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Incentives to get users to log in and personalize?

I'm working on a re-design of my company's online support community. In our re-design, we plan to offer many more features and customization/personalization options-- but users will need to be logged in to take advantage of them (e.g., suggestions of content and local community connections based on preferences, profiles and locations, ability to customize content and view, etc).

25 Oct 2009 - 7:46pm
Alain D. M. G. ...

Rép. : DISCUSS: Electronic medical records: bad, ugly, and dangerous?


I've been reading up on the EHR projects in Canda for the last few years and I've also read up a bit on EHR systems in the US.

I wasn't able to read the entire article, only page three, but from that and your summary I can guess that this particular Washington Post article is a dog's breakfast of grievances and IT scandals. I've read much better stuff on EHR projects in the NY Times, and you don't have to register for it.

There are some places in the US where EHR projects have been successful and useful, two different things.

4 Oct 2006 - 7:04pm
Michelle DeChen...

JOB: Seeking Usability Professionals for Microsoft Silicon Valley Customer Design Center

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9 May 2006 - 7:53am
9 years ago
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Graham White

usability testing - current best practices

Current opinions on best parctices for user testing of websites, If you can point me to resources and/or documentation you value for number of users, testing style, etc., would be much appreciated.

Graham Whhite

2 Sep 2008 - 2:06pm
6 years ago
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Mary Deaton

I am downloading Chrome as we speak


Mary M Deaton
Deaton Interactive Design

1 May 2008 - 11:43pm
7 years ago
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Amnon Dekel

Any usability studies on free hand gestures?

Thanks- I know of Lee's work- and have been using it since 3 days ago- and
it is very cool- BUT - the issue I am exploring is NOT how to technically
IMPLEMENT gesture analysis and tracking (there is a lot of published work on
that), but rather a search for *design guidelines for best gestures* to
implement- i.e. rules to help a designer select gestures.

8 Sep 2008 - 6:39pm
Jeffrey D. Gimzek

[wwwac] Cloud Computing's Black Lining - was Community Software

An FYI from another list - I guess we are lucky we are latecomers to

Begin forwarded message:
> I am quite surprised that no one here on the WWWAC list picked up on
> the news about Ning, the white-label community building site funded,
> in part, by Marc Andreesen.
> On Friday the 22nd of August, Ning summarily banned the network of
> WidgetLaboratory, a developer of widgets that added much-needed
> basic functionality to the Ning platform.

4 Aug 2005 - 12:20pm
9 years ago
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Josephine Choi

Design professional getting an MBA?

Hi all,

Since getting out of college a couple years ago, I have been employed as
an interaction designer at a software company. I really love the work,
it's what I want to be doing for years to come, however I have noticed
(as many people have discussed on this board numerous times) a
disconnect between the business, development and design. Lately, I have
been thinking about applying to business school, hopefully to gain
perspective and help address this gap between all parties.

I would like to get any of your opinions on whether this move would be
successful or not.

29 Sep 2008 - 10:40am
6 years ago
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Michael Micheletti

Expression Blend advice please

I'm learning Expression Blend / XAML / WPF etc. for a new .NET application
design project. The tool (and WPF underneath) is large and baffling, but I'm
not too worried about that. Practice time will help me grow more proficient,
and I'm decent with C# and XML. I've got a great developer to partner with.

What I would really like to know more about though comes in at a bit higher
level. I'd like to know more about what works (or not) in a Blend project.
Those of you with Blend experience...

- Is there something you built the first time, and then tore out and rebuilt

20 May 2009 - 10:11am
Candy Bernhardt

[EVENT] IxDA DFW // Sat, May 30 // 1 Day Conference & Design Challenge


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