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17 Mar 2008 - 12:42pm
Lya Santoso

Survey : Your daily work life in Interaction Design / Usability / UX Field

Hi all,

I'm working on my graduation project about
prototyping and usability testing tool. Could you help me fill in a short survey
about your daily work life in IxD / usability / UX field (14 questions, about 3-5 minutes to fill in)

You can access the survey here:

By the way, this survey is intended only for people that (ever)
work in website development sector.

30 Mar 2009 - 12:50pm
6 years ago
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New local group in Porto Alegre / Brazil

Is there anyone around living in Porto Alegre interested in joining a local group? The idea would be gathering people interested in learning together, sharing experiences and certainly meeting at some local pub from time to time J

André Rabelo

23 Oct 2009 - 3:21am
USID Foundation


*India’s 4th International conference on UX & Design
Designing Customer Experience for Emerging Markets & Beyond...**


*Pre-Conference Event**
*Call for Papers for USID 2010**

Life, culture, and context of use for end users in the emerging markets are
different to users in markets such as Europe and America. Therefore it is
not necessary that the product which is successful in other parts of the
world will also be successful in the markets of emerging economies.

29 Jan 2010 - 8:47am
Bruno Figueiredo

UX Lx talk submissions close this Sunday, Jan 31

Just a quick reminder for all of you that UX Lx: User Experience
Lisbon talk submissions close this Sunday, January 31st. So if
you're holding onto great research findings, case studies or simply
if you have groundbreaking ideas, don't miss out and submit your
talk before the deadline ends.

UX Lx is 3 day event focused on all topics User Experience and will
take place in the beautifully sunny city of Lisbon, Portugal from May
12 to 14 2010.

29 Aug 2007 - 4:37pm
Mia Sigafoos

JOB: Senior Information Architect - Philadelphia PA - Digitas Health - f/t

Digitas Health is a next-generation marketing agency brand for
healthcare that provides a complete solution for demand generation,
demand servicing, and relationship building across channels and
audiences. With offices in Philadelphia, New York, Chicago, and Boston,
Digitas Health is an agency brand of the Digitas family, a member of the
Paris-based Publicis Groupe S.A. (Euronext Paris: FR0000130577, NYSE:
PUB). Our staff of physicians, musicians, parents, activists, and
filmmakers spend their days as programmers, strategists, accountants,
marketers, writers, and designers.

5 Aug 2008 - 11:56pm
H. Elwood Gilli...

A New Approach to Interaction Design

Hello IxDA:

This message is to encourage you to preview and purchase a book which
describes a new perspective on IxD. While IxD appears in most
universities as either an adjunct of HCI or as a Design skill in the
department of Mulitmedia/Art, this treatise argues IxD as a scientific
pursuit which sees no boundaries to the topical application of its
form, encompassing all of science.


"Interactivity is not merely the study of computational interfaces,
but observation and application of universal behavior with respect to
all systems, sciences and processes.

11 Aug 2009 - 9:58pm
San Francisco IxDA

[Event] IxDA-SF and Microsoft co-present Sketchflow on Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Our friends at Microsoft have a new product designed specifically for
interaction designers and IAs. It's called Sketchflow (part of the Blend 3
product), and it enables the sort of rapid and robust prototyping that is a
key part of what many of us do on a daily basis.

13 Aug 2006 - 10:38am
8 years ago
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Mark Schraad

A quick guide to readings

Note: I posted this to my blog (which is rarely read ;-), but thought
it might make a good starting point of discussion for the group. Many
of the posters here seem to be searching for references, short cuts
to expertise and experience, and general good insight. - Mark Schraad

A quick guide to readings

I have spent a great deal of time reading in the last few years. Much
of it wasted. It occurs to me that there are some patterns observed
that may be worth sharing.

4 Feb 2008 - 3:11pm
Wunderlich, Judith

Job Opening: Usability Consultant, Chicago, recruiter

Contract job:

Our client has recently merged with another large organization. Their
online/interactive presence has been compiled and there are issues with the
functionality of this large website. That is where you come in... we are
seeking a seasoned, talented usability consultant to work with cross
functional teams to identify current functionality and usability issues and
gather/create business requirements.

5 Nov 2007 - 9:54am
Caroline Jarrett