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18 Aug 2004 - 10:33am
12 years ago
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Jef Raskin

Re: I need some advice

Some workers in a situation similar to yours have briefly called in
well-known (and highly paid, to impress management) experts to back
them up.

A "big name" whose work in HCI has resulted in millions or billions of
dollars in sales can often speak directly to top management and make a
case that a lower level employee cannot.

18 Aug 2004 - 4:17am
12 years ago
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Joe Leech

I need some advice

I have just started working at a medium size web development company
based in the South West of England after finishing an MSc in HCI. The
job market being as it it for us newbies (ie tough to get into) meant
that I stated applying for a web developers jobs. I got to the
interview for the company I work for now and the interviewer asked me
nothing about my web development skills and a lot about my HCI skills.

I was offered the job of web developer and I have been working here for
around 6 months now.

17 Aug 2004 - 9:45pm

RE: Intuitive" designs

Re: Intuitive" designs

I haven't had the opportunity to use Turbo Tax but if asked to design an
application in that realm i would want to reference the layout, task flow,
information chunking, and vocabulary terms being used in Tax forms in order
to start brainstorming.

Now assuming that we all have tried to file our own taxes the old way at
least once, then the chances that this is a readily available mental model
for most users will be increased.

17 Aug 2004 - 8:58pm

Re: Reset Button Icon

RE: Reset Button Icon

If you're stuck in finding an icon do revisit the task flow and
the task goal, see if you can find alternate routes or solutions.

Also, consider an On-screen button.


17 Aug 2004 - 11:03am
12 years ago
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Rick Cecil

ADMIN: Switch in Admin roles for next 2 weeks

Hi everyone,

Dave is going on vacation for 2 weeks, and I'll be filling in as
moderator during that time. Be afraid. Be very afraid. ;-) I'll do my
best to respond to admin requests and questions, but some things may
need to wait until Dave get back.

Thanks everyone for their patience.


PS For a reminder of the guidelines and help files you can go to our wonderful
new web site at and everything is there under "Join Us".

16 Aug 2004 - 11:58pm
12 years ago
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carl myhill

Windows UI Compliance Checklist?

Hi All,

Does anyone know of a checklist for assessing whether a UI has conformed to
Microsoft Windows style guidelines? For example, whether dialog text conform
to capitalisation standards, etc.



16 Aug 2004 - 4:37pm
12 years ago
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Kendra Parker

Reset Button Icon

I need some suggestions on icons for a reset button. The button
de-selects all selected items located on a map. The problem, though, is
that the button must contain a 16x16 px image due to constraints on the
toolbar control itself, otherwise we would simply use a text button that
says "Reset." We need something that will be fairly recognizable since
our general user will have limited computer experience and rarely more
than a High school level education. We've been racking our brains over
here, so any help will be greatly appreciated.


Kendra Parker

16 Aug 2004 - 2:12pm
Svoboda, Eric

[Possible Spam] RE: Re: "Intuitive" designs can be cumbersome

Not to sidetrack this interesting conversation, but are any of you
familiar with the system described at The description is
pretty vague I think, but they seem to be describing an adaptive
(andragogical I'd call it. Does this term apply?) UI for a collaborative
music app of some kind. I guess they've shown it off in some San
Francisco clubs. Just wondering if anyone's seen it in action.

16 Aug 2004 - 12:21pm
12 years ago
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Dave Malouf

ADMIN: Serious reqest re: limiting quoted


What I'm about to say is one of those things that those of us who don't do
digests never consider. (I'm as guilty as the rest of you; though I try.)

It is VERY important that people create a personal practice of limiting the
quoted material in their responses to ONLY those elements that are required.
It is seldom that you need the whole piece to give context to.

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