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8 Sep 2004 - 7:44am
9 years ago
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Dave Collins

Re: Programming and IxD (was- Help: Lookingforanother me)

>I want to work for a company that is concerned with IxD - but do not
wish to
be pigeon holed as either as an IxD'er, or Programmer.

8 Sep 2004 - 7:34am
Michael Bartlett

Customising verbage (& interfaces)

Just come out of an meeting where we were giving one of our clients a sneak
peak at an up-coming release of our software.

This client is very user-centric and managed to talk themselves round in
circles about the requirements of their users. For example we have a
particular dialog box that they told us they wanted the buttons to say
something different to what a lot of our other customers have been telling

They asked if they could perhaps have some sort of label editor to change
the verbage on the dialogs to suit their requirements.

8 Sep 2004 - 6:52am
9 years ago
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Martyn Jones BSc

Re: Programming and IxD (was- Help: Looking foranother me)

Martyn Jones wrote:
> Is there anyone here with experience of starting as a Programmer and then
> becoming an Interaction Designer? Or starting as a Graphic Designer /
> Interaction Designer and then becoming a full-time Programmer?

8 Sep 2004 - 5:58am
9 years ago
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lopez_r6 at

where and how to call an about us link

We're planning a corporate website. We did a card sort test
and people find and "about us" section

We wonder a couple of things

1. Where to place it. We think that´s logical on the left
of the logo

Company´s logo | About us | Corporate Products | Other customers |

Maybe it´s not related to products and logical taxonomy is not with left to
We did a benchmark study. A lot of companies: Amazon, Yahoo! ...don´t use
an about us section at all

2. The second question is if a good title.

7 Sep 2004 - 5:18pm
9 years ago
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Christian Simon

Re: Programming and IxD (was- Help: Looking for another me)

> on 9/7/04 12:00, wrote:
> Heck, I started designing *hardware*. Then moving to programming, then
> manual writing, and then to interfaction design.

Jef, You understand what I'm talking about. There have been several good
accounts of people coming to IxD from stranger places.

I've learned from those stories that interest me. Most compelling is anyone
who can express themselves well on topics they are excited about. I was
surprised when Martyn's thread ended on this idea.

7 Sep 2004 - 1:14pm
9 years ago
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Dan Brown


Please forgive the cross-posting...

Has anyone used the drawing program in OpenOffice to do any
wireframes, user flows, or site maps? I've just downloaded an started
playing with it, and was impressed with the capabilities...

-- Dan

Dan Brown ~ brownorama at ~ (301) 801-4850

"Beyond the clock radio, what's ever worked better
from putting two different functions together?"
-- IDC Analyst on convergence

7 Sep 2004 - 2:08am
9 years ago
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ji kim

Cultural sensitivity

While doing a research for mobile phones, I cam across "fashion mobile phones" from
a company called Xelibri ( They were nice looking phones, until I heard one of the ringtone called "tokyo" from one their phones. Let's just say, ringtone played a melody that western media used to (and still does) depict people from east asian region (china, korea, japan,etc.). Most asians would consider it very racist (or very ignorant).

7 Sep 2004 - 12:11am
Frank Ramirez

FYI: IA Retreat update



There a few spots left for the Future of IA retreat! Plus we've got a
program posted! So check it out, and consider joining us...

clarification: the amount on the registration form is the total for two
nights plus dinner friday, three squares saturday, and break fast and
lunch sunday.

6 Sep 2004 - 4:07pm
9 years ago
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Re: making the imagined real

Jef Raskin:

> But the better engineer does not shirk the more exacting task of making sure
> bridges don't collapse and will turn to the mathematics of trusses and data on
> the strengths and weaknesses of steel and concrete.

Yes, I appreciate that, but "expertise" is neither a guarantee nor a
predictor of success.

Our family had a close call on 9/11. So I think of the WTCs quite a bit. I'm
sure a lot of math and science was used by experts while designing the WTCs,
and but 3,000 people died when they collapsed.

6 Sep 2004 - 10:49am
9 years ago
2 replies
Jef Raskin

making the imagined real

On Sep 6, 2004, at 1:06 AM, Listera wrote:
> Jef Raskin:
>> What does the dreadful OSX have to do with this discussion?
> It's an actually-shipping OS, the one I and, I suspect, many others on
> this
> list happen to be using. I wasn't aware that the discussion was about
> imaginary OSes.

We were a bit at cross-purposes, then. My apologies for any
misunderstanding. I shall explain:

I was talking about how we should design interfaces.

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