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22 Aug 2011 - 2:02pm
3 years ago
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Brian Mila

Using remote desktop instead of onsite visit for persona creation

Has anyone tried using remote desktop sharing tools to gather user data for the purposes of persona creation and user scenario definitions? I'd like to fully understand the pros and cons before I put a proposal on the table. My initial thoughts are that it would be less successful for the following reasons, in order of importance:

3 Aug 2007 - 7:10am
7 years ago
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Jonathan Arnowitz

CHI2008 Call for Content and Reviewers

CHI 2008 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems
April 5-10, 2008 in Florence, Italy


CHI 2008 can be only as good as the quality of content you submit and the
reviews they get. We are looking for contributions from ALL our HCI
communities, including Design, Education, Engineering, Management, Research,
and Usability. Submissions to CHI fall into two general categories: HCI
Archival content and Contemporary Trends. Archival content will be published
in the CHI conference proceedings and the ACM Digital Library.

13 Aug 2009 - 12:52pm
Mario Bourque

2009 IDEA Conference early bird pricing ends August 15th, 2009

Early Bird pricing for IDEA is over in just a few days (August 15th to be
exact). So now’s the time to storm into your boss’ office and demand
approval for registration!
Already approved?

2 Oct 2008 - 4:25am
Ian Fenn

Open Source Axure RP Master Project


Luke Perman and I have been working since early this year on leading an open
source (GPL-licenced) project to create a library of robust Axure RP

Please join our Google group to follow (and assist with) our progress:


At present we're inviting thoughts as to how the collection might best be
organised within Axure RP - your thoughts would be much appreciated!

All the best,

Ian Fenn
Certified Usability Analyst


7 Jan 2004 - 2:15pm
Dave Malouf

ADMIN: Rick is taking over for 2 weeks ... Be gentle!

Hey there folks,

I'm going on vacation ... well I'm getting married and going on my honeymoon
for the next two weeks ... Yea! that's great! ... Anyway, while I'm gone
you're new moderator will be on duty, Rick Hesketh is your man!

For most of us since this list is basically unmoderated it will be no
problem. For first time posters, your posts might take a tad longer to get
approved and it might not only be for your first post, so be patient.

11 May 2009 - 5:38pm
5 years ago
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game design, ixd, and making people cry

Nice write-up of Brenda Brathwaite's return to non-electronic game design:


One of many things it has me thinking about is how (if?) I can create
emotional responses using only physical objects that carry emotional weight.


30 Jun 2008 - 4:42pm
6 years ago
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Robert Hoekman, Jr.

OT: Help remembering the name of a site

A few months ago a site popped up that was about getting design firms to
commit to talking to clients about sustainability in design and improving
their methods and such. Anyone remember the name of the campaign?
It started with the word "designer", I think. Like "Designer's Creed", but
that's not it.



28 Nov 2006 - 2:57pm

(RSVP by 11/30) UX Talk, NY Avenue A | Razorfish (Wed, Dec. 6th, 6:30pm)

(Apologies for duplicate postings)

Hi All,

We're taking RSVPs until the 30th...

There will be a raffle in addition to cocktails, snacks and a jazz band.

We're really looking forward to this!

Hope you can make it.



To celebrate the opening of our new office in Times Square, Avenue A |
Razorfish is sponsoring a UX talk followed by cocktails. We would love
to see you all there! Please RSVP quickly as space is limited and we
want to make sure there are enough cocktails to go around!

4 Feb 2007 - 7:10pm
7 years ago
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Pre-Beta (was What sets the 'best' interaction designers apart?)

On Feb 4, 2007, at 11:56 AM, Jared M. Spool wrote:

> On Feb 4, 2007, at 12:42 PM, David Malouf wrote:
>> The future is a project being work on now in a closed beta
> Serious question: What's the difference between a "closed beta" and
> an "alpha"?

Probably only a mental separation, I would think.

Myself, I despise "alpha" releases to select customers.

28 Mar 2006 - 9:13pm
Oleh Kovalchuke

"The Brain" and "MindManager" and Post-it notes

Mind mapping tools

I wonder if anyone used the low tech approach: mind mapping,
brainstorming and categorizing with Post-it notes. How does it compare
to the software?

On positive side Post-it notes seem to be more collaborative, to have
lower participation threshold by virtue of being low tech (similar to
paper prototypes) and because people get a chance to physically move
around, play with their hands while pasting notes on white board. Is
this correct assumption about ease of collaboration?

The setbacks I see: 1. No remote participation, 2. Archiving results
for reference and 3.