Flash Flex Designer/Coder

Flash Flex Designer/Coder
April 21, 2010 - 1:10pm
Glendale, CA
United States
J. Geller & Associates, Inc.
From a recruiter: 
How to apply: 
Please email and or call me.

Must be U.S. Citizen and local to the Los Angeles area.

Pay rate is: 40-60 per hour depending upon experience.

3 month+ contract engagement.

Need a Flash developer/coder who has AS3 skills and examples to do the following:

• Code that extends a Flex class or something more complex than MovieClip. Preferably using overrides or taking advantage of inheritance.
• Code that handles layout of multiple child components in some sort of programmatic way, preferably extending Flex's Container class or something similar.
• Code that manipulates the display list or event flow.
• Code that demonstrates usage of a major design pattern or framework (Singleton, Model-View-Controller)
• Data class and renderer showing separation of model and view.
• Code that uses the Drawing API

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