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11 Jun 2008 - 12:39pm
6 years ago
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Jeffrey D. Gimzek

[PLUG] glassdoor.com goes live - Site SLAMMED !

sorry guys, we have close to a half million views already and are
bringing more servers online.


On Jun 11, 2008, at 10:12 AM, Jeff Gimzek wrote:

> As you guys may have noticed in the MSM and the blogosphere, the
> project I have been doing IA, UX, UE, concepting, wireframing,
> interaction design, logo design, naming, branding, graphics,
> interface design and more for during the past year went live last
> night.
> So what is it?

23 Nov 2009 - 1:57pm
Julie Blitzer

[JOB] Senior Interactive Designer at Fenton Communications - New York, NY

Just the messenger!

Senior Interactive Designer (New York)

We're searching for a Senior Interactive Designer who wants to change the world by creating engaging online experiences for some of the leading nonprofits, foundations and socially responsible businesses.

26 Aug 2010 - 4:04pm
4 years ago
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Ashley Williams

RE: [IxDA] Is there a formal UCD process?

Hi Alice,

Last year I published a paper titled "User-Centered Design, Activity-Centered Design, and Goal-Directed Design: A Review of Three Methods for Designing Web Applications."

The paper gives an overview of each method's foundations, processes, and key deliverables.

I'd be glad to send you a copy.

22 Oct 2009 - 6:29pm
Beau Gould

[JOB] Sr. Flex UI Developer, NYC | to 130k - Relo Ok

Sr. Flex UI Developer, NYC | to 130k - Relo Ok

This is a full time, on-site, salaried position located in New York City
paying $100,000 to $130,000 + benefits. No telecommuting allowed. US
Citizens, Green Card holders, EAD or CAN only please. Local candidates
preferred; however, candidates interested in relocating considered as well -
relocation expenses provided.

The Senior Flex UI Developer is responsible for creating and maintaining
systems to support consumer-facing Web properties, new technology
initiatives, and internal business applications.

28 Feb 2009 - 11:19pm
5 years ago
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Angel Marquez

Prototyping tools resources

I don't think Andrei's chart was implying making one prototype; but, rather
using one group of technologies for as many prototypes as you want for
specific platforms giving a broad overview of their effectiveness along with
tools and resources to do so. I think what tools and resources go with what
platform needs to be more apparent.
The graph reminds me of this:

*no need to trample the jewels, I am fully aware of the overwhelming
un-acceptance of full on flash sites.

13 Oct 2009 - 8:43am
Maria Cordell

IxDA Atlanta Social--Billiards & Beer--Oct. 14

Good games don't just happen. Somewhere, sometime, someone had to
fine-tune the rules and constraints that make our favorite games
rewarding, whether it's chess, football, or (in our case this month)

Join us at Gordon Biersch in Buckhead to discuss what makes a good
game, and how game design principles can be applied to interaction
design. Appreciate classic versions of billiards or try out your own
rules... it's up to you.

12 Dec 2008 - 1:00pm
Eva Kaniasty


If you would like to try out Websort and help me out with a class project in
the process, please go to the link below.
Feel free to enter a fake email address if you wish - Websort just uses it
as an identifier.




Eva Kaniasty

20 Apr 2005 - 3:09pm
ji kim

re: chart/table design reference

Like in other post, Show me the number by Stephen Few is ok - little more practical and easier to read than Tufte's books. But very few examples and tips for integrating it with an interactive applicatons.....Another good resource is "chart/table" section in SAP's design guild website.

good luck.


9 Feb 2010 - 3:36pm
Jeff Gothelf

[JOB] Lead Product (visual) Designer needed in NYC

Hey folks -

TheLadders.com (one of the most successful startups in NYC), located in SoHo, is looking for a Lead Product Designer. This is a visual design position and is full time, on site.

There are three basic requirements:
- killer design chops (and the portfolio to showcase them)
- an opinion (and the initiative to express and pursue it)
- an understanding of Interaction Design

Local (NYC metro) candidates are preferred but relo's will be considered (if you're awesome, determined solely by me :-)

Interested? Know someone who is?

3 Sep 2009 - 12:24am
5 years ago
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Thomas Stovicek

[JOB] Interaction Designer, Redwood City CA, Research In Motion, Contract

Research In Motion Limited® (RIM)® is a world leader in the mobile
communications market and has a history of developing breakthrough
wireless solutions. RIM's portfolio of award-winning products,
services and embedded technologies is used by thousands of
organizations around the world and includes the BlackBerry® wireless
platform, the RIM Wireless Handheld™ product line, software
development tools and software/hardware licensing agreements. RIM is
seeking driven individuals who can take our wireless data products to
the next level in the global wireless market.