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22 Oct 2005 - 7:38pm
Dave Malouf

NYC F2F event in Oct. more update

Hi Everyone,

The NYC F2F this past week was great. There were two presentations put
together to honor the announcement of the new IxDA. People have already
spoken about those presentations. I just wanted to chare a couple of
pictures of the event.

For people who couldn't attend and want to see the "History of IxD"
presentation by myself, you can can go to

We will be posting the "Birth of IxDA" presentation by Greg soon.

19 Jan 2009 - 10:38pm
Tonia M Bartz

IxDA Phoenix - First Meeting Date and Time Announced

I am please to announce that Phoenix's local IxDA group has a date and
location for its first event.

The first IxDA Phoenix meetup will be held on Tuesday, March 10th,
2009 at 6pm. The location will be Gangplank in Chandler, AZ.

More information will be available soon. Please pass this along to
whomever you think might be interested and feel free to join our
Facebook group.


Tonia M. Bartz

21 May 2008 - 8:32am
7 years ago
7 replies

Is a Flash-intro to a personal portfolio still good/relevant?

Let's assume that you've done the proper work to provide a "Skip
Intro" button. Let's further assume that you've done at least the
minimum to make your content accessible to people without the Flash

The question I ask, then, is: does having a Flash intro to a personal
site, which may include one's portfolio or resume, make sense in
today's job market and design environment?

19 Jun 2006 - 7:21pm
Peter Merholz

GPS Device UI Design Job - San Dimas, CA

Sent on behalf of a colleague. Please forward!

Senior User Experience Design Technologist (Designer)

Be at the forefront of consumer navigation (GPS) user experience
revolution. Drive development of world class user experience platforms.

We are offering an opportunity of a life time to a candidate that
loves to be at the cutting edge of combining their excellence in
logical thinking and creative passion in bringing personal navigation
user experience that is leagues ahead of our competitors.

We are seeking only exceptional and extraordinary candidates.

24 Nov 2003 - 11:45am
11 years ago
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Peter Bagnall

Managing Change (Was: Iterative Change Manageme nt / Patriarchs of the Design Family)

I suppose this comes down to an ethical argument. As designers should
we be held responsible for the long term results of our designs,
including their social, environmental, and other effect. Or are we only
responsible for the bottom line.

I must say, my opinion on this is we need to embrace the wider
responsibilities or we'll end up with a world no-one wants to live in.
So as other professions have ethical commitments we should too. I know
a few related groups have started on this sort of thing.

22 May 2007 - 6:26pm
Nancy Falkenburg

job: Senior User Researcher - SF Bay Area - FTE

This new vacancy is for a Senior User Researcher within our
Customer-Centered Development (CCD) team. I would be delighted to speak
with anyone who might be interested in our job.

11 Jan 2008 - 10:16am
7 years ago
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Jeff Stevenson

live chat best pratices

Is anyone here aware of any research regarding best practices for
implementing live chat on the web? I'm also interested in hearing
well-reasoned opinions and seeing examples.

For example, I've visited several sites that automatically open a live chat
window if the user has been inactive on a page for over a certain length of
time. To me, this seems like a poor experience for a couple of reasons. I
think most users like to research online because it offers time, privacy,
and quietness. On the web, there are no sales people popping up to ask if
you need any help.

23 Mar 2006 - 5:42pm
Jean Hand

JOB SF,CA - Director of IA/User Experienced

A strong stable company is looking for a Director of Information
Architecture for the Bay Area. This is a new position in their User
Experience Department that will have a strong impact on the company and
its products.

This is a great opportunity to grow a department and set strategy for
the interaction experience of users online.

1 Jul 2011 - 5:34am
4 years ago
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Ali Naqvi

Diary studies as an indirect obervation


have any of you experience with diary studies? I would like to know whether the users of a fully functional product, are honest and whether they forget/omit information.




14 Jun 2008 - 4:01pm
7 years ago
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Elizabeth Bacon

Tablet PC & annotation system

Hi folks,

I can't for the life of me locate the details about a tablet PC (I
think!) that has an annotation system for taking notes & recording
audio at the same time...does that ring any bells? I searched the
Discuss archives to no avail. I mentioned it to a friend who needs to
find some technology to facilitate her field interviews but now it's
feeling more like a figment of my imagination.