Information Architect -West Los Angeles

Carol Conforti
Information Architect -West Los Angeles
May 14, 2010 - 8:34pm
El Segundo-West Los Angeles, CA
United States
Advertising Agency
From a recruiter: 
Full time
How to apply:

Our client is a fully integrated full-service marketing agency who is looking for an Information Architect.  We are looking someone who an is Artist, Architect & Analyst.  Ideally in this role the Info Architect will be both an expert in designing UI’s and how they relate to a human experience that is inspiring and promotes brand loyalty.

The ideal candidate is responsible for all the information architecture on digital marketing initiatives. This includes client web sites, various marketing micro-sites, and other assorted media applications (e.g. DVDs, multi-media ads, kiosks, mobile phone apps, etc.) The Info Architect will be responsible for balancing the desires of the clients with the habits & needs of the user to create digital experiences that achieve the objectives of both. This position provides both strategic insights and recommendations for rewarding interactive experiences, and the executional blueprints to bring those insights to life in our marketing projects. This role will have the challenge of promoting collaboration within Creative, Account Management and Production teams in producing design communication that is seamless and integrated.

Day to Day needs:

  • Serve as the key user experience expert
  • Specify how users will find information by defining organization, navigation, labeling, and content categories
  • Design all information/site flows for digital executions
  • Create detailed page-by-page wireframes for all projects
  • Analyze available information and assets to assess optimal IA approach
  • Utilize insights from planning analyst, business/account services and creative to create the most effective IA design
  • Map out how applications will accommodate change and growth over time
  • Assess information design of existing applications and recommend improvements
  • Create information design that tracks to pre-determined success metrics
  • Stay up-to-speed on relevant industry trends and keep key stakeholders informed, including monitoring competitive executions of note



  • Minimum 2-3 years experience in an information architect or interaction design role
  • Experience working in a creatively driven environment using technology in a smart way. Agency experience is a plus
  • Ability to analyze data of numerous types, including site tracking and user analytics, and turn into key insights that can directly lead to more impactful IA execution
  • Strong understanding of Interactive, Relationship (direct) Marketing projects and the technologies that make them successful
  • Experience with user personas and use-case scenarios
  • Ongoing interest in industry trends and information and working knowledge of resources that can regularly bring knowledge and insights
  • Strong communication skills (written and verbal), and an ability to present effectively to agency and client staff
  • Extremely detailed, able to find discrepancies, cracks, etc. amongst complex site documentation
  • Needs to be analytical, hardworking, creative, curious and interested in people and ideas
  • Must be a confident and motivated self starter
  • Ability to create clarity out of complexity
  • Should be sufficiently bold, innovative and visionary to help the agency create new methods for creating meaningful engagement with our target consumers.

Local LA based candidates only.
Please send resume, URL/samples and salary requirements.


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