Senior Design Specialist

Jack L. Moffett
Senior Design Specialist
August 3, 2010 - 1:29pm
Pittsburgh, PA
United States
UPMC Technology Development Center
From a recruiter: 
Direct employer
Full time
How to apply: 
Contact Jason Kosmack, kosmackjg@upmc


The Technology Development Center (TDC) is recruiting a regular full-time Senior Design Specialist to work regular business hours, Monday through Friday, in our Downtown Pittsburgh office.  The Senior Design Specialist will support projects within the TDC by coordinating and facilitating design efforts across the department.

The Key Responsibilities for the Senior Design Specialist will be to: 

  • Support projects within the TDC by coordinating and facilitating design efforts across the department  
  • Participate as an active team member on individual projects either in a leadership or co-leadership role 
  • Serve as TDC spokesperson/point-person for design driven processes, methods, and value for internal stakeholders and public facing audiences  
  • Facilitate and lead efforts to establish and communicate best practices as it relates to methods and processes within the TDC  
  • Participate in TDC management planning to develop a human-centered design approach, which can be applied to problem-solving and innovation 

Project Specific Efforts 
  • The Senior Design Specialist will be responsible for staffing individual teams (FT, contractor or internship employees as applicable) and coordinating efforts across multiple projects 
  • Provide recruiting and training support to those projects as they potentially transition into commercial opportunities 
  • Support project managers/design leads as teams develop research plans and methods which provide a milestone-based approach to design related input for technology development 
  • Assist individual teams in benchmarking, secondary research and trend analysis in and across the healthcare industry - specifically hospital operations, physicians and the insurance industry to provide insight on trends and design influence around technology development efforts 
  • Assist with the strategy and expression of formal designs and technology development by working closely with design team, engineering director and partnering with the business analysis efforts of the TDC 

Strategic TDC Efforts 
  • Collaborate and foster relationships with external resources including University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon, and various regional, national and international, universities and academics 
  • Coordinate and manage the design research efforts required for business plan efforts. Identify when research is needed and to what extent; The Senior Design Specialist will directly manage these efforts with the objective of providing the critical design research needed while also maintaining cost efficiency 
  • Participate in TDC management planning to bring a design research perspective and future vision of how technology can improve the delivery of healthcare; also, provide insight to TDC management when technology is not the solution 
  • Maintain professional growth and development through seminars, workshops, and professional affiliations to keep abreast of latest trends in field of expertise

  • Masters degree in IT or related field highly preferred, or equivalent combination of education and experience 
  • Minimum 5 years direct healthcare experience 
  • Must be experienced in human-centered design and research methods, having multiple years of experience dealing with the field of design; Healthcare specific design experience a strong plus 
  • Passion, perseverance, and a positive self-starter with an entrepreneurial approach to leading technology development and startup organizations from a human-centered design and research perspective 
  • Vision and ingenuity with an eye toward innovation - ability to think ahead and provide a fresh look to drive new ways of approaching ongoing challenges  
  • Mentoring capabilities to develop and guide organizational leadership, teams, and individuals; Comfortable with indirect management skills; Experience with managing teams directly or indirectly 
  • A consultative and solutions-driven orientation with a unique ability to communicate complex concepts, in simple terms to the top management on various user centric scenarios analyses; highly involved with multi-department cooperation 
  • Must be able to relate and communicate with clinicians, business leadership as well as technology professionals - consensus-building and collaborative interpersonal skills 
  • Strong presentation skills 
  • The ability to grow beyond this role 
  • Background in design research or related area a must; Healthcare design and research a plus



Jason Kosmack
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