Senior/Principal User Experience Researcher - Full-Time -SAP - Relo Offered

Sharon Meyers
Senior/Principal User Experience Researcher - Full-Time -SAP - Relo Offered
October 25, 2010 - 2:37pm
Palo Alto - Relo Offered, CA
United States
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Full time
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Taking the design of SAP’s Business Suite, Industry and Business User applications to the next
level of design excellence is the core business of the SAP User Experience Group. Our mission
is to provide a world-class user experience for end users of SAP business applications. The
objective of this position is to work in close collaboration with solution management and
development to research, design and develop industry leading applications and user
productivity tools spanning both desktop and mobile platforms. The senior user researcher
supports the product solutions management team to discover and validate both user and
business requirements which form the basis for effective product design within the User
Centered Design lifecycle.
He/she performs leading edge user research in either the field or the usability lab (or both).
Field work is based on observational techniques and applied anthropology methods. Lab
activities are conducted via state of the art human performance measurement methods in the
context of ISO9241 usability definition. Both formative and summative techniques are applied.
He/she identifies and drives opportunities to improve aspects of the software-development
process related to user experience, including streamlining and automation to create solutions
with no user interface at all. Along with fellow members of the user-experience team, the
senior user researcher has a key role in assuring best-quality and best-practice UCD is applied
throughout the product development lifecycle.
Design and execution of user research activities, including participatory design sessions, labs
studies and/or field studies with customers and potential new users.
Discovery and validation of business requirements and synthesis of these requirements into
effective use cases
Persona research and development
Involvement in design validation activities and recommendations reporting to upper
Communicating effectively within UX- and product management/ development community
contributing to project planning and infrastructure initiatives
Advanced degree in human-computer interaction, cognitive or experimental psychology or
applied anthropology, Ph.D preferred
Exceptional behavioral data-collection and analysis skills, e.g., designing, conducting, and
analyzing all kinds of user data (field and lab-based research).
Ability to moderate focus groups
Excellent analytical, oral, written, and visual communication skills
Ability to collaborate actively and effectively in multidisciplinary teams
Knowledge of and commitment to UCD principles and methods
Familiarity with internet-development technologies and tools
Desire to learn and master cutting-edge technologies
Ability to meet ambitious deadlines and deliver high-quality work on schedule

Five or more years experience doing user interface and user experience conceptualization,
design and specification of data-driven software in a high tech industry.
Experience with enterprise software a plus