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17 Oct 2010 - 11:32pm
Angel Anderson

Scent Design Activity At Interaction '11

Eight lucky people attending Interaction ’11 will get to visit a perfumery here in Boulder called the Essence Studio as part of the Interaction ’11 Friday afternoon conference activities. Laurie Lamar has done a great job of selecting a wide array of cool design-related activities to choose from. Since many of you are still deciding which activity to sign up for, I figured I’d explore this particular activity and share my experience.

5 Aug 2008 - 11:56pm
H. Elwood Gilli...

A New Approach to Interaction Design

Hello IxDA:

This message is to encourage you to preview and purchase a book which
describes a new perspective on IxD. While IxD appears in most
universities as either an adjunct of HCI or as a Design skill in the
department of Mulitmedia/Art, this treatise argues IxD as a scientific
pursuit which sees no boundaries to the topical application of its
form, encompassing all of science.


"Interactivity is not merely the study of computational interfaces,
but observation and application of universal behavior with respect to
all systems, sciences and processes.

22 Mar 2005 - 11:57am
Weston Thompson

George Lakoff lecture in LA area, March 31

I just saw that George Lakoff will deliver the keynote address at a
conference on empathy held at Scripps College here in Claremont, CA
(far east end of Los Angeles county), on March 31 at 7 PM. It appears
to be free and open to the public.

For information:


Weston Thompson
Claremont McKenna College

22 May 2008 - 7:58pm
7 years ago
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Scott Berkun

Introducing design to a dev team for the firsttime

I'm surprised by the advice on this thread, especially yours here James.
Talk to the CEO? Why? As Martin explained he's been asked to be more active,
not to stage a coup, which is exactly how most of the people in line between
Martin and his CEO would see this sort of thing.

Worse, most of the other advice has advocated about 20 lbs. of process and
evangalism without asking if all that's needed is an ounce of results.

First and formost: Martin, if you are a self admitted wanna-be, the best
thing you can do is to advocate hiring a professional.

22 May 2006 - 4:52pm
9 years ago
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Iram Mirza

CHI 07: Request for Mentoring


Does anyone know who to contact for "request for mentoring" for CHI 07?



2 Feb 2004 - 5:56pm
11 years ago
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visual cues for thumbnails

Dear ID/As,

in his wonderful book "Tog on Software Design" Tog wrote:

"Thumbnails will replace generic-looking document icons, providing users with visual cues as to the nature of the material inside a container. Their appearance will go beyond today's thumbnails to reflect the amount of material they contain." [p. 196]

This is exactly what I like to do for OpenOffice.org/StarOffice thumbnails representing documents.

11 Sep 2008 - 9:28am
6 years ago
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[JOB] User Experience Architect - Los Angeles - ACQUITY GROUP - Full Time

User Experience Architect

Elevate your Career.
Join the Group.

Whether you enjoy an open working atmosphere, sharing your playlist
over the company network, or grabbing lunch from our indoor food
court--our positive and collaborative environment cultivates award-
winning creative and visual design, while encouraging growth,
discussion and free thinking.

Acquity Group has a proven track record of developing tailored
solutions that leverage our breadth of expertise and deep
understanding within strategy, design and technology to help companies
enable their digital channel.

11 Jan 2008 - 8:58am
Adrian Howard

Agile/UX conference info (was Prototyping with Adobe CS3)

On 10 Jan 2008, at 14:38, Michael Tuminello wrote:

> For me, I can't say that it does very much. That's part of the
> reason I'm headed down to interaction 08 - for the agile/uxd workshop.

On the subject of conferences...

The Agile 2008 Conference <www.agile2008.org> (Toronto, Aug 4-8) this
year has a User Experience stage.

3 Jan 2007 - 3:08am
Dave Malouf

Design in India and other stuff about IxD education (was discuss Digest, Vol 39, Issue 23)


I'm aware of the IxD program at the NID in India.

The quesiton is, do you want a design school program or a comp sci program?

Since a big part of a traditional design school education requires some
sort of studio review, how do you do that remotely?