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16 Mar 2004 - 11:54am
12 years ago
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Todd Warfel

Measuring awareness....

Okay, I'm working on an experimental project and am looking for ideas
for evaluation. I have a couple already, but don't feel like I've found
that major breakthrough yet. So, I'm looking for some ideas and

Here's a little background (email me off-list if you need more):

The system will be installed in the workplace. The goal of the system
is to create awareness w/in cubeville (fatfarms, dilbertville - take
your pick). There will be two participants. The participants'
workspaces will be "monitored" via a combination of sensors (primary
being video).

16 Mar 2004 - 2:35am
id at ourbrisba...

Brisbane (Australia) breakfast seminar "Usability from the trenches: Case studies from 3 organisations"

Have you ever wondered why some designs 'just make sense' and others don't? Ever
thought that there's got to be a way to ensure your designs are more effective,
efficient, engaging, error tolerant and easy to learn? Are you interested in
practical usability hurdles and how to overcome them?

The Brisbane chapter of CHISIG invites you to attend our first breakfast seminar:
"Usability from the trenches: Case studies from 3 organisations".

When: 7:00am - 9:00am - Friday, April 2 2004
Where: Lady Thiess Room, Customs House, 399 Queen Street Brisbane, Australia.

15 Mar 2004 - 3:14pm
Aaron Oppenheimer

[JOB] product behavior designer at Design Continuum, Boston MA

Please DO NOT respond to me directly. Thanks!


Design Continuum is seeking candidates for a product behavior design position. Continuum develops a wide range of products, from home electronics to medical products to software applications, and the successful applicant will contribute to the behavior and interfaces for a variety of platforms with widely varying constraints.

15 Mar 2004 - 2:27pm
Dave Malouf

Reminder NYC IxD meeting

Late notice reminder! Hope to see lots of Nyers there.

-----Original Message-----
Hi NY Designers!

We had a February meeting of about 7 NYC Practitioners of Interaction
Design. The conversation was lively and rewarding and quickly we decided to
do it again. So here's your invitation!

WHEN: Tuesday, March 16th @ 6p - 8p

WHERE: the offices of vi[z]rt @
555 8th Ave. 10th Floor
(bet. W. 37th St. & W.

15 Mar 2004 - 1:38pm
12 years ago
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Wendy Fischer

pricing on icons?

I am considering bids for icon design from different
design firms. I am wondering what would be considered
a reasonable price for icon design or a range to go

-Wendy Fischer

Test 123 test 123

15 Mar 2004 - 12:56pm
George Olsen

ID jobs at Yahoo! - location

Oops, forgot to mention the job is in Sunnyvale, CA.

George Olsen said:
> Hi all,
> Yahoo! is looking for a senior interaction designer for Search, and we've
> got ID openings on other properties.

15 Mar 2004 - 12:51pm
George Olsen

ID jobs at Yahoo!

Hi all,

Yahoo! is looking for a senior interaction designer for Search, and we've
got ID openings on other properties. Below is the description for the
Search position.

Please contact me if you're interested in this or other ID openings.


Unique opportunity for an experienced Interaction Designer with a passion
for creating compelling and satisfying user experiences to join the Yahoo!
Search User Experience Design team. The Interaction Designer will lead
design efforts on a variety of projects in a collaborative, fast-paced

15 Mar 2004 - 11:35am
12 years ago
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Matthew Goddard

About Face 2

Donna Maurer ( was asking for book
recommendations to give "someone new to large site design...

15 Mar 2004 - 10:48am
12 years ago
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Rob Adams


On 3/10/04 11:25 AM, "CD Evans" <clifton at> wrote:

> Here's a nifty new thread on integrating design into Open Source
> Programming.
> (Not as model for design)

This thread looked lonely so I thought I'd revive it.
I've done a little bit of work in this area already, and I've come to
believe that the questions of how to bring interaction design and usability
to open source and how to do "open source design&q

12 Mar 2004 - 6:14pm
Gieneart, Larisa

Reviewers needed: interactive showcase

Greetings, I am looking for leaders in our community who can represent interaction design from various angles to review case studys for a new event within our local experience design community called "Exhibit A: The 2004 Interactive Showcase"

This is a new event for us, our committee has spoken at length to those involved in the DUX and CHI case study format and tried to model our entry along the same lines although a little less intimidating to the average practitioner.

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