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7 Jan 2010 - 2:46pm
Pamela Baker

[Job] Senior User Experience Designer; Seattle/Everett WA; Intermec Technologies; Full Time

Great Opportunity to make an impact with your "A" talent in User
Experience Design to our High Performing User Experience Team.
Intermec, a Global Leader of Cutting Edge Technology for over 40 years
seeks a Senior User Experience Designer at our Global Headquarters in
Everett, WA.

Intermec Inc. (NYSE:IN) develops, manufactures and integrates
technologies that identify, track and manage supply chain assets. Core
technologies include RFID, mobile computing and data collection systems,
bar-code printers and label media.

13 Sep 2004 - 9:34pm
10 years ago
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Greg Petroff

ixd curriculum

Anyone in the list interested in discussing what an
interaction design curriculum would look like, rather
then where we have all come from?

I am an ex-architect so I know that route and there
are some pieces there that work well.

23 Jan 2007 - 12:14pm
8 years ago
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UIE Web App Summit - Monterey

So Day 3 of this event has started and I am a bit surprised that no
one has posted anything yet.

Anyone who was there/still there have any moving thoughts?

For me it was a great trip and worth it (traveling with my boss who is
not a designer) to hear, "wow these Adaptive Path guys are pretty

I nearly snarfed my coffee (laughing).


16 Mar 2007 - 1:17pm

Salary information resources for IxD's

I'm looking for good salary data for IxD's.

I've seen the following:

UPA's Salary Survey:
AIGA's: (http://www.aiga.org/content.cfm/salary-survey)
A study at Spirit Softworks:

The numbers seem to

13 May 2009 - 1:35pm
6 years ago
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What is the Best Practice for Usability Testing a Registration Process.

Does any have any suggestions for how to best design a test for a
registration process.

We have 3 different scenarios involving a step process. If we take a
group of people and perform a usability test, should we put them
through all three scenarios? We're thinking this might skew results
as they'll become familiar with the scenario (because each scenario
has relatively minor nuances for differences). Also, they could
become fatigued.

Any suggestions how to produce the best results and most accurate

Thanks, Paul

30 Jan 2004 - 5:23pm
Elizabeth Buie

Fitts' Law and such [was: Mac OS X...]

Todd Warfel writes:

>And you should see people try to find a
>document they need when this happens - it's nearly hysterical. Nope,
>not that one. Nope, not that one. It's around here somewhere. But then
>again, their office tends to look the same, but that's another
>conversation all together ;).

Todd, I don't remember your visit to my office!

:-) :-)

Have a good weekend, all.


This is a PRIVATE message.

30 Dec 2008 - 6:49am
6 years ago
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Tog on Gestures will force the mouse into retirement

@hannusalonen tweeted this article this morning which was in the Financial
Times. Including the article b/c it was behind an annoying
signup/registration process. http://tinyurl.com/9hmpj4

"The Tog: Mouse users are "little more than cavemen, running around pointing
at symbols and 'grunting' with each click".

30 Mar 2010 - 5:44pm
Tony Kim

IA wiki was down?

Hi all,


At this moment, I'm trying to find some references on the IA wiki mentioned on the book.

However, I couldn't access at both "iawiki.net" and "iawiki.org".

And I got a bad news with Googling; http://www.info-arch.org/lists/sigia-l/0711/0077.html

Was it down in 2007, already? Anybody who has the archive? We might lose one of important resources.

Do you have any information about IA wiki? Thank you in advance.



12 Mar 2009 - 4:46am
Joel Flom

[EVENT] IxDA Brisbane's next Face To Face, 31 March

The next IxDA Brisbane Face to Face event will be Tuesday, 31 March, 5:45

Our topic for the event is "Sustainability in Design", which will consist of
two short presentations followed by an open-table discussion.

12 Mar 2007 - 4:25pm
Phillip Hunter

JOB: NYC Technical Writer

Of course I know that this is an IxD list, but many of us designers know
tech writers. So, if you know one who's available or looking, we need to
fill the following position fast. Contact me off-list, please.

Technical Writer and Trainer

SpeechCycle is a leading provider of automated agents for the cable and
communications industry for Triple Play technical support using speech
recognition technology. Our LevelOne automated agents interact with
callers over the phone to troubleshoot and resolve technical support
problems and answer other customer service inquiries.