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22 Sep 2008 - 12:04pm
Allana Botha

(JOB) - Flash Designer - Fort Lauderdale, FL - "Recruiter" - Full time

PROTECH is a South Florida IT search and staffing firm dedicated to
identifying, screening and securing IT professionals with exceptional
skills. We are a full-service firm providing contract, contract to hire and
direct hire placement services.

Leading interactive agency with brand name clients throughout the nation is
seeking an experienced Flash Designer with the following:

. Responsible for conception, development and execution of new web
applications as part of the programming team
. Write a variety of applications and deploy them on the web and mobile

25 Sep 2007 - 11:05pm
Kate Rutter

[EVENT] The Problem-Solving Power of Stickies

Hi, all:

Thanks to the folks who attended the session; I had a lot of fun, and
hope you did too!

And definitely grab David Straker's book that Chauncey mentions. Many of
the methods I use are similar to his, but he has a different, more
analytical take on the process. It's a great read and filled with smart



Chauncey Wilson wrote:
> This sounds like a great session. There is a little book out with some
> methods for using stickies that has some good ideas. The reference is:
> Straker, D. (1997).

19 Nov 2007 - 9:05am
Onur Orhon

Online Engagement Models

Hi everybody,

I'm researching Online Engagement/Experience Models, specifically
methodologies and interaction modes based on segmentation and emotional
triggers. Any reference to a document/diagram/example, or your personal
input would be appreciated.

Onur Orhon

Blog: www.tuningslide.com

5 May 2008 - 7:19pm
7 years ago
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Chris Baum

Tog's IxD 101 Immersion Seminar - Opinions, anyone?

Hi All,

A long-time product manager that I know is thinking of expanding
her repertoire with some IxD skills. She's asking me if Tog's IxD
101 is any good, but I don't know offhand anyone that's taken it.


Thoughts out there? Are there other options that you'd suggest in
the intensive realm for a relative newbie to IxD?


Chris Baum

8 Jan 2008 - 2:40am
8 years ago
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Melvin Jay Kumar

Any guidelines/design patterns etc.. on when a downloadable format ( such as pdf/word/ppt) is appropriate compared to creating a webpage?

Hi everyone,

I would appreciate if anyone could point to me to any guidelines /
design patterns or some source on when a downloadable format ( such as
pdf / word /ppt) is a better option compared to creating a webpage.

For example, a website that talks about policies which are large
documents , it would be best if people are able to download the policy
and review it.

Or if its about a particular process, it would be best if they are
able to download the process and use the printed document to reference
while doing the process.

Any help you could provide will be much appreciated.

Thank You

15 Oct 2009 - 11:48am
6 years ago
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Scott Weidman

Honoraria for remote usability study participants from multiple countries

I'm wondering how others offer compensation in remote usability
studies where participants are drawn from multiple countries. I've
been looking into PayPal, and we've used Amazon in the past but I'd
prefer not to tie people to a particular vendor/site.


1 Feb 2011 - 3:36am
Mads Soegaard

New encyclopedia on Interactive Design, Usability and User Experience

Dear friends of interaction-design.org,

We are proud to introduce a new type of top-quality and free encyclopedia dealing with Interactive Design, Usability, and User Experience. It has taken the opposite approach of Wikipedia and crowd-sourcing: All entries are written by leading figures who either invented or contributed significantly to each topic.

The new encyclopedia features video interviews which we flew around the world and shot at different universities.

5 Nov 2004 - 5:15pm
Dave Malouf

"Design" ... What's up w/ Digital Design?

In the spirit of Ziya's "I'm a designer" pitch. I recently wrote an
article that addresses this concern within what I am calling the digital
design community.

Check it out: <http://synapticburn.com/comments.php?id=17_0_1_0>

22 Feb 2010 - 3:46pm
Claire Rowland

JOB: Research Design Leads at Fjord (Berlin and Helsinki)

> Fjord (www.fjordnet.com) are seeking Research Design Leads for our
> Berlin and Helsinki offices.
> Representing the human perspective in design, the Research Design Lead
> (RDL) plays a key role in the Fjord design process, working
> collaboratively with interdisciplinary teams and with our clients to
> create innovative services and products, spaces, interactions, visuals
> and experiences.

13 Jan 2010 - 11:08pm

JOB: Experience Architect: Melbourne, Australia: Recruiter: Full Time

A rare opportunity for a superior UX Architect / Consultant with high-end Client, Agency and Services experience has arisen in Melbourne…

· Senior talented team and strong collaborative culture

· CBD HQ and enviable client portfolio

· Salary dependant on experience and expertise $$$

When my Client briefed me on this role I knew that the right person would be difficult to find.