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5 Apr 2005 - 10:53am

Usability and User Experience Design

I just finished reading this article -
http://www.stc.org/intercom/pdfs/2005/200501_6.pdf about trends in UI and
I'm wondering if others agree with the author about what those trends are or
if there are other issues/trends that people think are important going

Shelley-Ann J. West
p: (646)279-2592
e: shelley at shelley-ann.com
w: www.shelley-ann.com ,

24 Jan 2008 - 5:43pm
7 years ago
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Jennifer Vignone

for type enthusiasts


Helvetica is a feature-length independent film about typography, graphic design and global visual culture. It looks at the proliferation of one typeface (which is celebrating its 50th birthday this year) as part of a larger conversation about the way type affects our lives. Helvetica is currently screening at film festivals, museums, design conferences, and cinemas worldwide, and is now available on DVD. Get more info about the film...

29 Sep 2008 - 12:58pm
4 years ago
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Question: What role does video conferencing typically play in your work or personal life?

Dear IXDA Members,
I'm studying the personas that adopt video conferencing tools. If you use video conferencing, which product do you use and for what purpose (work, personal, or both)? What are your top three expectations when using or purchasing a video conferencing product? How frequently do you use video conferencing?
Thank you for your time and input!

3 Aug 2009 - 3:06pm
Marc Rettig

[announcement] Designing Work Worth Doing, NYC, Sept. 18-20

Some on this list have expressed interest in a workshop I have mentioned in
recent talks. It's called "Designing Work Worth Doing," and this is the
announcement that Lauralee Alben and I will be co-facilitating an expanded
3-day version, September 18-20, at the School of the Visual Arts in New York

Lauralee is bringing the well-seasoned, deeply effective process she has
been applying with hundreds of people over the past decade.

7 Jul 2009 - 2:38pm
Kate Harlow

[JOB]: Interaction Designers and UI Engineers; Charleston, SC; Recruiter; Full Time


This is one of the fastest growing organizations in the southeast.

1 Jul 2010 - 7:22pm
5 years ago
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Jared M. Spool

[PLUG] We're Breaking Up The Band - Last Stop on the UIE Web App Masters Tour

[Sorry for any duplication in your inbox.]


We're breaking up the band.

With one stop to go, attendees are telling us the UIE Web App Masters Tour is one of our best events ever. Hundreds of web application designers have found inspiration from our world-class experts. Fortunately, there's one more stop on the tour and you can be there too.

31 Oct 2007 - 2:02am
7 years ago
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Dan Saffer

Interaction08 Full Program Announced

The Interaction Design Association (IxDA) is very pleased to announce
its full slate of speakers for its first annual conference
Interaction08 to be held in hip, historic Savannah, Georgia USA on
February 8-10, 2008.

29 Dec 2008 - 3:34pm
Megan Rye

JOB | Microsoft Expression Blend Jockey| Philly and Atlanta | Recruiter | Contract

MissionStaff has a unique three month project with our client, who is
looking for a UI Designer to develop the user interface design of a
highly interactive desktop application, including objects such as
widgets, frames, controls, buttons, icons, etc. This project will
require occasional on-site work in Atlanta and Delaware; most work can
be done remotely.

30 Aug 2011 - 10:45am
Agradoot Ghatak

The cultural impact on choosing a type face.

Designers often use different fonts to depict mood or theme for various subjects such as sports, business, comic, horror, fun etc. . . Do we have any best practices about choosing right fonts for conveying those moods? What are the cultural aspect of choosing a type face while designing for different country and culture? Is there any research to know - how people in different part of the world react seeing different fonts or type face?