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10 Dec 2003 - 5:20pm
Christian Simon

re: beauty in design

A good discussion.

Beautiful and good are not easily used together. Beauty is found in
solutions that we connect with. I find beauty in designs that are similar to
ones I have already done, or would like to do. In this way I see the value
of a solution as a reflection of knowing what goes into it. In this way the
beauty of a solution can be seen only by others who appreciate the problems
of creating it.

10 Dec 2003 - 1:55pm
Challis Hodge

FYI: Comic Strip


About OK/Cancel

OK/Cancel is a comic strip written for a very specific audience, but much of
what we talk about is quite universal. Most everybody can relate to things
in the world which don't work like they should -- and you needn't be a
usability specialist, interaction designer, industrial designer or any sort
of designer to appreciate that frustration.

10 Dec 2003 - 10:40am
Challis Hodge

Job: User Interface Designer

> I am looking for a User Interface Designer for an excellent company
> with
> wonderful benefits. It is a full time position based in San Antonio,
> Tx.
> Person should have atleast 3-4 yrs experience with user interfaces and
> excellent communication skills both written and verbal. He should be
> very
> clear in thoughts and very creative in approach.

10 Dec 2003 - 3:20am
12 years ago
4 replies

Open Source Interaction Design

Long email. A quick read.

Is there an Open Source Interaction Design forum? Will it thrive?

Most practical UI books seem very basic, nearly condescending, and give
guidelines for very basic, obvious scenarios. GUI Bloopers is one
example of such a book. Helpful, but mostly, obvious.

I am looking for a website or discussion group where the activity can to
refresh my background in cognitive, psychological, phenomenological and
persuasive principles that help cull brainstormed ideas, beyond the
hints from user study, ethnography etc.

9 Dec 2003 - 3:20pm
12 years ago
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chaxxx at

Reinventing email

An outstanding example of user research and interaction design from
IBM's Collaborative User Experience Team.

"The Collaborative User Experience (CUE) team in IBM Research has spent
nearly a decade studying email. Not only has email become one of the
most pervasive and successful collaborative tools available, it has
also become a key component of IBM's Lotus Software offerings.

9 Dec 2003 - 10:25am
Challis Hodge

Chicago User Experience Network Holiday Party

For those of you in the Chicago area!


9 Dec 2003 - 8:32am
12 years ago
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Dave Malouf

PPT as art

A little break ...,1284,61485,00.html

David Byrne of the Talking Heads is making PowerPoint Art. I found this
interesting, especially in light of the talk about tools being used outside
their intent.

-- dave

8 Dec 2003 - 10:39pm
Dave Malouf

Fwd: [experiencedesign] Fortune December 8, 2003

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8 Dec 2003 - 5:14pm
hans samuelson

RE: Beauty and Transparency

For those who may not be familiar with it, there is an interesting body
of research at Caroline Hummels' site at Delft.
Her work centers around the question of interactive aesthetics, which
butts up quite rapidly against questions of interaction and beauty in

For example, the 2000 text "Actions speak louder than words: shifting
from buttons and icons to aesthetics of interaction" (scroll down her
publications list a little) offers five criteria for evaluating

8 Dec 2003 - 11:52am
gleija at comca...

ADMIN: attachments (was RE: Beauty and Transparency)

Thanks for the clarification.
Sorry for any inconvenience.
> Before people respond too loudly about the message just sent w/ the
> attachments, I want to intercede.
> 1. there has been no prohibition made about attachments.
> 2. the latest e-mail was really the first non-text attachments sent and
> confirms what I feared that the system is horible with them.
> 3.

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