Mobile Interaction Designer (full time preferred, San Francisco)

Mobile Interaction Designer (full time preferred, San Francisco)
June 24, 2010 - 1:41am
San Francisco, CA
United States
Osterhout Design Group (
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Direct employer
Full time
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Osterhout Design Group is looking for a creative lead for a brand new mobile device.   We need next generation mobile/wearable/immersive UI design.  Minority Report meets Mission Impossible.

·       Define artistic style of ODG and Clients’ products (primary UI and applications)

·       Expert background in graphic design, user-interface design, icon design, etc.

·       Expert ability to design and create UI components, interface design, menus, icons, stats, inventory screens, in-game Heads Up Display elements, etc.

·       Collaborate and communicate with application designers, producers & programmers in the creation and implementation of the game UI and graphics.

·       Contribute to the design of UI tools and processes.

·       Understanding of interactive design fundamentals, as well as a grasp of where game evolution is headed with touch, motion, sensors, etc.

·       Ability to provide creative yet simple and elegant solutions to complicated design.


Keywords: Future User Interface, Augmented Reality, Mobile, Android

please send a resume and portfolio or link to 

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