Webmaster (Oil&Gas or E&P background)

Webmaster (Oil&Gas or E&P background)
May 11, 2010 - 11:56pm
Houston, TX
United States
Manhattan Resources
From a recruiter: 
Full time
How to apply: 
email: gwen@manhattanresources.com

We are seeking a talented Webmaster for our top Houston client! Must have O&G or E&P experience!
•Implement and support WEB portal and associated applications.
•Prepare a long-term plan for Web site development and presence, including standards and guidelines for content, based on organizational goals and input from stakeholders. 
•Create and maintain a consistent Web site architectural structure. 
•Co-ordinate with Web site divisions and content creators from across the organization.
•Liaise with systems experts on hardware and software issues that affect the Web site and its availability.
•Program pages and upload them onto the site. 
•Ensure a consistent look and feel across the Web site by promoting uniform fonts, formatting, icons, images, and layout, and creating appropriate templates to assist content authors. 
•Find, diagnose, and fix Web site problems, including broken links (both internal and external), typographical errors, and formatting inconsistencies. 
•Manage the acquisition and ongoing maintenance of the organization's domain names with the appropriate registrars. 
•Identify, implement, and manage Web site presence and promotion opportunities, such as search engine registration and establishing pointer links from other relevant Web sites. 
•Recommend and implement enhancements and modifications to the Web site. 
•Assess and itemize costs for Web site enhancements and modifications.
•Create and maintain an archive for Web site templates and images. 
•Create and maintain a reference archive for older versions of the Web site and its content. 
•Participate in the development and integration of graphical and multimedia components into the Web site, including audio and video, with due regard paid to appropriate compression techniques, resolution, sizes, color maps, and depths to ensure high quality and speed of delivery.
•Develop, implement, and enforce Web site appropriate use and privacy policies. 
•Develop, implement, and adhere to a regular Web site maintenance policies and procedures, including end user content change request forms and posted update/maintenance schedules, to ensure site accuracy and timeliness. 
•5+ years Webmaster and Web Development experience
•5+ years Sharepoint experience
•5+ years Java, XML, Oracle, .Net, and PHP experience
•Advanced designing experience as associated with web development
•Comprehensive experience with all aspects of Web site content management including sensitivity to browser compatibility issues
•Hands-on experience with Web-database integration and a range of database platforms
•Experience with WEB portal - Sharepoint development and administration
•Qualified candidates must have a Bachelor’s degree and a proficient understanding of development languages. The ideal candidate will have extensive knowledge of web 2.0 technologies in social networking, and solid understanding of development languages and relational database design concepts.

US Citizen or Permanent Resident, please. Local candidates, please.

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