Voice User Interface Designer

Nathan at Bestica
Voice User Interface Designer
March 18, 2010 - 1:35pm
San Antonio
United States
Bestica Inc
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Full time
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At least 5 years experience in VUI, GUI, and IVR interface design At least 5 years experience in the design, specification, analysis, and evaluation of complex speech-enabled systems Experience designing both directed dialog and natural language speech applications Experience in all phases of the user-centered design process Experience working with Fortune 500 companies Experience working with all levels of the clients management team Experience in usability testing, prompt design, and persona design.

Preferred: Master*s Degree PhD in cognitive Psychology

Tasks / Deliverables: The following itemized tasks / deliverables are to be provided by Supplier in the performance of Services described under this SOW.

Task 1: Call Flow/Dialogue Structure Using generally accepted methodologies, translate business requirements into a dialogue flow that depicts how a target audience uses the Voice Response System to meet its objectives.

Task 2: Voice User Interface Design Translate information architecture and business requirements into voice interaction designs.

Task 3: Voice Prompts and Call Flow Apply voice design principles in defining the voice prompts that will be used in call flows for the Voice Response System.

Task 4: Grammar Tuning Improve recognition accuracy by modifying grammar based an analysis of its performance. Amend the grammar with commonly spoken phrases, removing highly confusable words, and adding additional ways that callers may pronounce a word.

Task 5: Other Voice Interaction Design Services Includes preparatory and other activities such as the following: Development of Standards and Guidelines; VUI process mapping and deliverables; Development of Business Cases and Cost Benefit Analysis

Task 6: Knowledge Transfer Supplier will ensure the team is trained in the processes, procedures for world-class voice interaction design, grammar tuning, voice prompts and call flow, call-flow / dialogue structure and VUI Design.

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