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19 Jul 2004 - 8:50pm
Dave Malouf

ANNOUNCEMENT: BayCHI event on Rich Internet Applications (8/10)

Hi people,

I know we have a pretty large Bay Area population on here (sorry if you are
not one of them), but I thought this might be of interest to people (BTW,
people can feel free to send me events and I can post them to the list as

The event is about Rich Internet Applications (RIAs).
It is in Palo Alto, CA on Aug 10th
For more information go to

I wish I could go but I can support this panel by posting here and other

Maybe someone who attends can give a report back.


19 Jul 2004 - 2:22pm
12 years ago
1 reply

Good Examples of Physicality in Web Visual Design


I am currently engaged in a Web application project for which the
client would like to incorporate a certain degree of machine-like
physicality in the visual and interaction design (e.g. "like iTunes").
I run up against this request all of the time, and typically argue
that focusing on information display and avoiding the propagation of
extraneous "chrome" is critical in a Web environment, especially,
given the fact that the Web page is already nested within the browser

19 Jul 2004 - 9:52am
Josh Seiden

Proactive search

A little while ago, we had an interesting discussion
about searching and browsing.

19 Jul 2004 - 9:30am
12 years ago
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Florian Weber

movement in webpage lists


im having a list in a webpage like this:

- item 1
- item 2
- item 3
- sub-item 1
- item 4
- sub-item 1
- sub-item 2
-sub-sub-item 1

the user should be able to move any item in the list to any other

19 Jul 2004 - 8:00am
12 years ago
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lopez_r6 at

Colours and Interfaces

I´m interested in studying the effect of different colours in
interfaces. I mean, how can I choose the best colour to communicate
something, to stress something, etc. What colour for a buttom, what
colour for a line...

I would like to find book on that. Can I ask for suggestions?

Maybe there´s not book aboutcolours in Interfaces but there're books about
colour wich can be applied to interfaces.

16 Jul 2004 - 5:59pm
Andrew Otwell

Re: Design Methodology for GUI development

> Design Methodology for GUI development (Stephen Mallett)

I'll second what others have written: UML certainly isn't a method, but
can be a useful notation system. I currently work with developers and
system architects (and even marketers and salespeople) who "get it"
when I adhere to something like UML diagrams. I don't, unlike others
here, prefer to jump directly into prototyping. UML Use Case, Activity,
and Object diagrams let me pretty quickly translate product
requirements into another form.

16 Jul 2004 - 6:53am
12 years ago
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Stephen Mallett

Design Methodology for GUI development

I am looking to use the UML( starting with Use Case diagrams) to specify &
design the layout of control systems pages for a Marine project.

If anybody has any other suggestsion for a more appropaite design methodolgy
please suggest.
thanks for any input

14 Jul 2004 - 1:21pm
Dave Malouf

RE: RE: Question: Numerical ranges in form inputs

Hey there folks,

Just a general reminder that attachments are not allowed according to the
Guidelines for use of this list

And I quote:

Email Attachments and Format

Emails sent to the list can be in plain text or HTML format. Emails should
not contain any attachments. Should a user want to reference an image,
sound, or document, that file should be placed online and referenced in the
mail for optional downloading.

14 Jul 2004 - 12:09pm
12 years ago
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Michael Quibuyen

Question: Numerical ranges in form inputs


I'm working on a web form which allows the user to enter a 1) single number or 2) range of numbers in a text input field.

Problem: I need to communicate to the user that a range is allowed within this text input field (e.g. 1-4; 5,6,7). There may be more than one field on the page where the user can enter a range.

Does anyone have any supported research with labeling such fields in a way that is immediately clear for the user?

14 Jul 2004 - 3:41am
Frank Elley

Job: Information Architect & Web Editor; San Jose, Calif.

Hello all ...

This is a full-time, permanent position. It is highly collaborative, and
thus cannot be done remotely. If you live in the SF Bay Area and are a
highly skilled editor/writer with superb IA skills and a portfolio to
demonstrate it, this is your perfect job.

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