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13 Aug 2004 - 5:55pm
12 years ago
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Re: "Intuitive" designs can be cumbersome

This is a great comment and it is funny that I just wrote about something
very similar on my (new) blog this morning (see I was complaining about how Microsoft chose
not to put a pen-centric UI on the TabletPC and instead chose a very
incremental change over the standard desktop GUI.

13 Aug 2004 - 2:16pm
Peter Merholz

Search Results Best Practices Re: [aifia-members] IA & Findability Seminar (early bird deadline)

On Aug 10, 2004, at 9:33 AM, David Heller wrote:

> 1. best practices for designing full-text search systems
> a. use of meta-data
> b. expressions allowed, not allowed
> c. use of fuzzy-logic, relevance, etc.
> 2. best practices for designing search results
> a. how to and when to deploy flat results vs. faceted results
> b.

13 Aug 2004 - 2:03pm
Steve Portigal

trim your posts?

Just a quick request for those of us reading in digest format -
please trim down the quoted text in your posts to something relevant
- the last digest was a high percentage of nested-quoted postings. It
makes things SO much easier to read in digest format if there's some
considerate trimming going on....


Steve Portigal

13 Aug 2004 - 1:46pm
Peter Merholz

August 25, BayCHI East: It's More Than ROI

[forgive the extreme cross-posting]

BayCHI East presents:

It's More Than ROI: Defining the business value of user-centered design

Wednesday, 25 August 2004

6:30 to 7:00
Tea, Coffee, Networking

7:00 to 8:30
Panel Discussion and Q&A

South Hall, room 110
U. C. Berkeley campus

There has been a lot of discussion about the ROI of usability and
user-centered design.

13 Aug 2004 - 8:57am
Amit Deshpande

Movable Type Category listings, anybody?

Hello Everybody,

I have a blog at I am new to movable type
and would be very glad if you could shed a little light on how to add
categories on main page, also how these categories are archived.

Thanks in advance,

Amit Deshpande

12 Aug 2004 - 9:54pm
Jim Leftwich

Re: The Future of Information Architecture, A Retreat

I'm signed up to attend. I'm not planning on presenting anything,

My domain is in the tiny/mobile UX space and its considerations and
issues. More and more information architecture in the future will have
some embodiments represented within these small and constrained
domains, even if represented more fully elsewhere.

I think this will be a great place to network, discuss IA/ID/UX issues
and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
James Leftwich, IDSA
Director, Design and User Experience
PalmSource, Inc.
Sunnyvale, CA

12 Aug 2004 - 5:03pm
12 years ago
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Schomer, Todd

User Interface Guidelines

Hello All,

Anyone have a UI Guidelines spec/doc/site they could share with me? I need
to start documenting guidelines for our apps and could use some help finding
a good template to use as a starting point.

I understand this is usually an internal-type document, but if you guys know
of anything that could be shared, I would appreciate it.


12 Aug 2004 - 4:39pm
Mike Combs

JOB OP: Avenue A | Razorfish Chicago (2 Positions)

There are 2 positions open in the Chicago office of Avenue A | Razorfish.
Please use the contact information at the bottom of this e-mail.

Position 1 - Senior Information Architect/Interaction Designer

The Chicago office of Avenue A | Razorfish has immediate openings for
senior information architect/interaction designers.

12 Aug 2004 - 2:00pm
12 years ago
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"Intuitive" designs can be cumbersome

I am transitioning from one thread re. "Hierarchical
gui and multiselection" to this one.

There are so many cases in IxD where a certain design
would be
(a) far more easy to use in the long run,
(b) require far less interaction and work on the part
of the user, and
(c)be far less "in the face"

but that design is either non-intuitive or

As a very geeky but pertinent example, consider the
process of finding out the IP address on your client
machine on Windows.

12 Aug 2004 - 11:40am
Challis Hodge

JOB: Contract IA position in Atlanta, GA USA


4 to 5 week contract assignment (web site redesign) on client site in
Atlanta Georgia. To begin immediately.

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