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5 Jun 2007 - 2:41pm
8 years ago
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Chris Bernard

Expression Training Options (Online and Free)

A few folks have asked me off list for some training guidance on Expression Products. I thought I'd share it here to catch some of the lurkers too.

Lynda.com is offering their Expression Blend v1 (6 hours) and Expression Design v1 (6 hours) *FREE* for everyone.

Lee Brimelow (www.thewpfblog.com) is the presenter for Blend and Ted LoCascio for Design.

Expression Blend
3 hrs Blend RTM (WPF) training ...

14 Feb 2005 - 9:24am
10 years ago
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Peter Boersma

Very early Friday post (Was: RE: boxing UCD)

Martijn wrote:
> Perhaps we can try to create a table with techniques on one axis and
> available time on the other.....

Technique | Time
Personas | it depends
Task analyis | it depends
Concept design | it depends
Sitemap | it depends
etc. | it depends


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20 Apr 2005 - 4:04pm

Event Announcement - 'New Challenges' IA Retreat

Following last year's hugely successful Future of IA retreat in Asilomar, we are
excited to announce another IA retreat, which will be taking place Oct. 7-9, at
the Edith Macy Conference Center (about 45 minutes from New York City.)

This year's theme is New Challenges in Information Architecture and we've
already got several great presentations lined up (and we encourage anyone
interested in presenting to submit a proposal.) The event is sponsored by the
Information Architecture Institute.

26 Jun 2008 - 3:36pm
7 years ago
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Tori Breitling

registration download flow

I'm working on a product (toolbar) for a client that requires a download.
Has anyone done any research or have anecdotal evidence regarding
registration and download order? Are folks more likely to download if they
register (one short form) first, or more likely to register if they download

- Tori

10 Sep 2008 - 1:02am
7 years ago
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For those of you out there that enjoy the great outdoors, Moosejaw.com
just launched a new site... curious what everyone thinks. REI.com made
*huge* steps forward with their recent redesign, and although
Backcountry.com is no longer top dog, I'm pretty sure they saw this
coming and are working on something hot. Can't wait.


user experience strategist
los angeles | washington dc

10 Mar 2009 - 9:00am
6 years ago
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Examples of Cooper-style "requirements"?

Our team has just developed an extensive set of context scenarios,
describing how our personas will interact at a high level with the web
application we intend to develop.

About Face spends barely 1.5 pages talking about extracting requirements
("the personas' needs") from scenarios. I get the basic idea, but I learn a
lot better from examples. Perhaps some of you out there have real
requirements sets you could share?


15 Feb 2005 - 10:02pm
Jim Kauffman

Fwd: JOB: RCA Head of Interaction Design Post (RoyalCollege of Art; London)

Unfortunately, it's accompanied by the all-too-common pathetically low
salary for an IxD H-o-D.

Jim K.

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20 Dec 2010 - 7:47pm
gmb at asi-az.com

RE: [IxDA] Job Posting - User Experience Designer - Chicago, IL

Gary M. Bakken, PhD, CPE Analytica Systems International, Inc. 9390 N Calle Buena Vista Tucson, AZ 85704 (520) 882-5494

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I'm trying to focus on designing a new product. I think some research would
be needed in order to create and plan out some essential aspects for the


7 Jun 2004 - 8:27pm
11 years ago
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David Liu

Nokia UI the "standard" for handheld devices?

Hi all:

I am an interaction designer for mobile phones. I've been asked this
question many times by people outside of our team: "why don't you copy

13 Oct 2010 - 3:08pm
4 years ago
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How Color Saturation Affects User Efficiency

Colors affect the way we see products, but they also affect the way we vse websites before we even invest our time and energy into the content. Using saturated and desaturated colors correctly on the right user interface elements will help users use your design efficiently and effectively.

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