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17 Jun 2004 - 2:30pm
10 years ago
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Christian Simon

Mentor Programs

I have a question for the west coasters. Are you aware of any professional
mentor program for IxD? I'm interested to find a program for getting some
one to one advise on projects and career. xtian

////////////////////christiansimon at\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

17 Jun 2004 - 1:17pm
10 years ago
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Dave Malouf

Other companies like Frog or Ideo

I'm curious if people knew of other companies that were like Frog or Ideo.
Product Design consultancies that merge traditional industrial design and
emerging digital design into a next venue for interaction design?

I want to be a bit more proactive in my search for a perfect job and maybe
look for people to do some information interviews with. I'm particularly
interested if these companies are somewhere along a major NYC based transit

16 Jun 2004 - 7:56pm
10 years ago
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Rapid Prototyping: Visio

At 08:35 PM 6/16/2004 -0400, Jim Hoekema wrote:
> > Eg: I put a button on-screen and activate it to go to page 2. I've tried
> > Object Behaviours and I've tried Hyperlinks. Since Visio likes to float
> > every page uniquely on the background, linking from one page to another
> > causes undesired jumpiness. I tried viewing fullscreen, but the
> > hyperlinks don't preserve full-screenness (full-screnity?) from page to
> > page.

16 Jun 2004 - 2:06pm
Dave Malouf

What makes a good prototyping tool? (was RE: Rapid Prototyping (was: Konfabulator))

What makes a good prototyping tool?
What are the qualities we need as IxDers?

- dave

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15 Jun 2004 - 10:13pm
10 years ago
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Jeff Howard

Re: Signal Orange

Elizabeth's example of the Vietnam bracelets is a much better
illustration of this concept. Here's the crucial detail that's obscured
in the Signal Orange project. The bracelets open a dialog between two
people. That's the interaction the bracelets facilitate.

"... the wearer could talk about the person [on the bracelet] to others."

Here's a related example of this kind of Interaction Design. The Spring
2004 issue of Design Issues has an article about Kate Wells and the
Siyazama Project in South Africa.

15 Jun 2004 - 3:13pm
Christian Simon

Re: Digest, Vol 9, Issue 8

> on 6/15/04 12:01, wrote:
> I have to agree with the sentiments of others here in that this is rather OT
> and I don't consider it interaction design at all. Actually when I saw the
> first lines:
> Another brilliant fashion/interaction design project:

Rarely is the word "brilliant" ever used in politics. I saw this as an
expression similar to political posters and other graphic arts uses of
typography. The character of the shirts is an result of sans serif letters
on orange t-shirts.

15 Jun 2004 - 10:24am
10 years ago
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Nathan Moody

Rapid Prototyping (was: Konfabulator)

FWIW, I thought I'd share several techniques that my firm uses for=20
rapid prototyping.

1. Visio. Since all our IA schematics/wireframes originate in Visio,=20
it's fairly easy to assign objects HTML links and export your Visio=20
deck as HTML. This is a great way to also test your IA thinking on test=20=

audiences and conduct wireframe usability reviews. Adobe Illustrator=20
and Macromedia Freehand can do similar stuff, but the true multi-page=20
Visio environment is easier to manage.

2. Flash. This is really our prototyping weapon of choice.

15 Jun 2004 - 10:09am
10 years ago
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an interface vocabulary

I'm developing a taxonomy with several vocabularies for a client. One
vocabulary is interface objects/GUI for web and software, so it crosses web
content, web application and client application terms. I was wondering if
folks would mind commenting. It's quite rough (and perhaps you might enjoy

I'd love:

new terms I don't yet have
comments on relationships (I.e. that's not a control, it's a X)
and anything else you have to say.

the notation is traditional LIS..

BT = Broader Term (I.e. parent)
NT = Narrower Term (I.e.

15 Jun 2004 - 1:00am
10 years ago
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Saad Akhtar

Signal Orange]

Jeff Howard wrote

On the highest level, it's interaction between the organizers and the government.

At "some" level everything interacts with everything! I've heard people
say "The sky is interactive.. it changes and affects people!!" Still
doesnt make it interaction design. And splitting hairs like calling the
signal orange t shirts "experience design" and isnt really neccesary. I
mean can't fashion just be fashion? If you really want to... you can
find interaction designer in everything...

14 Jun 2004 - 4:21pm
Pete Gordon - U...

[ANN] VisualMark User Experience Lab Beta on Mac OS X

Our Product is now being released on a selective basis to Beta Users.
If you are interested in being involved with the beta testing, please
contact me.

The VisualMark User Experience Lab, brings together multiple video,
audio, and screen inputs to record User Experience. It can be used for
Software Usability, Focus Groups, and Consumer/Market Research.

Here are the requirements to use the product:

1. Mac OS X 10.2 or 10.3 (a fairly recent computer G4 800Mhz+ is
2. One or more Firewire webcam camera (ex. Apple iSight) -- Does not
work with Digital Video Cameras

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