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19 Jul 2004 - 9:52am
Josh Seiden

Proactive search

A little while ago, we had an interesting discussion
about searching and browsing.

19 Jul 2004 - 9:30am
10 years ago
10 replies
Florian Weber

movement in webpage lists


im having a list in a webpage like this:

- item 1
- item 2
- item 3
- sub-item 1
- item 4
- sub-item 1
- sub-item 2
-sub-sub-item 1

the user should be able to move any item in the list to any other

19 Jul 2004 - 8:00am
10 years ago
2 replies
lopez_r6 at

Colours and Interfaces

I´m interested in studying the effect of different colours in
interfaces. I mean, how can I choose the best colour to communicate
something, to stress something, etc. What colour for a buttom, what
colour for a line...

I would like to find book on that. Can I ask for suggestions?

Maybe there´s not book aboutcolours in Interfaces but there're books about
colour wich can be applied to interfaces.

16 Jul 2004 - 5:59pm
Andrew Otwell

Re: Design Methodology for GUI development

> Design Methodology for GUI development (Stephen Mallett)

I'll second what others have written: UML certainly isn't a method, but
can be a useful notation system. I currently work with developers and
system architects (and even marketers and salespeople) who "get it"
when I adhere to something like UML diagrams. I don't, unlike others
here, prefer to jump directly into prototyping. UML Use Case, Activity,
and Object diagrams let me pretty quickly translate product
requirements into another form.

16 Jul 2004 - 6:53am
10 years ago
30 replies
Stephen Mallett

Design Methodology for GUI development

I am looking to use the UML( starting with Use Case diagrams) to specify &
design the layout of control systems pages for a Marine project.

If anybody has any other suggestsion for a more appropaite design methodolgy
please suggest.
thanks for any input

14 Jul 2004 - 1:21pm
Dave Malouf

RE: RE: Question: Numerical ranges in form inputs

Hey there folks,

Just a general reminder that attachments are not allowed according to the
Guidelines for use of this list

And I quote:

Email Attachments and Format

Emails sent to the list can be in plain text or HTML format. Emails should
not contain any attachments. Should a user want to reference an image,
sound, or document, that file should be placed online and referenced in the
mail for optional downloading.

14 Jul 2004 - 12:09pm
10 years ago
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Michael Quibuyen

Question: Numerical ranges in form inputs


I'm working on a web form which allows the user to enter a 1) single number or 2) range of numbers in a text input field.

Problem: I need to communicate to the user that a range is allowed within this text input field (e.g. 1-4; 5,6,7). There may be more than one field on the page where the user can enter a range.

Does anyone have any supported research with labeling such fields in a way that is immediately clear for the user?

14 Jul 2004 - 3:41am
Frank Elley

Job: Information Architect & Web Editor; San Jose, Calif.

Hello all ...

This is a full-time, permanent position. It is highly collaborative, and
thus cannot be done remotely. If you live in the SF Bay Area and are a
highly skilled editor/writer with superb IA skills and a portfolio to
demonstrate it, this is your perfect job.

13 Jul 2004 - 9:12am
Dan Saffer

DIS Dinner

The Designing Interactive Systems (DIS) conference ( ) is in two weeks and since this is
probably THE interaction design conference, some of us thought it might
be good to have an IxD List dinner on Sunday night August 1 before the
conference starts.

If you are attending (or are simply in the Boston area) and care to
join us, please send me an email so I can coordinate a time and place
to meet.


Dan Saffer

12 Jul 2004 - 5:57pm
10 years ago
12 replies

Remote Control

I have been testing a touch screen remote (Marantz/Phillips) as part of my
research. Of the 100+ people that have done my experiments, only about 10
of them did not find divided attention an issue. They get very absrobed in
the small touch screen and have to be prompted to look at the TV screen to
do part of the task (setting VCR clock via on-screen menu).

However, the remote is very versatile if you have a lot of devices (eg home
theatre), especially high end devices with a lot of options.

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