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14 Sep 2010 - 8:52am

Re: [IxDA] Re: [IxDA] How to best prototype RIAs?

Flash Catalyst? There is a trial on the Adobe site.

(Disclosure: I work in the UX space for Adobe so I may be biased, but I also honestly think it's awesome!)


On 10-09-14 9:46 AM, "DrWex" wrote:

> On Tue, Sep 14, 2010 at 5:16 AM, Sebastian wrote: >> I am searching for a suitable way to prototype a business application which >> will most likely be implemented either using Adobe Flex or Silverlight. > > We've been building in Flex for a couple years and have tried a couple > of prototyping techniques. To be honest, none are satisfying.

9 Apr 2008 - 5:37am
23 Dec 2008 - 4:32pm
Wunderlich, Judith

JOB - User Experience/Web Designer - Chicago - Recruiter - Contract

Downtown Chicago, $45/hr+
This is a long term contract opportunity. You will be eligible for full
medical, vision and dental benefits through Aquent after 4 weeks.

I am seeking a Web Interface Designer to create visual designs based on
Information Architect wireframes. You will also work closely with Front End
Developers to execute your work.

9 Aug 2007 - 2:55pm
7 years ago
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Jack L. Moffett

International Phone Formats

I'm currently working on a form for which a major goal is to save as
many keystrokes as possible. We're trying to automate as much as we
can. We currently have fields for phone number entry that
automatically format the number with the U.S. standard. However, we
also need to provide the ability to enter international numbers for
practically every country in the world.

In its current state, the field allows you to continue typing numbers
past the standard 10, but keeps the U.S. formatting up to that point

3 Jun 2009 - 3:01pm
Carolyn Chandler

Cultural Differences in Discussion Board Usage

I was talking to someone recently who had heard that there are cultural
differences in the amount of usage of discussion boards. In particular,
she heard that discussion boards are not as frequently used in Europe as
they are in the US, in general.

20 Feb 2005 - 11:48am
Shelley Wood

Interaction Designer, Concord, MA, USA, InContext Enterprises, Full-Time

Do you want to design applications and systems that really meet the needs of
users? Are you tired feeling like you are "making it up" because you don't
really know what users need? Design from customer data by joining InContext
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customer-centered design process.

5 Mar 2006 - 2:21pm
8 years ago
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Beau Gould

[JOB] Python/C++ Developer, Greenwich, CT | 80-160k | Relo OK

Python/C++ Developer, Greenwich, CT | 80-160k | Relo OK

My Greenwich, CT client is looking for programmers fluent in Python and C++ to build and improve systems in a variety of areas, including mathematical programming, parallel computing, network servers, and user interfaces.

7 Mar 2008 - 9:13am
Wei Chen

Research on Social Shopping


I am a second-year HCI student in School of Information, University of
Michigan. I recently got interested in the topic of Social Shopping and have
done some search on several library databases. But not much has come up.

19 Apr 2005 - 6:36am
9 years ago
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Reese, Dean

Switching apps/GUIs ( was RE: Adobe takes over M acromedia)


I would like to understand the switch. Was this because of $$$ or another reason?

3 Oct 2006 - 4:15pm
8 years ago
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Eugene Chen

user centered design -> overlapping circles -> boundary selection

I'm working on some product strategy at the moment.

Imagine a scenario like this:
- Book publishers need a system that lets them communicate with the
Warehouse and Authors.
- The Warehouse needs a system that lets them communicate with Publishers,
but they also have need a system to communicate with Stores and manage
Inventory, etc.

If you build the system for the Publishers, then the Warehouse now has to
use two systems, which inevitably are going to have a lot of overlapping