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9 Jul 2008 - 11:44pm
Itamar Medeiros

[worth reading] "Future of Making" Map, by the INSTITUTE OF THE FUTURE

"Two future forces, one mostly social, one mostly technological, are
intersecting to transform how goods, services, and experiences—the
"stuff" of our world—will be designed, manufactured, and distributed
over the next decade. An emerging do-it-yourself culture of "makers"
is boldly voiding warranties to tweak, hack, and customize the
products they buy. And what they can't purchase, they build from
scratch. Meanwhile, flexible manufacturing technologies on the horizon
will change fabrication from massive and centralized to lightweight
and ad hoc.


[Event] Call for Particpation: Prototype Sprint in Berlin on Sunday!

Hi! we want to build a game that helps people learn from each other as they explore how to build collaborative and resilient futures. On Sunday August 28 we're hosting a prototype sprint to explore these ideas and we'd like you to help us out. We're looking for educational and social futurists, game designers, developers and interaction designers who are interested in collaborating on game concepts that will make it easier to shape our lives and learn from each other.

12 Nov 2003 - 7:53am
Olly Wright

Announcing the Hub: Intersections of Interaction Design

Hi all,

For the last few months at the Interaction Design Institute Ivrea,
I've been developing The Hub (http://hub.interaction-ivrea.it ), a
resource and discussion site on interaction design.

We've officially launched today, in conjunction with the Foundations
of Interaction Design Symposium -- and we're discussing the symposium
as it happens on the Hub blog.

1 Jun 2010 - 3:10pm
Nils-Erik Gustafsson

Re: [IxDA] master in interaction design programs

The two-year Master Programme at the Umeå School of Design is really good, attracts students from all over the world. and exists since 1996 (!). I highly recommend it! (And I'm one of the many guest teachers there... ;-)




and the students' own web site


8 Apr 2010 - 3:08pm
5 years ago
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Matey Odonkor

Online Content Comsumption Pattern for 30-40 yr olds

I will like to hear from anyone who has done research on or knows the behavioral pattern of 30-40 year olds and their use of news/stories online. I am particularly interested in how they approach such content, what they do with it (e.g. share with friends), what content are they likely to approach and consume (hot topics, gossips, etc), what form of content (shorts, trailers, long, etc), etc.

3 Jan 2006 - 11:16pm
9 years ago
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Luis Silva

Computers in Things (was Re: Ecommerce web sitebook recommendations [signed]

Robert Hoekman, Jr. said:

>I don't see a chip-equipped dishwasher as a computer. I see it as a better
>dishwasher (depending on how easy it is to use, that is).
>If only computers worked the same way. I'd like to see my computer as a
>better way to get things done, but so far, it hasn't been proven (can you
>say "productivity paradox"?). As aresult, my computer makes me cringe

23 Jun 2009 - 9:48pm
IxDA Board of D...

Announcing the "Give a Little Back" Day 2 WinnerS!

I am happy to announce that out of 143 contributors, Penny Hagen is the
winner of the complimentary pass to IDEA2009 (http://ideaconference.org),
and Pradeep Nayar is the winner of a complimentary pass to interaction'10 (

Will you be a part of the Day 3 pool of contributors?

17 Feb 2005 - 6:54am
10 years ago
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Whitepaper on MDI vs. SDI interfaces?

Is there anyone who could point me toward some references that describe the
benefits of SDI interfaces over MDI interfaces (not tabbed MDI -
window-in-window MDI).

If you wait by the river long enough, eventually
you will see the bodies of all your enemies float by.
- Sun Tzu

22 Oct 2009 - 11:27am
6 years ago
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Examples for successful online tutorials?


Did you encounter a great online tutorial lately? Did it have good user

I'm looking for good examples. Best practices. Would love to read what you
have to say.


6 Feb 2012 - 11:00am
3 years ago
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college course project ideas


I am going to be teaching a class in Interaction Design for the first time, it’s an intro course to undergrad students. I just need to start building some lesson plans and project ideas and was wondering if anyone can give me some inspirations and ideas.