Visual Designer, Small screen devices - Berlin

Sean Pook
Visual Designer, Small screen devices - Berlin
April 23, 2010 - 5:54am
IC Creative
From a recruiter: 
Full time
How to apply:

Ideal profile: Visual design for consumer electronics, graphical UI design

We are looking for a highly inspired, creative and very experienced visual designer with a strong background in animation and interactive media across different device interfaces, such as mobile touch, non-touch as well as desktop-interfaces. You are very familiar with the definition of user interaction concepts and know how to translate them into animated, interactive components, bringing them to life with your rapid prototyping and visual design skills.

- You have at least 3 years of rigorous experience in visual/graphic design in a demanding environment and a degree in a relevant field, for example in graphic design
- You have a strong portfolio of your visual design work with and emphasis on interactive media/animation
- You are innovative, open-minded, and an adaptable team player with a positive outlook on life
- You have a 'can-do' delivery-oriented mindset. Working under pressure is easy for you, and you enjoy taking the initiative. You have a portfolio of designs showing your work, and you want to grow as a designer.
- A rapidly growing and constantly evolving environment gives you energy and inspires you and your work.



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