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28 May 2011 - 8:20am

Tickets Now on Sale for the 2011 User Experience Awards

The User Experience Awards showcase the value of User Experience in creating successful digital products and services. This event is a partnership between NYC IxDA, NYC-CHI, NYC UPA and the IA Meetup. It features jurors Chloe Gottlieb, Bryan Hamilton, Peter March, Gloria Petron, Whitney Quesenbery, Nicole Rubin, Kip Voytek and Beverly May.

5 May 2009 - 9:20am
5 years ago
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Vicki Haberman

interaction & data entry before log-in?

Can anyone give examples of websites where users are able to enter
information prior to log-in or becoming a member of the site? Users
would then be prompted to do so when moving to another section of the
site in order to have their data saved. Does anyone know if there is
the capability to show similar prompting when a user types in another
web address or goes to closeout the browser window. We are trying to
address a business requirement.

Any pointers, examples, etc. would be greatly appreciated.


7 Jan 2008 - 12:08pm
Marijke Rijsberman

Is user research a band-aid for "the listeningdeficit"?


I developed a mural process to help companies draw knowledge about customers
out of different parts of the organization and make it visible to all and
available to design teams.

14 Sep 2010 - 2:29am
4 years ago
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How to best prototype RIAs?


I am searching for a suitable way to prototype a business application which will most likely be implemented either using Adobe Flex or Silverlight.

The application will probably use such functionalities like drag&drop, calendars to select a specfic date or a date range and several kinds or charts etc.

4 May 2006 - 6:20pm
Robert Cornejo

Reminder IXDA F2F Tonight - Los Angeles

Shorter link for those with email services that broke
the original link:

http://tinyurl.com/n5cw2 (Yahoo Maps)

--- Danna Hudson <danna.hudson at designory.com> wrote:

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> IxDA F2F � Los Angeles, CA
> Date: Thursday, May 4, 2006
> Time: 7:00 - 9

17 Apr 2012 - 10:54am
2 years ago
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Traci Paris

Data Is the New Sexy - April 23 in NY

For you UX pros who are creatively using data in your product and service design… Find out how brands and start-ups are turning big data into big profits on April 23 at the inaugural DAA New York Symposium: “Data is the New Sexy.”


11 Apr 2006 - 1:05am
8 years ago
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Lada Gorlenko

Joint IxDA/UXnet dinner at CHI: Tuesday 25 April, 7:30

Date: Tuesday, 25 April
Time: 7:30 pm
Place: TBD (will post the announcement in a few days)

Thank you very much to all who have responded to our dinner invitation
at CHI. IxDA crowd will be joined by UXnet crowd in what we hope will
be a jolly good evening. If you haven't replied yet and would like to
come, we would very much like to see you.

For further info please contact either
Lada: lada[at]acm[dot]org or
Pabini: pabini[at]spiritsoftworks[dot]com

See you in Montreal!

5 Dec 2005 - 5:38pm
CD Evans

'Design back in ID' Links

Some people had the right idea and just carried on the thread topic.
So, in order to keep this process flowing, I've reposted just the links
below and want to encourage more people to chip in links to other _more
creative_ forms of interaction design!

2 Jun 2008 - 8:23pm
6 years ago
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Dave Malouf

Favorite article on design research


If you had to read 1 article on design research which one would it be?
Does anyone know of an article from Brenda Laurel?
I'm not interested in the standard stuff about Contextual design or
Goal-Directed Design stuff.

20 Jan 2006 - 3:54pm
8 years ago
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Eric Anderson

DARPA interaction opportunity


I thought I would pass along this RFP from DARPA for two reasons:

1) to invite discussion about what an interface for the proposed system
might look like and how it might behave;
2) hopefully help one of y'all get rich;

With this small ado, here's some introductory text:

The decision aids will assist the commander and staff in generating,
> assessing and visualizing the consequences of employing diplomatic,
> military, information operations and economic (DIME) actions, singularly or
> in combinations, to achieve effects against the adversary's political,