identify appropriate strategic directions, to select and motivate teams to execute on them, and to produce significant and sustainable revenue growth.

He played a key role in growing an eCommerce start-up from five employees to over 350, with revenues in excess of $60 million.  He is a knowledgeable speaker on the opportunities presented by the Semantic Web, and is actively involved in raising awareness for Web 3.0 applications. He has been quoted multiple times in the mainstream press, including the Wall Street Journal and the Los Angeles Times. He has also been cited in professional journals such as CACM.



27 May 2011 - 3:57pm

Hi Bruce,

I'm a member of the and I am in New Jersey.
I am currently a web developer for a medical device company and I'm looking to strengthen my UI and UX skill set.
I have been keeping up with posts for this group but I would like to attend a meeting. 

Outside of tomorrow's meeting, when will the next meeting be and where will it be held?
I'm coming from North Brunswick area (near New Brunswick).

Hugo Massarri

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