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27 May 2007 - 11:02am
Nancy Falkenburg

job: senior user researcher/ sf bay area/fte

This is a new vacancy within our customer experience design/research

20 Nov 2006 - 12:47pm
9 years ago
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eCommerce Search and Product Availability

Hi all,

I am trying to locate any studies or papers that indicate how people
use search on an ecommerce site to determine the availability of a

Our company is bouncing back and forth between two scenarios, and I am
looking for information that will sway it to the most relevant one.

Scenario 1: Person types in a search term. The site returns results.
Person then refines their search by size. Resulting page shows
everything in that size, including items that are sold out. Sold out
items show "sold out" next to item image.

Scenario 2: Person types in a search term.

20 Dec 2006 - 2:05pm
bcopello at ari...

Job: Information Architect /NYC /Ariel Partners/ Fulltime/ or long term contract

Ariel Partners LLC; has an immediate opening in NYC for a Sr.
Information Architect. This can be a full time position with Ariel
Partners; but long term consulting will be equally considered.


The focus is designing for leading edge interactive *Ajax* web (thin
client, rich GUI or RIA), developing screens to help a large client and
its sub-agencies manage critical resources - The IA will work closely
with business analysts, clients, and the UI development team.

13 Feb 2009 - 6:17pm
Kim Goodwin

Each one, teach one slides and notes posted

While the video is in the works, you can find my Interactions 09 keynote
slides here:


The presentation is rather mysterious without the notes, which are an
approximation of what I said. Look below the image at the tab labeled
"Notes on slide 1," hiding behind the "Comments" tab.

1 Jun 2005 - 9:50am
Dave Malouf

ADMIN: Summer is arriving ... Some tips regarding e-mail list etiquette

Going on vacation means, setting those wonderful out-of-office reminders.
These are great when the recipient is sending a message to YOU. They know
who you are, and care whether or not you are in the office or not.

When these responders are not so useful is when the are sent to people who
send you a message through an e-mail list.

2 Sep 2009 - 2:46pm
Dan Friel

JOB: User Interface Designer - Reston, VA - comScore - Fulltime

We’re looking for a User Interface Designer to join the team that
designs comScore’s suite of web-based reporting applications. In this
position you’ll have the opportunity to make an immediate impact on
the design of sites and applications at comScore.

28 Apr 2010 - 11:40am
6 years ago
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Your Application Looks Like Poo

I've been wrestling with this and I thought I would put it out there and gauge some opinions.

At 360|Flex I presented a session directed at application (Flex) developers aimed to inspire them to improve their application design skills.  It was part inspirational and part instructional as I went through basic design principles they should be aware of.

15 Jul 2008 - 9:49am
8 years ago
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Meredith Noble

Is Google trying to use human intelligence toimprove search results?

> Aiding my wife in playing around with a dream, I searched for "france
> immigration" in Google. I got the following result set:
> http://tinyurl.com/6pzdd7

Fred, thanks for pointing this out!

30 Jan 2010 - 7:52am
6 years ago
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Mohammed Mansoor

looking for research on using pictures of people or faces...pl help.


I'm looking for a research published on the web recently that says
using pictures of people or faces on website does not have an effect
on its users. Users find Websites having pictures to be no different
to websites without them.

Please help me find it. Just to further clarify this is not the
research done with eye tracking where they find the best way to use
pictures of people.

It would be of great value if you could also give your collective
experiences or links to supporting research on this.

20 Oct 2008 - 10:23am
7 years ago
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Charusmitha Ram

An alternative to Transfer boxes

Transfer boxes have been around for a long time and is a classic UI control
for multi-selecting items and creating/building lists. However, it has a
very bloated UI and a cumbersome interaction. Are there variations or
alternatives to transfer boxes to perform multiselect functions? Online
Smitha Ram
Senior Interaction Designer
Thomson Reuters | www.thomsonreuters.com