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24 Jan 2011 - 10:34pm
4 years ago
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Justin Davis

Local UX Group Activities - What Do You Do?

For those of you who participate in local UX groups, what kind of activities do you do at your meetings? Our local group has done UX Show and Tell (which was great), and we're looking for other programming ideas for helping get the community more engaged on a regular basis.

This seems like it'd be a great resource for IXDA. A list of programming ideas for local group meetings seems as if it would help spur more local UX group activity.  Does anything like this exist yet?

Thanks for any ideas ya'll have.


29 Jan 2009 - 12:58am
6 years ago
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Harikrishna VP

Internationalization Guideline Resource

Group, where can i find online literature on Internationalization, which
talks about practical examples and guidelines.

Warm Regards,
Harikrishna VP,
Senior User Experience Designer | Usability Engineering Team
Technology Competence and Consulting | IBS Software Services
IBS Software Services


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the person to whom it is addressed and may contain confidential and/or
privileged material.

30 Sep 2010 - 8:08am
Adrian Howard

Re: [IxDA] The PERFECT interaction or experience designer's workspace

My personal preferences (mostly built around what I've seen work well :-)

On 30 Sep 2010, at 11:56, John Gibbard wrote: [snip] > Some feeder questions > * Beyond whiteboards, what creative spaces do you like to work from/within?

Personally I like spaces where the majority of people are sitting and working together around a project, with a few separate private spaces for people to go off and take phone calls or work individually.

> * Are clear-desk policies stiffling to creativity?

I'd say yes.

5 Nov 2010 - 8:41am
4 years ago
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Brett Christenson

User Survey to get feedback

I was thinking about using our customer survey to get information on UX issues and possibly identify where applications are stronger or weaker than competitors. I have taken a number of surveys but never created any so if anyone has any advice I greatly appreciate it.

6 Jun 2011 - 2:26pm

Contest-based user research?

Hi all,

I'm a UX research intern at TechSmith (makers of Camtasia, SnagIt, and Jing), and I've been working on more research on screencast viewers and consumers and their experiences, as opposed to just on our users, who generally create the content. To try and research common negatives experiences within screencasts, I've been trying something new and worked on the TechSmith Terrible Screencast Contest (http://visuallounge.techsmith.com/2011/06/techsmith_terrible_screencast.html).

17 Sep 2009 - 7:59am
Benjamin Ho

[EVENT] Maine IxDA Thurs. September 24 - From Inspiration to Art: Artist Talk and Design Activity

Nationally recognized artist, Adriane Herman, will be presenting Thurs
Sept 24th on her creative process -- how she moves from inspiration to
art. She'll touch on using people's "To Do" lists as artistic
medium, and her insights into human cognitive processes.

Afterward we'll shift gears into IxD mode, taking what we've heard
from Adriane -- now having a sense of her mental map -- do some
additional "requirements gathering," then sketch ideas for her web
site, and discuss!!

We hope you can attend -- this will be an extremely stimulating and
fun event.

12 Apr 2006 - 10:13am
9 years ago
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'R&D' vs. 'mainline' design & usability

Hello -

Do you have similar experience you can share? I'm a solo usability practitioner
responsible for both analysis and design for a small software company. I'm
getting mixed signals about what my priorities should be, especially because we
are simultaneously dedicating lots of resources to pure selling, and to
improving what customers already use. So, my time is being divided between the
needs of our pre-sales team and development.

My question is - how common is this?

26 Mar 2012 - 10:18am
Chauncey Wilson
28 Aug 2009 - 12:18pm
5 years ago
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Oleh Kovalchuke

Indicators for cells with multiple values in a datagrid

Hello, IxDers,

I need to indicate that specific cell in a read-only datagrid contains not
one, but multiple values. Putting the cell in focus would reveal the values
in it.

The project team have suggested displaying "Multiple..." link in the cell.
Clicking the link would open a popup showing the values.

23 Oct 2004 - 8:12am
10 years ago
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Michael Bartlett

Web developer toolbar

Don't know if any of you do much HTML work....

A friend of mine showed me this tool the other day, it's a Mozilla extension
and its just brilliant.