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17 Jan 2012 - 6:15am
4 years ago
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How are sites adapting to cater for iPad (or other tablets)?

Quite aside from developing apps - or webapps, iPads are accounting for a significant and growing proportion of traffic to websites through the browser. To optimise a site for both what you might call PC web and for tablets, there's more to it than just offering alternatives to Flash.

For example, 'clickable' areas should be defined as larger than normal to account for 'fat fingers'; text size should be reviewed; sites should define input fields as e.g. 'search' or 'email address' so that the appropriate keyboard displays on the device.

10 Jan 2006 - 4:17pm
Nancy Falkenburg

Job Posting: Senior User Interface Designer -- Intuit, Mt.View, C A ( Relocation benefit provided)

* Relocation Benefit provided *

Job Title: Senior User Interface Designer
Location: Mountain View, California 94040 (650) Company name: Intuit
Term: Full time
Please reply to: nancy falkenburg (email): nancy_falkenburg at intuit.com

Several reasons to consider Intuit:

.....you'll have the opportunity to work on products used by millions of

9 Sep 2009 - 12:43pm
Katy Moore

Senior Technical Writer Location(s): San Francisco, CA - HQ

Description: As a technical writer on the Documentation team, you will
work collaboratively with other experienced writers to design, create,
write, and deliver concise, easy-to-understand documentation for the
Salesforce CRM application and/or the Force.com platform. You should
be self-directed and team-oriented with the ability to understand the
needs of business users and administrators, and deliver the documents
necessary to make them successful. You are not only a writer but a
customer advocate and an integral part of the software development

30 Jan 2007 - 12:44pm
Ryan Lum

JOB: Interactive Designer/Flash Developer-Contract to Hire Onsite

Flash/ActionScript Developer / Interaction Design
Contract to Hire Opportunity Onsite
Bellevue, WA
The intense but informal workplace is where great teams turn great ideas into great products while enjoying flexible hours and generous benefits. Holders of contract jobs who do well get first priority for permanent team positions. My client is leading the evolution of retail store form and function with award-winning interactive screen technologies; come be a part of it.

The successful candidate will have a minimum 4 years experience with Flash and ActionScript programming.

11 Aug 2008 - 4:32am
Antony Ribot

JOB Senior Interface Designer, Brighton UK, Ribot, Full Time

Hi fellow IxDAers, we are ribot: a crack commando unit of ideas people,
based in central Brighton, UK, who focus on creating innovative User
Interfaces (UI) for mobile.

We're growing, working directly with some great clients, like Nokia,
Microsoft, the Labs teams at Orange & Lastminute.com, and Rough Guides, to
name just a few...

Ribot was set up to explore the boundaries of small screen UI and user
experiences. Our passions lie in creating innovative simple-to-use
interfaces that excite and inspire the very people who use them.

2 Mar 2005 - 7:39am
11 years ago
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A question of depth

I had a very interesting conversation with a customer who insisted that
their [very well documented] 'business process' was wholly separate from any
human or system interaction. On further investigation I found notable
evidence of human involvement.

This is a common 'traditional' attitude in the manufacturing and automotive
sectors as their is an historically, well defined supply chain. IT plays a
fundamental role in that supply chain and tends to rely heavily on a
pre-defined business process i.e. well established mainframe applications,
that are undergoing change to increase productivity.

15 Feb 2010 - 11:37am

I would like to work under Designers who has experience in Usability, UX, & Information Architecture

Hello Professionals/Practitioners,

I would like to work under Designers, Professionals, and
Practitioners, who has experience in Usability, UX, & Information

I am a web designer and have six years of experience in web design,
eCommerce templates. Currently I am working at IT industry. I would
like to learn/practice/improve skills in usability, UX, IA.

I am ready to work onsite, travel if necessary, remotely. I am doing
practice with the help of google, blogging, comments, Ixda.

31 Oct 2005 - 2:22pm
10 years ago
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Anyone who wants to attend the DUXBash should contact me directly by 3pm on Tuesday of this week. Only 10 IxDA members can attend-in addition to those who are actually attending DUX-and their names must be on the guest list, which I must submit on Tuesday.

Here are the details about the event:

Friday, November 4-DUXBash: Members of IxDA are invited to get together at this event, regardless of whether you are attending the DUX conference. We look forward to seeing you there.

18 Mar 2010 - 10:49am
6 years ago
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Larry Marine

Web app color scheme research

Can you recommend a good resource (blog, white paper, book) that discusses human factors as it relates to colors used in web app design.  I am specifically seeking information regarding black vs. white color schemes and how people feel about both/each.

11 Mar 2008 - 9:09pm
8 years ago
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will tell

best cites to get /host UI and UX talent

I have an opportunity to build a UI/UX team for my company and (like everyone else) am concerned about finding quality talent. There is a potential to develop this group at a number of different locations across the US. My experience has shown that certain cities will "resonate" better to the design community. I'd very much like to hear this groups opinions as to the options listed below.