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28 Feb 2007 - 8:27am
Dante Murphy

FW: Bumptop

I can't decide which I want more...the "bumptop" or the "$$$" ring one
of the narrators is wearing.


Dante Murphy | Director of Information Architecture
Medical Broadcasting Company | A D I G I T A S INC.

3 Jul 2006 - 4:53am
A.C.Roibas at b...

UbiComp Workshop older users (last call!)

I hope this announcement is appropriate for the list.



(Apologies for cross-posting)

Last call for papers - July 5th, 2006: Submission Deadline Extended! (workshop position papers)

“Future networked interactive media systems and services for the
new-senior communities: enabling older users to create and share self authored multimedia content” workshop in conjunction with UBICOMP 2006 – www.sintef.no/ubicomp

Today, the traditional barriers between mainstream and homemade media are dissolving.

31 May 2005 - 6:32am
9 years ago
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references on mobile users

I am looking for reference material- white papers/books/urls..anything on

1. cognitive issues related to use of mobile phones
2. user traits of mobile users e.g. do more males use cell phones compared
to females? or people prefer a certain function of mobile quite
annoying/interesting, etc.


29 Apr 2010 - 2:38am
Sean Pook

Automotive User Experience and Mobile User Experience groups

Hi all,

I mentioned in passing in anothe thread the Mobile User Experience group I setup on linked in and got some very positive responses from interested parties, so I thought I'd also make you all aware about the Automotive User Experience group also.

I think Automotive UX will be a very exciting field over the next five years and it kind of feels like the MUX market was many years ago.

FYI I don't profit from the groups at all so I hope this doesn't appear as promotion, as the groups are there to benefit the members.

5 Oct 2006 - 11:13am
Michelle DeChen...

Seeking UI Writer Job Share for Microsoft Silicon Valley Customer Design Center

:: seeking UI Writer Job Share for Microsoft Silicon Valley Customer
Design Center ::

Come join one of the most exciting user experience teams at Microsoft -
a team whose day-to-day challenges include shaping the next generation
of Windows Live Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Toolbar, Mobile, TV, and more.
Our Silicon Valley Customer Design Center is seeking innovative,
talented, and creative Writers who are excited about delighting
customers in all aspects of their lives.

User Interface Writer - Job Share

UI writers develop the language that users see in an interface (all the
text o

16 Oct 2006 - 7:46am
Jesper Rønn-Jensen

Bad usability calendar

Hi group
This might be something for you if you're working with usability people on
the team.

Just wanted you to know that I posted about the 2006 Bad Usability Calendar
in English. There was a Norwegian guy (Eidar Vollan) attending UI Conf, that
actually did these in his company.

2 Oct 2008 - 8:20am
6 years ago
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Mobile phone - environment interactions?

I'm looking for clever example of mobile phones interacting with the
environment, like in a museum or a retail space. I'm thinking of
interactions like pushing information to phones while the person is on-
site, or having them use their phone to make queries or send text
messages to an on-site system. I feel like this has come up on the
list before, but I didn't find anything in the archives.

I'm not sure if this technology would just be a gimmick, or something
that could be made useful and/or fun.

26 Jun 2009 - 11:59am
5 years ago
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IxDA Board of D...

Thank you for all of your support

Since Sunday, together as a community we have raised $15,813, by 717

13 Apr 2011 - 8:30am
3 years ago
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Joe Sokohl

UX Brunch Baltimore!

Let's brunch together! Since Jeff Parks and I will be in Baltimore the weekend of 22-24 April for Rush (the band, Friday night) and the game (O's v. Yanks, Saturday night), we thought, "hey, let's get together & brunch on Saturday with some UXers in the area!"

Thus was UX Brunch Baltimore (#UXBrunchBalto on the Twitterz) born.

So, who's in? Who can arrange a place for us around 11:00 a.m.? Probably 15 folks? In walking distance perhaps from Aliceanna Street (between Fells Point & the Harbor)? Or a cab ride?

13 Dec 2010 - 10:32am
William Hudson