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23 Jul 2010 - 5:58pm
4 years ago
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18 Nov 2010 - 9:21am
3 years ago
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David Hirshfield

RE: [IxDA] Should I stay or should I go?

In a situation where an employee that announces their intent to leave A, then remains because they were offered terms that matched or exceeded their offer from B, two interpersonal outcomes are typical. In the first, A's management views the employee as a more valuable individual. Apart from the increased money, the individual feels more appreciated and everyone is happy. Unfortunately, it's been my experience that more typically A's management feel cornered into matching B's offer; and from that point on no longer completely trust the employee.

8 Dec 2011 - 4:14pm
2 years ago
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Is there a better way to input one of many similar values?

text string. The values for these strings are quite similar; ABCDEF1, ABCDEF2, etc. Our present solution is an autocomplete widget that gives suggestions as the user types. If you type A it may suggest AB, AC, AD, AD1, and so on. Each letter typed narrows the selection.

This works very well for both sparse and normal distributions of input strings.

6 Jun 2008 - 8:29am
Todd Warfel

[Announce] Last Day for Prototyping Survey and Free Book

Today is the last day for the prototyping survey and a chance to win a
free copy of the Practical Prototyping book — http://tinyurl.com/
6nsr3d .


Todd Zaki Warfel
President, Design Researcher
Messagefirst | Designing Information.

25 Apr 2007 - 12:46pm

A List Apart Survey

I didn't see this come across the wire yet, but if you have time, go take
the survey at http://alistapart.com/articles/webdesignsurvey . Hopefully
this will give a better picture of our industry.



w: http://www.davidshaw.info

9 Aug 2009 - 2:58pm
USID Foundation

Forum Nokia-USID Design Challenge 2009

Dear All,
As per the original plan, August 10th, 2009 is the last date for
registration for the Forum Nokia-USID Design Challenge 2009 and we have
received a very good response for the same from all of you. More than 175
participants has registered for the same till now.

We have received request from many of you to extend the registration date
for few more days.

11 Aug 2008 - 9:05am
Scott Roth

[JOB] 2 full time contractor User Experience positions in NYC for Agile Partners

Agile Partners (http://agilepartners.com) is looking for two User
Experience / Usability people to help us deliver web-based solutions
for our clients, which range from start-ups to some of the largest
corporations in the country.

The first position is a detail-oriented project manager role with
previous UX / Usability experience required. This person will be
driving Usability Testing and other UX projects.

12 Jan 2010 - 9:31am
Etkin Ciftci

EVENT IxDA Istanbul Feb 19th @ European Side

Hi there,

IxDA-İstanbul, is organizing a meet-up event for it's new
members on 19th of February-Friday at the European side. The event
will begin around 7pm.

Meeting place will be booked upon the number of participants.

RSVP: etkin[at]me[dot]com


Etkin Çiftçi, IxDA İstanbul



IxDA-İstanbul, 19 Şubat, Cuma,19:00'da Avrupa
yakasında "İstanbul'da neler oluyor?"
başlıklı informal bir tanışma
toplantısı düzenliyor.

2 Apr 2009 - 3:00pm

UX-User Experience Designer-San Jose, CA-Recruiter-FT, Contract

UX-User Experience Designer-San Jose, CA-Recruiter-FT

Do you believe that the best work comes out of a collaborative process? Is
your preference to work on consumer facing products? If your answer is yes
so far, please read on...

28 Jun 2004 - 1:22pm
Dave Malouf

Focus o f List

Hey there peeps,

I had a couple of suggestions from people to try and keep this list focused
on IxD and not let the content go off in all directions. This does not
happen often here b/c of self selection mainly but every so often a topic
like "should I use this color or that color" comes up. While this may have
"DESIGN" relevance it is rare that it has IxD relevance, so I'm putting my
moderator goggles on and will try to guide people in the right direction and
interrupt threads from time to time that just seem like they are too