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4 Apr 2008 - 1:35pm
Karen Patton

Job 001A, Interaction Designer, San Rafael, CA, Groove11


Want to help create immersive brand experiences?

Groove 11 is seeking a contract/freelance Interaction Designer for a
variety of ongoing projects ranging from enterprise-level corporate
communication portals to rich elearning applications.

10 Apr 2013 - 10:26am

Design Challenge: Catalyzing Communication about End-of-Life Care

== Announcing a design challenge held in conjunction with the 2013 Healthcare Experience Design Conference, brought to you by Mad*Pow and the California HealthCare Foundation ==

When surveyed about the main reasons why they had not talked to their loved ones, 41% of Californians said they had too many other things to worry about right now, and 39% said that they or their loved one didn’t want to think about death or dying.

19 Feb 2009 - 12:16pm
Wunderlich, Judith

Event: How the Social Web and Mobile are shaking up e-commerce; March 18 in Chicago

How the Social Web and Mobile are Shaking up E-Commerce

What: Presentation, Discussion, Networking
When: Wednesday, March 18, 2009, 5:30 to 8:00pm
Where: AQUENT, 500 W.

7 Feb 2008 - 6:01pm
Eric Manke

JOB: Senior Interactive Designer / UI Designer, San Francisco, Recruiter, Full Time

*Title: Senior Interactive Designer / UI Designer
Location: San Francisco*

A new, interactive-media startup is searching for an experienced Senior
Interactive Designer to help develop its product for a launch in the
second quarter of this year. This well-financed startup, with Web-based
software that also carries a client-side application, is backed by
veterans of the technology and entertainment industries.

19 Nov 2003 - 10:21am
12 years ago
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Challis Hodge

Patriarchs of the Design Family (was: New Uber Design Org)

What do folks think of this?

Aren't there more than two design disciplines?

I tossed the above out to see what thoughts might emerge. Interesting that
some folks came back to defend the orgs.

2 Feb 2006 - 9:43pm
10 years ago
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Troy Brophy

Inline styles and the people who hate them

Sorry about the sensationalist subject line. I couldn't resist.

For the past six months I've been building a massive, consumer Web
application. I took over the development from a guy who was keen on
standards-compliant XHTML (yay!) and keeping every style rule in an external
CSS document (kinda yay). This worked great up until I hit line 6000 of the
external CSS doc and Dreamweaver started choking a little each time I saved.

Then I began grouping pages of the site into sections and creating CSS docs
for each section.

25 Jun 2005 - 1:09am
Dave Malouf

"Getting to Know You" - UCD makes Fortune Mag


(This is how The NY Times covered the above Fortune Article)

Bill Gates as Anthropologist
Published: June 25, 2005

MARGARET MEAD. Louis Leakey.

21 Apr 2008 - 5:41am
8 years ago
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Nicolas Cohen

Navigation labeling in an industry shift


I'm working on a music website for music fans here in Argentina and
I'm having doubt labeling a navigation item.
Music records in my country are commonly known as "Discos" which means
Discs, in a direct reference to vinyl and CDs.
The issue is that now several groups are releasing their music in mp3,
only trhough a website, on cellphones, etc...
The website still reviews this releases, but i don't feel comfortable
keeping the old label.
The problem is that there is no agreed label for these.

The website is not very big, so audience from it will probably read
other web

7 Mar 2008 - 11:24am
8 years ago
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Richard I. Anderson

interactions magazine

The March+April 2008 issue of interactions magazine has emerged from
the printer and should be appearing in subscribers' mailboxes soon.

As subscribers and other recipients have seen from the
January+February 2008 issue, the magazine now has a very different
look and feel, and content that reflects a new vision.