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29 Oct 2007 - 2:23pm

HELP: Boston IxDA needs your space

Yes, Dave is right. Space for IxDA events is hard to come by!

Boston is also looking for space, and we're extremely interested in less
"conventional" environs: somewhere where the space is itself inspiring and
creative as much as the people and content are.

23 Feb 2006 - 5:48pm
Melissa Goldstein

Information Architect, Boston

This position is for Arnold Worldwide in Boston, MA. Applicants should
submit a cover letter, resume, and references to Karen Strasser at
kstrasser at arn.com. Applicants selected for an interview should be
prepared to submit work samples (or online portfolio), and any other
important information that demonstrates strong potential for success in
this position.

Job Description

The Information Architect works closely with a Sr.

15 Jan 2011 - 8:48am
Dave Malouf

What do you think of conference give-aways?

Help the IxD12 committee make some good design decisions. interaction 12 | Dublin is well on its way to being organized and we want to make sure we meet all your expectations. if you can help us with the issue of physical give-aways I'd be greatly appreciative. There is even a question in here for prospective sponsors to let us know what they think.

1st 100 get their opinion considered: http://twtpoll.com/de44ip

-- dave

7 Dec 2009 - 3:25pm
Brian Mila

Deciding whether to use a "Show n items perpage" control

> It's been a usability disaster.

Do you have research to support this? I'm neither agreeing nor
disagreeing with you, I would just like to see the test results so I can
make up my own mind.

Incidentally, we've discussed the infinite scroll before recently.
There may be some more ideas to consider in that thread:

Title: The Perpetual Scrolling Web Pages


25 Oct 2007 - 1:54am

WebKit HTML5 wrapper for Google Gears

Folks here were wondering about compatibility of client-side data storage
implementations between (Apple) WebKit and (Google) Gears. It turns out be
extremely simple:

WebKit HTML5 wrapper for Google Gears


19 May 2006 - 2:02pm
Dave Malouf

ADMIN: CSS2 books & Pen-based tools (summary request)

Admin request:

This is a great thread!

I was wondering if someone would be willing to summarize this thread and
the thread about pen-based tools, and enter them into the IxDA Library.

I think threads like these are great opportunities for us to collect
some knowledge and the Resource Library is a great area for us to not
only do referencing, but also engage in conversations about those
references in the standard blog like way.

No need to chime in here, but just do it.

5 Nov 2008 - 6:29am
6 years ago
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Kordian Piotr Klecha

Refiltering search results - immediate vs manual reload

We are working on some usability guidelines for an online shop, namely - for
filtering search results in this shop.

On the results page user gets list of products passing criteria, and the
filter box on the top.

Filter box consists of currently selected criteria's list and sub-boxes -
there is list of available selections with checkboxes in every one.

17 Nov 2005 - 2:19pm
Noah Richardson

Job Posting: Senior Visual UI Designer

COMPANY: Tellme Networks, Inc.
URL: http://www.tellme.com
LOCATION: Mountain View, CA
POSITION TITLE: Senior Visual UI Designer
DURATION: Full-Time or Contract

Tellme Networks is the premier provider of internet-powered phone
solutions for consumers and businesses. As a Senior Visual UI Designer
at Tellme, you'll be responsible for shaping a consumer experience
spanning the web, phone and other media.

User experience is at the core of what makes Tellme great.

8 Dec 2010 - 7:03am

[Event Reminder] IxDA New York: UX Holiday Party, Thurs. Dec. 9th

Come join IxDA New York and some of our fellow New York UX groups for an evening of holiday merriment and UX conversation at the Eight Mile Creek downstairs bar in Nolita. Here are the details:   WHEN Thursday, December 9th 6:30 to 9:00   WHERE Eight Mile Creek
240 Mulberry St
(between Prince St & Spring St)
New York, NY 10012

5 Aug 2005 - 8:17am
Dave Malouf

IxDG @ IDSA in DC (USA) - Wanna meet up?

Myself and Robert Reimann will be giving a presentation at the IDSA National
Conference in DC at the end of this month.

Robert and I would like to meet with IxDers who will either be at the
conference or just happen to be in the DC area.

The conference is near the National Zoo/Wardman Park Marriott Hotel metro
stop (one stop from Dupont Circle).

We would like to meet up for dinner at Friday night the 26th.