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21 Jan 2006 - 11:39am
Peter Boersma

For those interested in the convergence of art and

David Heller said:
> It would be great if more studios afforded themselves this type of
> exploration and focus.
> Do people know of studios doing this type of work in the IxD space,
> Industrial Design space.

In Amsterdam, The Netherlands, there's Mediamatic:

They've organized workshops on RFID and Mobtagging, and designed an online
monument for the Dutch Jewish community. I believe they also hosted an
edition of BarCamp late last year.

21 Nov 2003 - 10:50am
10 years ago
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Narey, Kevin


We are considering using this tool as part of usability testing on our

Has anyone on the list used it and seen positive or negative results?




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1 Dec 2006 - 12:40pm

Job - Sr. User Interface Designer, D&B, SanMateo (SF Bay Area) - Fulltime

<start posting>

Sr. User Interface Designer, Global Platforms, D&B

Company/Group Overview
The Global Platforms group at Dun and Bradstreet (D&B) is an exemplary
organization with the unique combination of technical entrepreneurial
vibrancy and financial stability. D&B is a Fortune 1000 company and
traded on the NYSE as DNB. The 60-person Global Platforms team is a
core product development team within D&B charged with revolutionizing
the way customers interact with D&B through its flagship product,

1 Apr 2012 - 5:20am
2 years ago
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UX Breakthrough - the AH-HA moment

Does anybody have any success stories to share about succesfully getting the company they work for to implement UX considerations into the development process and perhaps create a UX department that oversaw all of this?

Little bit of backstory:

I work for a small software development company (70-80 devs) that develops software for scientists in a niche market. We are growing very nicely. We have big communication issues but because "everything is fine", efforts to take UX more seriously are mostly ignored.

27 Nov 2009 - 4:59am
4 years ago
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Roland Studer

Google Wave Invites available

Google wave invitations are widely available in Switzerland, I don't how it
is in other places. But maybe some some of you, would like one.

If you want one, just drop me a line.


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- Ihre Software/Website benutzerfreundlich zu gestalten
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8 Nov 2010 - 12:31pm
3 years ago
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Rob Nero

IxD '11 Admission?

I am interested in buying someone's registration for IxD '11. I am willing to pay extra for the trouble too.

If anyone is unable to make it, and has already bought a registration, I am interested in buying yours!!


17 Oct 2006 - 6:05pm
Nasir Barday

NYC IxDA: Documenting RIAs, Dan Saffer (Adaptive Path)

Hi Everyone,

Adaptive Path's Dan Saffer comes to NYC next week to talk about Documenting
Rich Internet Applications (RIAs). We've already had great response from our
previous announcements, so we've got just a few seats left. Get your RSVPs
in soon! Also, after the talk, Adaptive Path will sponsor drinks at Eight
Mile Creek. Drinks are open to everyone, regardless of RSVP.

1 Jul 2004 - 9:26am
10 years ago
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Greg Petroff

Flex and the Halo model

Anyone on the list used Macromedia Flex and the "Halo experience model"?

I am working on a project where we are either going to build our own visual
gui toolkit / interface spec in flash or adopt the Halo model with some
changes. Our development group can handle the server client relationship
of things usining jsp's or the flex model. What I am trying to acertain is
if we can reduce the amount of custom "gui" design while preserving and
developing good interaction for the project we are working on.

29 Jan 2004 - 4:52pm
10 years ago
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Andrew Otwell

Re: aesthetics and objectivity

Bob Baxley wrote:

> I definitely take exception to this statement on two fronts. First, visual
> design is NOT subjective -- unless it's decoration, in which case it's not
> design.

28 Apr 2010 - 6:33pm
4 years ago
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Nathan at Bestica