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15 Dec 2011 - 6:24pm
2 years ago
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Varying Date Format Display

Has anyone run into a similar problem as described below and come up with any good solutions?

I'm working on a project where we frequently display a list of objects by date from newest to oldest. the Date/Time is part of the display and we generally use the DD MMM YYYY (e.g., 15 Dec 2011).  We have made the display of this format flexible to display only the relevant part of the date to decrease cognitive load as well as a space saver. The algorithm being used is:

4 Dec 2006 - 7:02am
7 years ago
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Anu Leponiemi

Testing usability of mobile applications


I'm planning on usability-testing a S40 application, and would like
to hear about the ways you tend to test usability of mobile
applications. Paper prototype is always an option, however, is that
all you do, or do you test with real devices? If so, do you capture
the input some ways, possibly with a software or a camera, or do you
just watch the user use his mobile?



Anu Leponiemi * anu (thingie) lepo.net * +358 40 525 7328 * www.lepo.net

2 Sep 2009 - 3:55pm
Erin Lynn Young

JOB: Information Architect / Austin / T3 / Freelance

Freelance Information Architect opening in Austin, Texas.

Position #: 62578

We are looking for a team-oriented freelance Information Architect.

Our Information Architects work with creative teams and developers to
craft and chart innovative strategies rooted in fundamentals of
usability, standards, and plain old common sense.

20 Feb 2012 - 1:53pm
2 years ago
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Interaction 12 - Highlights


here are my highlights of Interaction12: https://blogs.oracle.com/mprove/tags/ixd12

cheers to all the presenters and organizers


3 Nov 2009 - 7:51am

UXconference: the last early bird day

Dear all,

i am writing to inform you today is the last day to buy the
UXconference<http://www.uxcon.com/>ticket in Early Bird!

9 Jan 2006 - 3:24pm
Wendy Fischer

Hiring local UX design contractor in Durham, NC

We are looking for a local contractor start work immediately on two projects.

Our company is a technology company that needs somebody to modify existing wireframes for 2 projects. There would also be some new product development work.

Ideally this person would have both mobile design and web design interface experience. You must be able to use Visio, create wireframes and have a portfolio of wireframing examples.

29 Aug 2011 - 4:19pm
2 years ago
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Robert Cockburn
4 Feb 2008 - 1:31pm
Aaron Louie

Post-Online Northwest IA/UX Meetup, 2/22 (Corvallis, OR)

Join us for some good company and geeky conversation after Online
Northwest Friday (2/22) at the McMenamins on Monroe

What: Meet-up (no-host) with the Pacific Northwest chapter of the
American Society for Information Science & Technology

Where: McMenamins on Monroe
2001 NW Monroe Ave
Corvallis, Oregon

2 Oct 2009 - 9:55am
4 years ago
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Robert Hoekman, Jr.

Leaving Las Vegas...I mean the website site.

> [...] and I have learned that when you have a link that is
> internal you have that link open within the same window. On the other
> hand, I was taught that any link that you have that is a reference to
> an external website you should have the link open in an external
> window or tab if the user has that set up.

This practice has been debated for years. There are pros and cons to either
solution, and like every "rule", there are exceptions even if the practice
works well for you. The context, as usual, matters most.

9 May 2008 - 10:08am
6 years ago
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michael fehdrau

website-proportional size


Anyone know what the maxiumum and minimum size of the webpage? I noticed some webpages that extend the background images behind the table without showing white outlines or underlapped. How can I code that to it? It is new to me. I have average knowledge of web programming and above average in web design. I would be appreicated.