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11 Jan 2007 - 10:41am

JOB: Sr. Experience Architect - New York, NY

Dotglu is currently seeking candidates for the position of Sr.
Experience Architect.

Dotglu is the Interactive and Direct Marketing Services division of
Kirshenbaum Bond + Partners. We specialize in the development of
inventive 1-to-1 marketing and loyalty programs in the direct and
interactive channels. We provide these services to a number of blue
chip brands including: BMW, Panasonic, Diageo, Citibank, Edward Jones,
NetJets, and Cibavision.

The Sr. Experience Architect is a critical member of the team.

24 Mar 2009 - 6:24am
5 years ago
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Mark Schraad

job descriptions

I was struck by how well this post was written (and what an amazing
opportunity if you have the juice) and thought it worth sharing... I
know there are lots of recruiters lurking here. No mention of rock
stars or free lunches... and yet its pretty damn compelling.


5 Nov 2003 - 1:51pm
Challis Hodge

Survey: New or Existing?

Hi Folks:

Since we haven't really received much positive feedback or interest in the
concept of exploring existing organizations as possible homes for this
group, I've created a survey to gauge the group's position on the matter.

Please take a few minutes to complete the survey asap:


We will share results when the survey is closed. Thanks for your


27 Apr 2009 - 11:54am
Tom Callaghan

[JOB] UX Designer (Focus: IA & Writing). Seattle. Angry Lapdog Productions

Angry Lapdog Productions* is a very early-stage startup.  We’ve
identified a category of content-  call it “X”-   that is all over the
Web, yet has never been the focus of a Website.

5 Jun 2009 - 10:15am
5 years ago
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Damon Dimmick

Microsoft bing.com reactions

Well, Microsoft is spending a lot of money hyping up Bing.com

I've found the results to be pretty good, and Bing Travel (formerly
Faircast) is also a very nice feature, but what about the bing.com

What does everyone think of the IxD in regards to the initial page
and the results pages?

18 Oct 2012 - 4:56am
1 year ago
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Matt Davies

Usability testing firm in NYC?

Hi, can anyone recommend a usability testing firm based in NYC? Have a project that needs someone to handle recruitment, scripting of test sessions, conducting one to one test sessions with users and reporting back findings.



9 Apr 2007 - 9:55am
7 years ago
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In search of: User administration IxD examples

Hey all -

I'm looking for worthwhile IxD examples in the realm of user
administration 'enterprise' database applications (think SQL Server). We're
revamping ours and some new(-ish) ideas would be welcome.

Main users would be DBA's or system administrators tasked with setting up
and managing roles, users, & groups and their privileges with respect to
read/write data access, object creation/modification, and the like.

Maybe Vista user administration is worth a look? Are there less-known apps
you may know of that do this particularly well?

Bret Hekking

1 Jun 2010 - 3:07pm
David Scharn

RE: [IxDA] Speaker for a Usability lecture at a large corporate event?

Hi Deb,

Can you describe the audience for this talk? Will your speaker address financial institution senior management, product managers, software developers, designers, all of the above? What is the purpose of the talk? What's the occasion? Defining the audience and purpose will help us make more meaningful recommendations for a speaker.

Dave Scharn

21 Nov 2008 - 9:00am
5 years ago
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Jack L. Moffett

Google SearchWiki

Have you played with Google's new SearchWiki features?


I think Google has done some really nice interaction design on these
new features. They've added some very useful functionality that will
fundamentally change the way we use search.

9 Jun 2005 - 7:26am
Josh Seiden

JOB: UI Designer, El Segundo, CA; Rochester, NY; Xerox; FT

I'm posting this opening for a recruiter. Please DO
NOT reply to me. See contact info below.


Xerox Corporation (NYSE:XRX) is a $15.7 billion
technology and services enterprise that helps
businesses deploy smart document management strategies
and find better ways to work.