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23 Jun 2007 - 1:29pm
Thomas J. Froehlich

Karl Fast Joins the Information Architecture and Knowledge Management Faculty at Kent State University

Karl V. Fast has accepted a position of Assistant Professor in the
Information Architecture and Knowledge Management (IAKM) program at
Kent State University (http://iakm.kent.edu). He will begin his
teaching and research at the Kent campus Fall 2007.

A Ph.D. candidate at the University of Western Ontario, Karl Fast is
completing his degree requirements in Library and Information

3 Feb 2009 - 12:23pm
7 years ago
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Eva Kaniasty

Livescribe Pen / was: User Research: Three user groups, five hours. What would you do?

Anyone else use the livescribe pen? Looks like pretty cool

14 Feb 2011 - 2:34am
5 years ago
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IxDA Board of D...

Many thanks to our Interaction 11 team, sponsors and attendees

As I prepared to leave Boulder this morning, I was struck by the enormity of what I had just experienced, and humbled by the energy, efforts, and spirit of individuals and organizations that brought it all to life. We're not just talking about the efforts seen over the past week; this is effort that spans the last 18 to 24 months.

To the conference chairs, Jon Kolko and MJ Broadbent, we thank you for your vision and for creating and leading such an amazing conference team that brought it to life.

6 Dec 2006 - 12:54pm
Jeff Gothelf

JOB: UI Designer Contractor at WebTrends in Portland, OR


WebTrends is hiring a UI Designer on a contract basis at our headquarters in Portland, OR. This position is on-site working with our small but growing user experience group. Company details and job description are below.

3 Dec 2009 - 3:55pm
Boston IxDA

[event][job] Reminder: Litl Webook demo and Processing For Designers 'think tank'

Reminder that we're going to meet the Litl Folks for a demo of their webook
at 6:30 at the Stata Center Cafe. Please come prepared to ask questions
about the process that went in to the product. Then those interested in
Processing can join us at the Miracle of Science around the corner once the
demo & discussion are done.

1 Jun 2006 - 7:54am
10 years ago
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Simon Asselbergs

usability & language: inconsistent terms

Hi All,

I am an all-round interaction designer and I am to busy to deal the language & usability part while improving big large existing products on small usability features (quickwins).

But I find it also rather important, but also so time consuming and I am not specialized in that kind of stuff. I am the only interaction designer and there is a documentalist making tutorials. He bumps very often against hazy language constructions. He is quite busy also.

What would you do?

20 Feb 2008 - 8:10am
8 years ago
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Dave Malouf

Mind controller?

A company called Emotiv has a mind controller device. Think something and
that something becomes correlated to an action.
it isn't as easy as say the movie "Firefox" ("think in Russian!"), but it is
a start of calibrating brain waves to then say whenever this pattern occurs
do "this" action.

I doubt it is ready for firing missiles, yet.

19 Aug 2009 - 10:44am
Amy Jones

CLARIFICATION ON Call for presenters (Austin, TX): Collaboration, Deliverables, and Communicating with Stakeholders of All Kinds -

Hello everyone,

I realized after sending this that my automatic signature makes this
misleading. This call is NOT for the Convio Summit, but rather for an
AustinUX-sponsored 1-evening event. It's for user experience
professionals in the Austin, TX area. I apologize for any confusion.

--Amy Jones

On Wed, Aug 19, 2009 at 00:51, Amy Jones <ajones at convio.com> wrote:

We're putting together an event in late September on the process of

13 Feb 2009 - 1:46pm
7 years ago
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Interaction '10 Dates?

Savannah was announced but the dates weren't. (And it was stated
that the dates have been set.) Can someone respond with the dates.

20 Jan 2006 - 4:54pm
10 years ago
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Eric Anderson

DARPA interaction opportunity


I thought I would pass along this RFP from DARPA for two reasons:

1) to invite discussion about what an interface for the proposed system
might look like and how it might behave;
2) hopefully help one of y'all get rich;

With this small ado, here's some introductory text:

The decision aids will assist the commander and staff in generating,
> assessing and visualizing the consequences of employing diplomatic,
> military, information operations and economic (DIME) actions, singularly or
> in combinations, to achieve effects against the adversary's political,