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22 Jan 2010 - 11:37am
5 years ago
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Kim van Poelgeest

JOB: User Experience Designer / Product Owner - Spil Games, Hilversum, The Netherlands

Tasks and Responsibilities:

Whether it is discussing concepts or creating designs, SPIL GAMES
offers abundant challenges for a strong specialist in the web design
field, and we are seeking a candidate who is passionate about finding
and implementing creative solutions. As User Experience Designer, you
will be highly involved in the specification and design of our gaming
sites. You will work with the Scrum teams and business owners to help
create best-in-class gaming sites.

Ali Naqvi

All postal service apps look and do the same (No major difference)


a customer (major postal service) wants to develop apps for their major B2B-, minor B2B- and B2C customers.

These applications (both online and mobile) should help its users with the tracking of packages etc but also provide a user experience that may enable them to be the leading postal service. 

28 Dec 2007 - 10:36am
laurie kalmanson

re -- Universal Principles of Interaction Design; contribution for the next edition

re: Universal Principles of Interaction Design

thank you for the wonderful discussion of this classic book -- it brought back so many memories of happy late nite discussions around the studio, waiting for the rendering boxen to finish

seriously, really brilliant

my .02 for the next edition -- feel free to distribute with attribution, in all media, including those not yet invented:

-- users, users, users, users

> does your shiny, matte, interactive, plugin, wood, metal, new ***thing*** allow users to do things they want to do?
> will your users tell other u

30 Jan 2007 - 3:38pm

Recommendations for firm specialized in customer support solutions

Hi all,

I was wondering if you have a strong recommendation for a company with
experience designing solutions for customer support, specifically
related to call-trees (design of voice-menus navigation systems,
familiarity with this technology, mapping it to the business processes
behind customer support, etc).



20 Nov 2009 - 4:10pm
Lindsey Berdan

[EVENT] IDSA Northwest 2009 Winter Social on 12/3 at BoConcept in Seattle

The Northwest Chapter of the Industrial Designers Society of America
cordially invites IxDA Seattle to join our Winter Social at
BoConcept, Thursday, December 3rd from 7:00 to 11:00. Come party and
play with industrial designers, interaction designers and experience
designers from around the Puget Sound. Register today at

6 May 2009 - 5:05am
5 years ago
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Rutger van Dijk

Good starting points for a user guide ?


At our company we are developing a new harbour information system.
The graphical user interface and interaction is very different from
the previous software which has been used for about 10 years.

Part of the project is to create a user guide 'new style' for our
users. We don't want to create a 200 pages document with lots of
screenshots and nobody reads. We are also thinking how to integrate
help / user support in the application itself. The guide(s) have to
been supporting, informative and attractive to read.

27 Mar 2012 - 9:09am
William Hudson

New Interaction Design Encyclopedia Entry on Card Sorting

I am excited to announce that my Interaction Design Encyclopedia article on Card Sorting will be launched on Thursday at 14:00 CET at http://www.interaction-design.org/encyclopedia/card_sorting.html

11 Mar 2009 - 6:28am
Dan Brown

JOB :: Summer Intern :: Washington, DC Area :: EightShapes, LLC :: 3-month contract

Hello! EightShapes, LLC is now accepting applications for our summer
internship program.

Please feel free to forward this announcement to any and all students of
information architecture, interaction design, usability, or other design

Details may be found here: http://eightshapes.com/aboutus/internship2009.php

-- Dan


Dan Brown, Principal • (301) 801-4850
EightShapes, LLC • eightshapes.com
Also at: communicatingdesign.com • greenonions.com

6 Jan 2008 - 12:28am
7 years ago
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Embedded Interaction Design?

Happy New Year All!

I was hoping to tap the collective consciousness with a career
direction question... I'm keen to work on projects that have a
hardware component as the deployment platform: Cell, GPS, PDA, Set
Top, embedded, etc... I just feel better suited to this realm based
on experience and Industrial Design training... I've been getting a
LOT of call for web work, but prefer to stay focused on my chosen
area of expertise.

How can I communicate this to prospective contracts, hiring managers
or would-be suitors?

6 May 2005 - 2:09pm

Main menu convention on Windows

True or false?

In any Windows GUI application (non-web), the menu bar
at the top should provide access to *all* user
commands of that application, despite other
alternatives to user commands (short-cuts,
toolbuttons, pop-up menus).

I have seen many applications that don't follow this.
E.g. the Microsoft Paint does not have menus for the
tools on the tool palette on the right hand side.
What is the correct guideline for this? The MS
Windows UI Experience book doesn't say.