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4 May 2005 - 7:42pm
George Olsen

Silicon Valley (Almost) Friday Friday, May 13th

Hello everyone,

Due to various circumstances (the IA Redux this Friday and hosts being out
of town), we've pushed the First Friday back a week to May 13th.

(Almost) First Friday, user experience designer happy hour. Come whine,
network, exalt, indulge your trisadekaphobia and otherwise talk about UED
and the nature of existence.

St. Stephen's Green
223 Castro St., Mountain View, CA
Phone: (650) 964-9151
Map: http://tinyurl.com/8wv54
If you're taking Caltrain, St.

9 Nov 2010 - 11:40pm
5 years ago
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Usability Test Participants

I'm working on a website redesign for a small baking company and am looking for participants for a usability test I'm administering this weekend.  I was wondering if anyone could suggest a good website or two where I could post an ad in order to find some people.

17 Sep 2008 - 4:25pm
Evan K. Stone

[Event] NYC: Streaming Video of "Tap is the New Click" by Dan Saffer

when? now?

> We're going to try and stream this event live on Ustream.tv. Here's
the link
> to watch:

1 Apr 2012 - 5:20am
4 years ago
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UX Breakthrough - the AH-HA moment

Does anybody have any success stories to share about succesfully getting the company they work for to implement UX considerations into the development process and perhaps create a UX department that oversaw all of this?

Little bit of backstory:

I work for a small software development company (70-80 devs) that develops software for scientists in a niche market. We are growing very nicely. We have big communication issues but because "everything is fine", efforts to take UX more seriously are mostly ignored.

27 Feb 2004 - 6:55pm
12 years ago
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Seth Nickell

Getting access to users ensconsed within large companies

As part of the product I am designing now its important that I better
understand (talk to, shadow, function as...) a few different classes of
users as they exist in their "natural habitat": the large non-hi-tech

In my past experience I've always been able to use direct access to
prospective customers or lean on my personal connections to find
suitable people to talk to. Unfortunately because this product area is
very new for Red Hat, we don't have suitable business relationships that
I can leverage to get at "prospective users".

25 Jun 2009 - 6:31pm
Heather Sepulveda

Job Opportunity - User Experience Designer, Austin, TX - Full Time

A leading technology firm in Austin is seeking an experienced User
Experience Designer to help us continue to transform user workflows
into site flows diagrams and wire-frames, with a clean and extensible
graphic design that communicates our brand. You have a strong visual
aesthetic and your portfolio demonstrates it. You are experienced
in working with teams to influence the direction of application at a
functional level and a technical level, with a mastery of design
tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator. This position will drive
strategic UX thinking for the web applications.

6 Jun 2008 - 2:35am
Yohan Creemers

[Event] Design by Fire conference: call for participation

The Design By Fire conference in the Netherlands strives to be the incubator for the newest ideas on interaction design. Last year's conference was a success, with a great keynote presented by Andrei Herasimchuk.

Preparations for the second Design by Fire conference have started. The date is set on 21 October 2008.

11 Feb 2005 - 10:49am
Coryndon Luxmoore

JOB: Design Architect - Dakasa, Full Time, Boston MA

My company is looking for an additional interaction designer the job description is below. Dakasa is a small services company in Boston MA developing a range of interfaces from call center software to company websites. If you are interested please use the online job application form link at the bottom of this email.

17 Sep 2010 - 3:31pm
5 years ago
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Sara Spelz

Newspaper company looking for a UX mentor

I work for the newspaper division of E.W. Scripps, and - due to an increased interest in user experience by the execs - our small UX team is tasked with defining the term as it relates to our business as well as defining a strategy for applying UX principles to existing products and new projects.

What a mouthful.

1 Oct 2007 - 9:16pm
Kate Walser

JOB: Web Developer / User Interface Developer (SRA International, Inc., Washington, DC, Full-time)

*Position Title*
Web Developer / User Interface Developer

*Daily Responsibilities*
- Develops the code for the User Interfaces for in-house, custom
Web-based applications using CSS, XHTML, JavaScript, JSP and Struts
- Produces designs for new and enhanced user interfaces using HTML
mockups, wireframes, page flows, interaction diagrams, etc.