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3 Dec 2008 - 3:05pm
6 years ago
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Melissa Sherman

what role does social media/ networks play in your research & collaboration activities?

(Trying again... differently. Thanks for the editing assitance, Steve!)

8 May 2010 - 5:39pm
Jonathan Cohen

5/18 - NYCUPA presents Quince: A Deep Dive Into The Process of Building a Pattern Library


Register at http://nycupa.org



New Jersey-based software design company, Infragistics, has long recognized the power that user-centered design has had on their core business of providing award-winning software for Fortune 500 clients.

14 Mar 2013 - 1:26pm

Interactive Media at London College of Communication


I was wondering if anyone is studying or has completed London College of Communication's Interactive Media and wanted to hear any opinions on the course?

Thank you!

19 Oct 2006 - 2:50pm
Robert Hoekman, Jr.

Designing the Obvious, coming to a bookshelf near you

If you're interested in finding new sources of debate and lively
conversation, you might pick up a copy of my new book, released today,
called Designing the Obvious. It discusses guiding principles of web
application design, but does so by pointing out concrete examples and
talking about how to reproduce the qualities that make web apps great.

The term "interaction design" is mentioned exactly once, on the second to
last page of the book ... I think.

12 Oct 2006 - 1:28pm
Zhonghai Li

Product usability research with cogntive-impaired people

I wonder whether there are people on this list have experience in
conducting information gathering and/or usability evaluation on products
designed for people with cognitive impairment, such as people with
dementia. One challenge here is that some traditional usability methods
can not applied to this population appropriately, for example, cognitive
walkthrough, interview, survey, focus group etc., although this depends
on different development stages of the disease, and the caregiver can
used as a substitute.

2 Jun 2008 - 12:34pm
Beth Manzi

Ecosystem for creating, saving and sharing web destinations

Hope you can help, looking for different case studies around user behaviors
for creating, saving and sharing web destinations and the tools used to
create them. The obvious one is bookmarking using browser favorites and
del.icio.us. Looking to go broad as well as deep.

12 Apr 2007 - 3:59am
7 years ago
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Morten Hjerde

What do you call this list behavior?

I'm working on design patterns for mobile phone applications, and I can't
work out what to call this...


Its a list where the item with focus is expanded to display more
information. Its a true list, not a closeable panel. What would you call
this list behavior/behaviour?


6 Jul 2007 - 10:27am

How useful is this - HFI-Certified UsabilityAnalyst?

I direct several seasoned UCD practitioners, none of whom are HFI-certified.
Elsewhere in my company, another UCD group focuses on specific types of
apps, and they are almost all HFI-certified.

The biggest difference I have seen in comparing their work to ours is
consistency in deliverables, methods and terminology (theirs, not ours =]).
As far as end results (are things more usable after engagements?), we both
perform about the same (see reasons below).

Aside from the cost of certification, I haven't seen any big negatives to

5 Nov 2003 - 1:52pm
GK VanPatter

Call for Conference Proposals


------ Forwarded Message
From: Tracee Wolf <tlwolf at US.IBM.COM>
Date: Wed, 5 Nov 2003 14:14:34 -0500
Subject: DIS2004 CALL FOR PANEL SESSION! Deadline March 12, 2004

Do you have a compelling, provocative or fun perspective on designing
interactive systems?

7 Apr 2005 - 3:55pm
Garrick Van Buren

Re: UCD vs. Visionary (was: Bottom Line Design Awards)


You're absolutely right. Recently, I had the conversation around
whether usability evaluation could drive product innovation or if
usability itself was synonym for 'design-by-committee'.

I think the key in both cases is to keep an eye on the problem being
solved. Malcolm Gladwell talks about the problem with 'first looks' in
his PopTech talk last fall (
http://itconversations.com/shows/detail230.html ). He uses the Aeron
chair as an example - failed on first look, now an icon.