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28 Jan 2014 - 8:41pm

MS in Interaction Design at CIID (Copenhagen Institute of Technology)

Hi All,

I looked through the forum but couldn't really find an answer to my question:

I am interested in getting a Masters in IxD and have been hearing a lot about CIID. Ultimately I would like to work in the US as that is where my family is and was wondering if somebody could shed some light on career opportunities after CIID in US. Do US companies, especially tech (as I have worked on IxD at Samsung for portable devices), come to CIID to recruit? What are the stats like?



28 Jan 2014 - 12:48pm
23 weeks ago
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Dave Malouf

TU Delft students present their research findings for the IxD Education Summit

The students at TU Delft take create 5 videos that show us the results of the research they did around the topics that are selected to be discussed for this year's Interaction Design Education Summit happening as part of the workshop day at Interaction14 in The Netherlands in just one week from tomorrow.

There is still space for anyone interested in coming and working with peers across education and industry to help shape an even better education and career development path for people practicing Interaction Design.

26 Jan 2014 - 1:08pm

Designer As Founder Class

I just started teaching a new class at CCA called Designer as Founder. Some notes on ithere

I'd love oto hear opinions on this class. I'm teachign it based on lean Launchpad; i.e. the same class engineers and business folks get. wondering if you folks have opinions on that? 

As well, if you are a designer who joined an early-stage startup or started your own, what do you wish you'd know beforehand? 

25 Jan 2014 - 12:50pm

Looking for Interaction14 ticket

I am wondering if anyone has a last minue change of plans and would wish to sell their ticket for the IxDA 2014 conference! 

Just 1 ticket will do!

Thank you so much!

Feel free to email 


23 Jan 2014 - 1:05pm

MX 2014 Hosted by Adaptive Path

Where:55 Cyril Magnin Street
San Francisco, Cal
22 Jan 2014 - 5:56pm

Relocating from London to the US

I've been working as an experience/interaction designer in London for the past five years, but am considering the feasibility of a move to the west coast of the US with my young family.

Does anyone have any recent experience of relocating from the UK to the US for a UX job? How easy is it to find UX jobs in the States that offer sponsorship/relocation support? Is it a total pipe dream?

Any advice much appreciated.

22 Jan 2014 - 5:55pm
26 weeks ago
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5+ Years required

I mentor someone who has the less than the 5 plus years of experience that most user experience jobs require.  I know there is much debate about this requirement, but I was wondering if it is more of a geographic requirement?  Also, is it really a  requirement at all?  I remember reading a job posting in 2006 requiring 10 years of experience in information architecture and most if not all of the common deliverables, but no portfolio requirement.

22 Jan 2014 - 4:46pm
Louis Rosenfeld

2 new UX books

Hi all; just a note that we've recently published two new user experience books that you might find of interest:

22 Jan 2014 - 3:02pm
Jonathan Barker

Where Does Someone New to the UX/UI Industry Learn?

Hello IXDA Forums I am a recent graduate of Illustration at Sheridan College in Ontario Canada. I am interested in the field of user experience and user interface design. It seems to combine art and technology really well. I am not sure where to begin my journey though. Where does one learn the software, theory and get the experience necessary to start a career? Specifically in Ontario, but Distance Education could work as well. Thanks everyone! Jonathan Barker
shankar raman

How good a University is IUPUI (Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis) for a Masters degree in HCI

I am a UI designer currently working in India. I am looking to pursue a masters degree in HCI in the US this year. I have already applied to CMU, UMich, Indiana Bloomington and Univ of washington. As per my understanding, these universities have robust programs in HCI. I would like to know if Indiana University in Indianapolis is a good choice for MS-HCI. Any inputs will be helpful. Thanks.

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