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7 Sep 2012 - 2:56am
Yohan Creemers

[Event] Design by Fire 2012 - 12 October, San Francisco

After five inspiring editions in the Netherlands, this sixth edition of the Design by Fire Conference will take place in downtown San Francisco! We're working hard to make sure you don't want to miss Design by Fire 2012.

Conference - Friday, 14 October 2012
We are very pleased with the sessions confirmed:

10 Feb 2007 - 8:02pm

Experience Designer job at a great company in SF

I know this company and they're smart, experienced people with great
Contact Maria Giudice if you're interested: maria at hotstudio.com

Hot Studio is looking to add a new Design Director.

12 Oct 2005 - 12:17pm
George Olsen

Silicon Valley Second Friday - Cancelled for October

I'm sorry to say that this month's Silicon Valley Second Friday is being

25 Jan 2005 - 8:23pm
Marijke Rijsberman

Re: Beyond big personas and power points

1. Personas are a heavily culture-loaded technique and should be
treated as such;
2. With all their benefits in mind, personas may not work universally,
because in some cultures seemingly complex things may be preferred
over seemingly simple things;
3. All tools of our trade (especially those working with qualitative
information) have to be considered for their cultural applicability,
before being preached as universal.

I think it's a sure bet that personas are culturally loaded.

17 Dec 2008 - 1:01pm
6 years ago
1 reply
Amy Marshall

JOB # UI Designer # Seattle, WA # Big Fish - Permanent

Big Fish is currently recruiting several Visual and User Experience
Designers for a dynamic product group with a global presence.

We are seeking designers who have experience in rich concept or product
development environments. This is a highly collaborative group of
individuals with backgrounds in ethnography, visual design, user
research, and interaction design - focused on defining, designing, and
delivering a top user experience for a global wireless platform.

29 Apr 2008 - 8:51am
7 years ago
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Vishal Subraman...

Difference b/w online & installed apps

I'm designing Interaction models, process flows and interfaces for an
application that can potentially be an online app or an installed one
(depending on capability, performance needs). From a design perspective,
should there be a difference between the two? There are of course inherent
interface elements in each type and technical limitations with a browser
based app (that are fast disappearing?).

18 Jun 2008 - 8:15am

Last Call [Reminder] IxDA D.C. F2F @ UPA '08 BALTIMORE.

Final Reminder Everyone!

IxDA D.C. Face-2-Face Social*: Wednesday, June 18, *Kosmo's Lounge*,
Baltimore Marriott Waterfront.

IxDA D.C. is throwing a Face-2-Face Social so we can meet in person for
drinks, socializing, and cross-fertilization of ideas at the UPA
International Conference in Baltimore. This is a great opportunity for IxDA
folks to meet DCIA, IxDA D.C.

14 Feb 2008 - 1:15am
Chicago IxDA4

Update to link to Chicago IxDA discussing Interaction08

Tonight the Chicago chapter of the IxDA met to recap the wonderful events of
last weekend. Specifically, we wanted to bring the conversations from
Interaction08 back to the city. Follow along with our conversation!


Thanks again to Roundarch for their wonderful hospitality.

9 Apr 2012 - 4:17pm
3 years ago
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Stephanie Aaron

Best practices for drop down menus

I'm working on a site and want to use drop down menus so the user can see and navigate to subsections easily and quickly. My question is: "How do you let the user know the main category headings (e.g. About) are landing pages and contain content?  The obvious way is the have the word “About” repeated below in the listing of subpages but that seems inelegant. Any relevant research would be appreciated as well. 

15 Feb 2010 - 5:29pm
5 years ago
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Taxonomy for IA?


I wonder if anyone has seen a taxonomy of topics IAs encounter in
their work? For example, internet marketers deal with email
marketing, search marketing, and social media. I'm not having much
luck finding taxonomy for IAs.

Thanks for any ideas.