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30 Sep 2009 - 4:22pm
6 years ago
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Carrie Ford Hilliker

Anyone been to FOWD?

I'm thinking of heading to FOWD in November in NYC. Has anyone been
or have any thoughts?




26 Mar 2009 - 9:42pm
6 years ago
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Jeremy Yuille

PhD Studentship - University of Cambridge

HI all,
did a cursory check but apols if this already made it here - though some of
you might be interested

NB - please reply to the addresses below, not to me..


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14 Jul 2011 - 5:56pm

Need recommendation for Ethnographic Research vendors

I am looking for recommendations for vendors who have conducted ethnographic research. What was your overall experience? Was the documentation helpful?

I appreciate your feedback.

12 Aug 2007 - 9:03pm

Bill Buxton & not everyone is a designer (sub-topic)

As a complement to the ongoing discussion, I posted a blog entry

regarding some thoughts about Bill Buxton's keynote on sketching,

and Bill left a meaty comment and referenced my previous post

about why everyone is not a designer...


Russell Wilson | Director of Product Design
NetQoS, Inc.

5 Feb 2009 - 8:46pm
6 years ago
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oliver green

Theories/principles in interface design

Other than Gestalt's principles what are some common design principles
that are based on human sensory perception (not just visual but also
memory, auditory, haptic etc.?)


5 Feb 2010 - 9:50am
Nina Gilmore

Affinity diagrams with remote participants?

Hi Animesh,
I think I was not entirely clear: we want to do a LIVE session with remote participants, rather than an asynchronous remote session.
Ideally, we'd all work on the same diagram, viewing and modifying simultaneously. To discuss, we'd use a conference call.

It's not so straightforward to find a program that will support this live editing/viewing by multiple users.

20 Jul 2009 - 2:22am
Michal Rinott

Sketching Sonic Interaction Design Workshop - Call for Posters and Demos

Workshop at HIT, Holon Institute of Technology, Holon, Israel
November 16, 2009
as part of the "Sonic Interaction Design" EU Research Group

*** Deadline for posters and demos: August 15, 2009 ***


Sonic Interaction Design (SID) is the discipline that investigates
the use of sound in interactive experiences. As technologies become
more miniaturized and embedded, and their users more mobile,
interactive sound becomes increasingly important.

12 Jul 2006 - 12:06pm
9 years ago
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Sabine Junginger

Questioning User Research (was Eyetrackingarticle on UXMatters)

Hi Dave,

One of the biggest issues I notice in the application and understanding of user research is the confusion on its quantitative and qualitative usage. There is a persistent perception among designers that they need to produce "numbers for the marketing guys." User research as part of design research tends to be qualitative. It uses methods of observation, immersion, scenarios, and engages participants in activities like card-sorting.

1 May 2009 - 2:28pm
6 years ago
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Los Angeles IxDA

[EVENT] Feedback on IxDA Los Angeles & Yahoo present "Personas SUCK / Personas RULE!"

On Wednesday, April 29th IxDA Los Angeles presented "Personas SUCK!
Personas RULE!" at Yahoo!

Heartfelt thanks to our speakers: Jill Strawbridge, Adam Korman, all
of our amazing local volunteers who made the night possible, and the
super helpful facilities team at Yahoo! They are seriously on the
ball! The presentation portion was heavily borrowed from the "Death
to personas!

6 Nov 2008 - 10:53am
6 years ago
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R Sengers

Error messages for edit-in-place forms

I'm working on an Ajax app that will have edit-in-place forms (a.k.a. inline
editing). Page has read-only data; parts of the data are editable. User
chooses to edit a part; that part turns into an editable form. When user
saves changes, the form converts back to read-only data (this happens
without a page reload).

The fields in the forms are required.