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28 Apr 2004 - 9:46am
9 years ago
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Elizabeth Bacon

Salary survey?

Pabini Gabriel-Petit wrote:

According to the salary and consulting rates survey that Tania Lang and I
conducted recently, the overwhelming majority of people in our profession
have diverse skill sets and responsibilities in their work.

--Are you planning to publish the salary survey? You've referenced several
interesting tidbits....


28 Apr 2004 - 9:39am
12 years ago
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Content strategy - Written aspects of interactiondesign

Hi Molly

Molly Wright Steenson wrote:

> Content strategy isn't just a matter of writing. It's understanding all
> the content -- which could include different media, or interactive,
> user-generated content, or ways to manage it (content management
> systems, for example). It's about setting out for your client a set of
> clear decisions to make about content. Dynamic, or static? Who will
> update it? How frequently?

***In discussing content strategy, you've added an entirely new dimension to
this thread.

28 Apr 2004 - 9:21am
12 years ago
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Dan Saffer

Books (was Content strategy - Written aspects of interaction design)

On Apr 28, 2004, at 9:33 AM, Carrie Ritch wrote:
> Good writing skills are also needed for writing requirements, specs,
> annotating wireframes and anything else used to communicate a solution.

Not to mention books! Where are the interaction design books? Part of
getting our discipline out there is educating new practitioners and
non-designers about what we do and how to do it.

28 Apr 2004 - 2:46am
12 years ago
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Olly Wright

Content strategy - Written aspects of interaction design

When I was working with the web as the focus of my career, one of the
things I did was develop the field of content strategy. I started
calling it content strategy in 1997 or so, when it became clear that
there needed to be another side of the coin to site maps or screen UI
diagrams. It took a while, but in 1999, I landed at Scient and had the
good fortune to work with people like Mark McCormick, who had been
developing an entire approach and methodology to content strategy.

Content strategy isn't just a matter of writing.

27 Apr 2004 - 5:37pm
12 years ago
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Cindy Alvarez

Written aspects of interaction design

Andrei writes:
bloggers/designers themselves doing not only their
> own visual work, but the IA work *and* the coding behind their blogs.
> (I'm still catching up myself in this whole blog thing, having only
> gotten started in late December of 2003.) For these designers to learn
> the interaction piece as it applies to more robust applications is not
> a far stretch, imho. Once they do, they'll have the skills in visual,
> IA, interaction and base level coding.

27 Apr 2004 - 4:27pm
12 years ago
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Elizabeth Buie

Visual design = aesthetics??

Todd Warfel writes:

"Personally, while some usability professionals don't see visual design
(aesthetics) to be important, or as important, I think it most definitely

Todd, are you equating visual design with aesthetics, are you saying that
some usability professionals equate them, or are you saying that aesthetics
is a component of visual design.

I would agree that it is a component. I see visual design as much more
than aesthetics, however.

27 Apr 2004 - 3:41pm
12 years ago
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Dave Malouf

Visual aspects of interaction design

This is a blog that I found by way of Andrei's Design by Fire blog

What I found interesting here is mix of visual design with interface design.
As a non-visual designer I often lack the sophistication necessary bring my
interfaces alive both in craft and in theory.

27 Apr 2004 - 1:32pm
Steve Mulder

Job Posting: UE Consultant, Boston

Molecular, an Internet consultancy in Watertown, MA, is hiring into its
User Experience group. We're hiring into a range of experience levels
and specializations, as you can see below. Feel free to contact me with
any questions.

- - -

Consultant, User Experience

Position Summary
User Experience Consultants are experienced in working within a
client/consulting environment and translating client business goals and
audience needs into successful Web-based projects.

27 Apr 2004 - 10:38am
Jim Hoekema

thread on Umbrella needs to stop

Can you identify the alternate location?
- Jim
-----Original Message-----
From: David Heller
Sent: Monday, April 26, 2004 7:21 AM

Hey there folks,

I am going to request that we move the conversation about umbrella and
respect and all its new variants to the workgroup list.

27 Apr 2004 - 4:50am
12 years ago
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Olly Wright

mobile phone prototyping and usability

Hi all,

One of the students here at Interaction-Ivrea is looking for
information on prototyping techniques and usability for mobile phones.
He's already got the Nokia book "Mobile Usability: How Nokia Changed
the Face of the Mobile Phone." Most specifically, he's interested in
prototyping methods and techniques for mobile phones.

Anybody have some pointers? I ask here because I figure it might be an
interesting thing for others on this list. Excuse me if you've seen me
post this on another list.


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