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2 Jun 2008 - 12:11am
Chicago IxDA4

[EVENT] Chicago IxDA - June 11th - Data Visualization

Hello fellow Chicagoans (and those of you who happen to be in the area),

Please join us on Wednesday, June 11th for our next gathering!

Topic: Data Visualization - Moving from PowerPoint to RIA

Hosted By: Roundarch

When: Wednesday, June 11th

Time: 6:30 - 8:00 PM

Address: 350 N.

26 Mar 2006 - 10:24pm
Nancy Falkenburg

Information Architect / Knowledge Architect > Intuit, Tucson, AZ < *relo offered*

Company: Intuit
Term: FTE
Location: Tucson, Arizona * Relocation assistance offered *

Job Title: Knowledge Architect / Information Architect / User Experience
Design/Web Technology (Requisition # 60144)

Contact: nancy_falkenburg at intuit.com

Skills: KB, CRM, Portal, discussion forums, messaging tools, dashboards,
content security schemas, query and reporting tools, and other equipment as

Primary Responsibilities : Company Overview:
Intuit Inc.

3 May 2011 - 10:17am
3 years ago
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Submissions for Speakers Interaction12

What is the submission process for speaking at Interaction12?

5 Aug 2008 - 3:07pm
6 years ago
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Jay Morgan

Silverlight/rich image galleries

I'm looking for examples of image galleries based on rich technology,
especially Silverlight. Can anyone share examples?


Jay A. Morgan

Information Architecture & Scenario-based design.
Design Patterns & Mental Models.

19 Dec 2006 - 7:29am
8 years ago
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Dave Malouf

up/down; forward/back; right/left

Hi gang,

I'm working on a project where we are trying to figure out in a horizontal
layout for physical buttons that are used for navigating a list of options
(primarily) that are layed out vertically how would you layout these

So you have a button on the left and another one on the right.
while button goes up the list and which button goes down?

Here are some cursory thoughts.
#1 Forward = add = up
Based on that a "volume control" seems to be the most used example and
adding volume (going up) is always on the right.

#2 If we look though at the same metaphor which is a k

13 May 2005 - 11:43am
9 years ago
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Lada Gorlenko

Who is taking over the UX world? (notes from STC conference)

This week, I attended the 52nd STC (Society for Technical
Communication) conference. It's a major event with close to 1,000 of
attendees and up to 25 sessions running in parallel (multiple by 3
days by 3-4 session slots per day). In other words, it's big, well
established and influential in its world.

What totally surprised me is that both opening and closing keynote
speakers chose absolutely the same theme: User Experience Design. I am
not that familiar with the STC world, but the surprising choice didn't
seem to be coincidental.

1 Apr 2004 - 7:55pm
10 years ago
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Chad Jennings

Issue tracking tool

Hello. I apologize as this is may be more of a project management

We are near the beginning of an interface design project with an Asian
based client. All of the client representatives; designers, developers,
marketing, you name it is based in Asia. Given cuts in travel budget
actual face time will be minimal. We recognize that time and language
differences will make communication and issue/ question tracking a

So, I am looking for a online issue/question tracking tool. Similar to
bugtracking, but for open interaction design questions/ discussions.

19 Dec 2005 - 10:56am
Blake Scarbrough

Pagination Schemes

Does anybody have any research done on pagination schemes?

15 Sep 2005 - 9:02pm
9 years ago
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Greg Petroff


Great article earlier this week on GAP's new websites in the NY times
(September 12, Bob Tedeschi). If you dont have access to times online
contetn go visit the new GAP.com website anyway. Curious to see what people
think. Pretty sure its an AJAX implementation. Very Nice.


Gregory Petroff
Mobile # 646 387 2841

4 Aug 2008 - 1:36pm
6 years ago
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Bob Dickson

Getting into interaction design

Hi all,

A couple of questions to put to the readers here.

I have a degree in psych and a PhD in HCI both from good universities
and want to get a steady position in this field. I've done industrial
work (human factors multi-company collaboration into commercial
aircraft cockpit design - assessment and some design) and commercial
work (workflow apps both desktop & web-based, scientific desktop app,
oil exploration app - design, assessment, development) and educational
(commercial VLE - assessment).