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25 Mar 2012 - 8:00pm
2 years ago
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Losing my project manager

My agency is losing a project manager and I was told he will not be replaced.  My role as a user experience designer normally has meant that I complete my deliverables and submit them to my project manager.  The void that will be left when my project manager leaves will now be filled by myself, the creative director and another person.  I need help with my new duties.

22 Oct 2004 - 4:38pm
10 years ago
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Dave Malouf

Interaction Design, should it be a part ofProduct Management or Development? (Was should interaction designersproduce code...)

> And until that happens, designers and the notion of UCD will always be
> dominated by other priorities. Our ultimate goal should be
> the recognition
> of designers as the drivers of the product design process...not the
> marketing people, not the developers...designers.

Yup, u b right ... But ...

I think that there is definitely a trend to be moving in this direction.
This can't just happen. We have to earn our stripes and we need to work with
the best allies we can find in the organization.

4 Sep 2007 - 7:20am
Jarod Tang

Good practice, redesign blender

Hi Guys:

Since there's open source, the can be some thing like open design. such as
redesign some open source project :

Blender <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blender_%2528software%2529>:User

> Blender has had a reputation as a program that is difficult to learn.
-- Jarod

IxD for better life style.


12 Oct 2007 - 10:44pm
Itamar Medeiros

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Survey

Hello, everyone! I need some help with my dissertation, and I wish I
took take a minute of your time to help me collect some information
about Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), specially regarding the
INTERACTION DESIGN PROCESS in different countries:

1- Does your company/office have any specific practice to protect
(IPR), including Copyright, Design Right, Design Registration,

2- If YES, how does your company/office disseminate such practices?
(eg. Training? Employee Hand Book?)

3- Are you familiar with how such practices are regulated in your
country? (eg. Legislation?

23 Mar 2011 - 11:39am
3 years ago
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kimberly j.

Senior Visual Designer who wants to add IxD skills

I'm a senior Visual & Interface Designer who would like some advice on how to add the skills for Interaction Design & Usability to my repertoire.

14 Aug 2009 - 12:20pm
5 years ago
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Audrey Crane

Examples of pre-login \"soft personalization\"?

I'm looking for examples of personalization that happens when a user
has not yet logged in, either via cookies, geo location by IP
address, or flash cookies ("local shared objects").

Examples I have so far are:
- Amazon's home page, if you've ever logged in before
- Google local results in standard search result page
- ads everywhere

Any other ways to personalize w/o requiring login technically?
Any other names for this? Profiling?
Any other favorite examples?

Thanks in advance...

22 Aug 2005 - 10:41am
Jeff Howard

Re: Usability on "The Fold"

"Chaniya Suebsanguan" wrote:
Does anyone have any thoughts or feedback on what the "new" fold is?

Back in 1999, webmonkey did some work on determining the fold size on common browsers.
They took screenshots of browser chrome from the Netscape 4 browsers all the way up to IE
6, and overlayed them to see how much real estate was left. Here's the article:

They came out with a "safe recommendation" of 983x578 for 1024 screens.

19 Oct 2005 - 10:40am
9 years ago
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Ockler, Sarah

CMS recommendations

Can anyone recommend a good CMS with the following

-Site is built with MS SharePoint
-Need versioning, permissions etc.
-Site is personalized with dynamic content based on member (it's a
member health plan Web site)
-Site is largely transactional with little static content

I'm not sure if that's enough info. We've just started to look into CMS
after learning MS SharePoint couldn't deliver what we needed. We've
gotten a proposal from Interwoven so far. I don't have a lot of
experience with large scale CMS.

13 Mar 2007 - 12:24pm
7 years ago
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Wendy Fischer

windows vista icons

Does anybody know if there is a style guide and/or instructions for making Windows Vista icons?


Wendy Fischer

3 Mar 2004 - 4:41pm
11 years ago
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Dave Malouf

Creating a proposal for field research

Hey there,

I've been tasked with the job of writing a proposal to my supes to convince
the powers that be that field research will give real results and show true
value to all involved stake holders. I'd love to gain some insights from
others who had to do the selling of this great idea to people who just don't
get it at all.

Background: I work for a very business driven company.