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25 Jun 2004 - 4:34pm
10 years ago
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Richard Zobarich
24 Jun 2004 - 1:18pm
Anirudha Joshi

Nesting and trees

We had once proposed a Venn-diagram approach for navigating complex

24 Jun 2004 - 11:50am
Robert Reimann

Searching for Boundaries (was Intelligence and A wareness)

> the "interaction" part of interaction
> design isn't about interacting with products;
> it's about people interacting, mediated by products

I really can't agree. When I interact with my VCR,
dishwasher, smart toaster, PDA, game of computer
chess, etc. I am not engaging in a mediated
communication with another human (unless you really
stretch the meaning of that phrase). I am most certainly
engaging in a communication (interacting) with a machine.

24 Jun 2004 - 11:43am
Adlin, Tamara

random job info

Just FYI, I got a call from a recruiter looking for an experienced HCI person in Santa Monica. If you know of anyone looking for work, I'm happy to put you in touch with her.

(if there's some other place to post this kind of info, just let me know)


tamara adlin . usability specialist . . tamara at .

23 Jun 2004 - 10:12pm

Fw: [CHI-CONSULTANTS] Open source usability (Was: Peoplesoft UI Standards)

Hello All

Dave suggested I send this on to the list.

23 Jun 2004 - 3:04pm
Christian Simon

[Discuss] tree structure

> on 6/23/04 12:01, wrote:
> okay. i will get a bit more concrete. in the cms im working on i'm going
> to have a list of pages. its possible that pages have subpages, which
> again have subpages and so on.

>From a programming standpoint, I would be inclined to agree with others here
who feel that the best solution is the simplest, a list with tabbed
sub-categories and checkboxes.

23 Jun 2004 - 9:09am
10 years ago
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Dave Malouf

nexted lists

HI Florian,

Plaese add subject lines to your messages in the future

It is hard to get a sense of what you need ... But if you don't need the
list to be interactive (that's what I understood you to mean when you said
you didn't need "folding", just use intentation of one of your columns to
show the heirarchical relationships that it sounds like you require. Why do
you need any convention here other than the list itself?

22 Jun 2004 - 10:06pm
Dave Malouf

ADMIN: RE: Searching for Boundaries (was Intelligence andAwareness)

OK, this discussion needs to either be pushed into the workgroup list (where
it belongs); and where I would love to glove it out, or it has to stop

Please do not respond to any messages in this or the related threads.

This definition (at least the short version towards the end) is the
definition that the workgroup came up with as a basis for this organization.
This took weeks of collaborative work.

22 Jun 2004 - 9:46pm
Dan Saffer

Searching for Boundaries (was Intelligence and Awareness)

On Jun 22, 2004, at 5:13 PM, H Taylor wrote:

> The t-shirt is *not* interaction design, because that which is
> designed (the t-shirt itself) does not interact with anyone; that is,
> no one gives it any sort of input, and its state does not change.

I think we can all agree that feedback is a good thing. But is it a
defining characteristic of interaction design?

22 Jun 2004 - 4:13pm
H Taylor

Searching for Boundaries (was Intelligence and Awareness (was Signal Orange))

Dan wrote:

> Intelligence and awareness are interesting places to draw
> distinctions, I'll
> grant you that, Dave. But they do have their own problems. What is
> intelligence? Or awareness? How do we measure them in products? Is a
> light
> switch waiting for a human to flick it an example of interaction
> design? Or,
> if variety is added into the mix, a thermostat? And if we talk about
> designing systems, how do we define intelligence and awareness in
> those?

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