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15 Oct 2009 - 1:07pm
San Francisco IxDA

[Event] IxDA SF Presents Social Design Patterns with Erin Malone and Christian Crumlish on October 29, 2009

IxDA San Francisco Presents a Special Halloween Event at San Francisco's
Armory Building home of Kink.com:
Costumes Desired

Date: Thursday, October 29, 2009
Time: 6:30pm - 10pm

Location: Kink.com Headquarters - 1800 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA

Social Design Patterns
In the first half of the session, Erin and Christian will present a family
of social web design principles and interaction patterns to help user
experience designers and strategists grapple with the social dimensions of
their products and services.

In the second half of the session, we will invite the audience to le

15 Dec 2006 - 10:16am
8 years ago
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Jason Witenstei...

Roots of Power?

Does anyone know the "etymology" of the symbol that is ubiquitously used
as the Power icon?

Jason Witenstein-Weaver

hillcrest labs

17 Feb 2009 - 11:15am
Ian Chan

Social Interaction Design, Twitter, Status Updates, and designing talk


Apologies first off for what might appear a shameless act of blog
promotIon. I'm doing an in-depth look at the challenges for social
interaction designers in talk tools, specifically short-form messaging
apps like twitter, and practices like status updating. I'm fascinated
by them, and I think they clearly represent an important direction
forward for social media. But designing for talk is not easy.

23 Mar 2006 - 1:59pm
Robert Reimann

IxDA State of the Union, Q1 2006

IxDA State of the Union, Q1 2006
A Letter from the President of IxDA

Dear IxDA Members,

Thank you for your ongoing support on the IxD Discussion list in 2005
and in this quarter. You our members, have made this list one of the
best online resources for discussing issues concerning the evolving
practice of interaction design. Your interest and passion fueled our
decision in October 2005 to take the next logical step of beginning the
transformation from a simple mailing list to a full-fledged non-profit
professional organization.

11 Feb 2010 - 12:49pm
4 years ago
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Suzanne Ginsburg

iPhone prototypes in Flash?

Has anyone created any iPhone prototypes in Flash? I realize that
Flash doesn't run on the iPhone but it still has potential for off-
device visualizations.

I'd like to include your examples in an upcoming book on iPhone
design. Please contact me directly at: suzanne at ginsburg-design.com if
you're interested. You will be given credit in the book.

If you've tried other creative approaches to iPhone prototyping, I'm
open to hearing about those as well.

12 Aug 2009 - 1:20pm

Statistics about user drop offs when faced with unencrypted site message from the browser

Has anyone come across statistics or observations in user studies about how
people react to the Security Warning message (The information you have
entered is to be sent over an unencrypted connection and could easily be
read by a third party.)

I have a client whose site elicits this message when people are answering
quiz questions. They do not consider the tombstone information (name,
address, email etc...) to be the kind of information that requires
encryption. Financial information, passwords etc...

15 Apr 2010 - 9:59am
4 years ago
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Suggestive Search Pattern for reducing categorical options

Let's say you have a browsable hierarchical taxonomy of categories. These categories can be up to like 7 deep, and number in the hundreds. A user can expand and contract the various trees of categories. Clicking on one of the categories will take you to a page detailing the category.

15 Feb 2005 - 9:35pm
Dave Malouf

Fwd: JOB: RCA Head of Interaction Design Post(RoyalCollege of Art; London)

> Unfortunately, it's accompanied by the all-too-common pathetically low
> salary for an IxD H-o-D.
> > Salary: £46,000 pa

First off, is that really that low? I don't know my exchange rates off-hand
but the pound at it's lowest is 1.5 dollars to the pound which would put
that at some $70k, no? Considering that teaching usually has "supplemental"
income at this level, I'm not so sure that I think that is so bad.

Also, I bet in the UK the bennies are a heck of a lot better than they are
in the states. Just the # of bank holidays alone.

10 Aug 2007 - 7:30am
7 years ago
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Jen Hocko

Translating Knowledge About Users into Taxonomy Design


I'm starting a project that will require me to lead the re-design of a
large web site's taxonomy. Unfortunately, we know very little about our
user base (other than basic job function - e.g. sales people,
developers, etc.). I am advocating that some investigation be done to
give us a better sense of our users, whether that happens through
interviews, surveys, or a brainstorming session with the team involved
to get a base set of characteristics we can turn into user profiles
(validated later).

4 May 2004 - 2:14pm
10 years ago
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Susan Farrell

web design - frames

These are handy uses I had not considered, Craig. Thanks for those tips. It's important to be careful what you pass in HTML code, when money is involved though. I read last year or so in 2600, that a shopping cart that did something similar was getting hacked all the time by people who simply saved the page, changed the product price to what they wanted, and then completed the transaction.

I HATE frames, but there is one case in which they seem to be the lesser evil for design, IMO: