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30 May 2007 - 7:06pm
Victor Lombardi

New classes in NYC from SmartEx

Smart Experience is a new school in New York City offering
classes for Internet professionals. We intend to cover
state-of-the-art topics taught by the most experienced people in
town. The school is organized as a marketplace, so you can tell
us what classes you want us to offer, and what classes you want
to teach. Learn more... http://smartexperience.org/

You'll notice we don't yet have any classes focused on
interaction design.

19 Feb 2010 - 4:35pm
5 years ago
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Misty McLaughlin

[JOBS] User Experience Practice Manager and Information Architect at Convio, Inc.

Convio, Inc. has two positions open in Austin, Texas. Apply at

User Experience Practice Manager

Convio develops innovative solutions to help nonprofits become more
effective and efficient in pursuing their fundraising and advocacy
causes. We are expanding our agency services capabilities and seeking
an experienced leader for our User Experience consulting team.

14 Apr 2004 - 2:49pm
CD Evans

Careers Initiative Volunteers

Hi there!

I'm looking for other people who want to join the "Careers Init".

We need people who are able to do a bit of server side code, likely php
form interaction.


19 May 2006 - 5:56pm
Todd Warfel

Happy Hour in Philadelphia, June 1st w/Steve and Lou

[apologies for cross-posting]

Don't forget to RSVP.

Come join Steve Krug and Lou Rosenfeld for a happy hour next month as
their tour comes to Philadelphia. Steve and Lou will be teaching
their day-long seminars on web usability and information architecture
at the National Constitution Center on June 1st and 2nd (details below).

Messagefirst will host the happy hour at the Eulogy Bar, a Belgian
Tavern with Olde City charm and 185 international bottled beers and
15 on tap (http://www.eulogybar.com ).

12 Oct 2012 - 4:13pm
2 years ago
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Amanda Nance

animation patterns for things moving

I'm looking for good examples of an item moving from one place to another and how to make that clear to the user. The specific example is a selected line within a grid; the user will click an "accept" button on that line, and then the item will leave the grid of items to be reviewed and appear in a grid of approved items. Has anyone seen a nice animation that could help make it clear what is happening? 

11 Jun 2010 - 9:24am

iPhone UI as HTML

If anyone out there has tried jQTouch - http://jqtouch.com/ - you might have reacted as I did - initial excitement, followed by increasing frustration. It makes for a great demo - a web app with rich iPhone look-and-feel on any device. It's implementation, however, is clearly still in beta.

In particular:

- The CSS is hard to understand, undocumented, internally inconsistent, and a bit buggy
- It only uses CSS3 properties for webkit, and doesn't define the other variants (mozilla, etc.)

16 Nov 2004 - 3:28pm
10 years ago
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Frank Ramirez

web app or internet app (was: The End of Usability Culture?)

Is it a "web app" or "internet app"?

>From m-w.com:

Main Entry: In.ter.net
Pronunciation: 'in-t&r-"net
Function: noun
: an electronic communications network that connects computer networks
and organizational computer facilities around the world

Main Entry: World Wide Web
Function: noun
: a part of the Internet designed to allow easier navigation of the
network through the use of graphical user interfaces and hypertext links
between different addresses -- called also Web

According to MW, the difference would depend on the app's use of

19 Jul 2006 - 8:05am
John Grøtting

openBC.com Design Competition

Some of you may be familiar with the Design Competition that
openBC.com has going on. You can read all about it on the competition

I am very much against design competitions and spec work for our

26 Mar 2009 - 9:42pm
6 years ago
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Jeremy Yuille

PhD Studentship - University of Cambridge

HI all,
did a cursory check but apols if this already made it here - though some of
you might be interested

NB - please reply to the addresses below, not to me..


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From: Nathan Crilly <nc266 at cam.ac.uk>
Date: Thu, Mar 26, 2009 at 7:46 PM
Subject: [anthrodesign] PhD Studentship - University of Cambridge
To: anthrodesign at yahoogroups.com


27 Sep 2010 - 10:21am
4 years ago
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protocol for testing domain/brand recall

We think our client's proposed name for their application is hard to remember. 
How do we prove it?
Looking for a simple testing protocol or article on same... any suggestions most welcome, thanks!

(for detail: their proposed name is both a new verb form based on an adjective (eg "surprisify") and a spelling variant of what you'd expect the spelling to be (eg "surprizify") (those aren't the real words, but it gives you an idea).