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20 Oct 2004 - 10:08am
10 years ago
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Michael Bartlett

Icon for integrity...

Looking for a bit of creative stimulation here, if you all don't mind.

Trying to craft a Shortcut icon for a product that is designed for "document
integrity". I figured I can't use a document, because - well that would be a
document and not an application shortcut.

Any visual ideas or inspiration would be gladly appreciated - my brain is
totally drained right now!

10 Mar 2010 - 7:32pm
5 years ago
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Hilary Bienstock

Godigi or other mobile usability testing solutions

Does anyone have any experience with Godigi?  We received a solicitation email from them.


It looks like they sell a camera for doing usability tests on mobile devices -- has anyone used it?  Or any other products or services from them?

12 Oct 2006 - 2:28pm
Zhonghai Li

Product usability research with cogntive-impaired people

I wonder whether there are people on this list have experience in
conducting information gathering and/or usability evaluation on products
designed for people with cognitive impairment, such as people with
dementia. One challenge here is that some traditional usability methods
can not applied to this population appropriately, for example, cognitive
walkthrough, interview, survey, focus group etc., although this depends
on different development stages of the disease, and the caregiver can
used as a substitute.

1 Feb 2005 - 4:19pm
Dave Malouf

Correction: URL of RIA posting


I tested this myself and it works. I see the difference in the URL now.

Anyway ... Should be fine now. Thanx Alice for pointing out the problem.

-- dave

10 Jun 2007 - 4:19pm
Dan Zlotnikov

[Humour] Some suggestions on keyboard and mouse improvement

Lore Sjöberg of Alt Text proposes a few interesting (and only slightly
insane) improvements for the world's most common desk ornaments.


Dan Zlotnikov

10 Dec 2009 - 6:36am
Jamie Collinsworth

JOB: Creative Director Ix in Munich @ frog design (full-time)

* frog design's Munich studio will be opening in March 2010.
Location for this position will be in Munich.*

Creative Director, Interaction - Munich

Job Duties:
* Team leadership and vision articulation
* Ensuring the teams¹ utilization is at peak capacity in a creative
consultancy business model
* Refined and confident client contact; frequent high-level presentations
* Business planning for creative teams and studio
* Alongside sales team, developing and closing new business relationships
with clients
* Apply and develop state of the art design methodologies and
cross-disciplinary lea

11 Oct 2004 - 2:13pm
Jamie Divine

Re: 3D desktop replacement

Also check out Sun's Project Looking Glass:



21 Dec 2007 - 12:29pm
7 years ago
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Jim Leftwich

Bring your OLPC XO laptops to Interaction08!

I just got my new OLPC XO laptop as part of their Buy 1 Get 1
program. I wanted to let my friends and colleagues know about this
great effort techno-charitable initiative (though I'm sure many, if
not most of you are already familiar with it).

Perhaps like me you've been following news stories about the One
Laptop Per Child initiative that was started by M.I.T. Media Lab's
founder, Nicholas Negroponte. The laptop they've produced was
designed by fuseproject in collaboration with Design Continuum.
Pentagram also did some of the design.

4 Feb 2008 - 6:42pm
Scott Forman

JOB, Lead Interaction Designer, Washington DC, Positive Energy Inc., Full Time

Positive Energy is a well-funded, rapidly growing startup delivering
products designed to make a significant dent in carbon emissions.
We're landing major contracts and working hard to expand a
communication platform for utilities and state governments designed to
target the half of the global warming equation that not enough people
are looking at: efficiency and energy demand.

10 Aug 2009 - 10:06am

REMINDER: [EVENT] IxDA NYC - Thurs, August 13 - Prototyping for UX Practitioners

One last reminder for Thursday's event. If you haven't gotten a chance
to sign up, you'll want to do so soon. Look forward to seeing everyone

Ever had a moment when you’re presenting your detailed design work and
you get an unenthusiastic "Is that it?" from your audience?

This can sometimes happen when a project has been in design
development without conceptual feedback or consensus-building. We
often move forward rapidly with our detailed design work due to time