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27 Jan 2010 - 3:26pm
4 years ago
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Could use some eyes on this chart

I've been working on this chart for awhile that has to do with my
comic. It supposed to explain some large events that happened in the
story via time travel. I could really use some more sets of eyes on
this thing, because it's driving me crazy!

It's also an exercise in information design for me, so it's not
just for fun. It's my first real attempt at info design in fact.

Anyway, I'd like to see if people can make heads or tails of it
without any explanation from me. I would love any comments, pro or

12 Jan 2010 - 2:43pm
Tom Keenoy

SurveyGizmo and popups for customer satisfaction survey?

I have not implemented these on a site, but my experience with them as
a user has been very negative. The "Would you like to take a
survey?" dialogue immediately calls to mind every time I've ever
agreed to take a survey in real life, and been promised it would
"only take 2 minutes," and ten minutes later I'm still standing

8 Jul 2008 - 9:47am
Kyle Pero Soucy

NH UPA July Meeting: 10 Marketing Myths Usability Experts Need to Know, 7/23/08, 6 PM

**Apologies to those that have received this announcement more than

Topic: 10 Marketing Myths Usability Experts Need to Know

Speaker: Aileen Cahill, Customer Connections

Wednesday, July 23rd
Refreshments & Networking: 6-7:00 PM – Food & beverages will be
Meeting: 7:00 PM – 8ish

Chordiant Software, Inc. (Google map: http://tinyurl.com/43le9t)
8 Commerce Drive
Bedford, NH 03110

As user experience professionals, we work with marketing teams all the

8 May 2013 - 1:33pm

Looking for volunteer work in User experience/ UX for Mobile devices


I am looking out for volunteer work in UX field - preferably Mobile projects. I have around 4 years of experinece working on designing UI for various mobile devices.

If there are any projects that anyone knows which would require volunteering I would be interested. You can send me a mail @ kirti.s.kanitkar@gmail.com


Kirti Kanitkar


25 Apr 2011 - 10:49pm
Pankaj Chawla

Usefulness of "Tip of the Day" window on application startup?


Just wondering if there is any research/findings on how effective are Tip Of The Day dialogs on application startup. They got popularised by MS long back but MS left it out later though I see lot of applications stiil having them.



PS: Its been a long time since I posted on ixda and its good to be back.

15 Jul 2008 - 7:16am
6 years ago
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Catriona Lohan-...

Issues with iPhone update 2.0

Has anyone else lost their contacts, photos and calendar on their
phone but not on mac? I have tried all the "work arounds" on
apple.com and mobileme to push contacts but no joy. I contacted
iPhone tech support and await their reply.
Catríona Lohan-Conway
User Experience Architect
917 405 5127
clohanconway at mac.com

21 Nov 2005 - 2:55am
Abhishek Thakkar

8th IxDG F2F Meeting held at Pune, India 4:00pm-6:00pm, Saturday 19th Nov 2005

Apologies for Cross posting :)

Like last time, this F2F meet was also held at Cafe Coffee Day, East Street,
Pune. In all, 3 people turned up, Sharad and Gaurav from SAS, pune and
The focus this time was on various types of Open Source CMSs available, and
their pro's and con's.

8 Mar 2012 - 10:54am
2 years ago
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David Birnbaum

Serial comma in UIs?

Hello everyone,

I'm wondering whethere there is an established convention about using serial commas in lists of items in UI text strings. To be more specific, I'm working on Android.

This is a serial comma (the comma preceding "and"): "Portugal, Spain, and France"

3 Jan 2007 - 7:49am
8 years ago
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Carl Klutzke

Interaction Designers in Indianapolis?


I'm investigating interaction design as a new career path, and I'd like to
meet with someone who is already doing it professionally. Is anyone out
there in the Indianapolis area?


Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is
noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure,
whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable--if
anything is excellent or praiseworthy--think
about such things. - Phillipians 4:8
Carl Klutzke - http://sirvalence.livejournal.com/

2 Jul 2011 - 3:36am

Remote (with SMART Board) vs. Face to Face Design Sessions

I'm working with a team based in another location.  The product owner and I are trying to bring down one of the developers down for a collaborative design session.  We're at an important juncture and really need to hammer out some important design questions.  This developer has a focus on UI development and a rich background in human factors.

In January, I went up for a week to work with him and then then product owner.  We spent most of the week in a conference room with a whiteboard and were extremely productive since we played well off each other.