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12 Nov 2003 - 6:42pm
10 years ago
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Consumer vs. Corporate products

It is well known that there is often more money in
selling tech products to corporates than to individual

It is also often true that the buyers at corporations
are not the users. They are usually looking to buy a
product that satisfies a check-list of requirements.
The usable (but poorly designed) product that
satisfies this list will be given more or less equal
weight to a well-designed product. The poorly
designed product will win a deal, if marketed well

One may argue that productivity costs will make users
revolt. Not really.

12 Nov 2003 - 5:57pm
Dave Malouf

"Dating for IA"

Hey there folks.
This came up from the AIfIA list.
I say about 60% of this overlaps with ID processes.

12 Nov 2003 - 12:42pm
10 years ago
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Jon-Eric Steinbomer

non-linear progress indicator

Hello All,

I'm currently re-designing an application with the requirement that the
user be informed of their progress within a given process. All of the
individual processes save one are linear. Currently the linear
processes' progress is indicated in a "step x of x" manner (with the
non-linear showing no progress indicator).

Clearly, the stepped scheme will not work for a non-linear process as it
could be 5 steps or 10, depending on which decision path is taken, so
there could be no indication of how many steps fill follow step 1.

12 Nov 2003 - 8:53am
Olly Wright

Announcing the Hub: Intersections of Interaction Design

Hi all,

For the last few months at the Interaction Design Institute Ivrea,
I've been developing The Hub ( ), a
resource and discussion site on interaction design.

We've officially launched today, in conjunction with the Foundations
of Interaction Design Symposium -- and we're discussing the symposium
as it happens on the Hub blog.

12 Nov 2003 - 8:38am
Dave Malouf

ANNOUNCEMENT: FW: Live Video Stream -- Foundations of Interaction Design.

-----Original Message-----
From: Ken Friedman [mailto:ken.friedman at]
Sent: Wednesday, November 12, 2003 5:10 PM
Subject: Live Video Stream -- Foundations of Interaction Design.

Dear Colleagues,

The Interaction design Institute at Ivrea is hosting an important event
today and tomorrow.

12 Nov 2003 - 3:44am
10 years ago
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Jonas Löwgren

Survey result interpretation

39% in favor of creating a new org, 61% not in favor of creating a new
org. That is not exactly conclusive, is it? Or am I missing something?

My (quick) reading of the free-form comments suggests more than anything
else that the list participants who chose to elaborate on their answer
do not form a homogeneous group or a unified opinion. There is huge
variability in assessments of existing organizations, in the value of
practical tips vs.

12 Nov 2003 - 3:05am
10 years ago
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tim[othy] martens

task flow pattern question


I'm building a simple one page (three fieldset: trip info, personal
info, payment info) online reservation form and need to create a
functional spec of the task flow. My question is about the consensus
concerning this or similar patterns.

11 Nov 2003 - 1:51pm
10 years ago
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Challis Hodge

Survey Results: New or Existing?

Hi Folks:

You can find the results from the latest survey here:

Thanks to everyone who took the time to participate.


10 Nov 2003 - 12:28pm
Challis Hodge


I'll be closing the survey later today. Get your vote in if you haven't
already. We want to hear from everyone. Survey is here:



9 Nov 2003 - 6:10pm
GK VanPatter

Contract JOB in Pittsburgh

Just passing this along from the Scient neighborhood list.
Please send replies to the address below NOT TO US!

Posted November 9, 20003
Fwd: Lead FET/UI Architect for a contract in Pittsburgh

Rajesh Kandaswamy <rajeshkan at>

We are looking for someone who can come in and lead
the design of screens, the navigation structures and
the information architecture of the system. The
contract will be for 6-8 weeks.

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