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14 Oct 2007 - 6:50pm
7 years ago
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Joe Lanman

BBC iPlayer interface


I was just reading PC Pro's review of the BBC iPlayer:


It reminded me how awful the interface was. I don't know if there have been
any discussions so far about iPlayer, or similar services (4oD is not much
better) - but it seems to me these content providers are shooting themselves
in the foot.

25 Mar 2008 - 9:45am
7 years ago
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Benjamin Ho

Any resources or testing data on quick entry grids vs. form fields?


I was wondering if anyone can direct me to resources or testing data on comparative testing between quick entry grids and form fields?

I'm thinking that quick entry grids do as they say - allow the user to enter data quickly. What I would like to know is, how much quicker is the data entry in grid form compared with using form fields? And are grids effective only up to a certain point, where if the same fields in a form field appears as a grid and there's a horizontal scroll, is user performance affected?


Never miss a thing.

3 Dec 2004 - 10:42pm
10 years ago
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Donna Timara

Statistical Analysis Apps Usability

Anybody in this list with statistical analysis experience to recomend
usable-statistical tool?

I am looking for good statistical tools for my analysis and want to
know what is considered most usable. Please provide me all the names
that comes to your mind with your inputs on tools' capability and

I would love to have some comparative study between MS Excel vs. rest
of the world -- MiniTab, SPSS, SAS, etc.

Thanks in advance,

Donna Timara
Usability Engineer

9 May 2005 - 9:47pm
Sophie Turner

Budget Allocation

Hi there,

I'm looking for some information on the budgets allocated to the initial
definition/design phase in a "typical" website/web application project, ie
requirements gathing, IA, prototyping, wireframing and user testing.

Roughly what percentage is spent on these activities in comparison to the
cost of developing the entire project?

16 Sep 2008 - 9:15am
David Sturtz

JOB: Interaction Designer - Cedar Rapids, IA - Geonetric - Full Time

Geonetric works with hospitals and health systems to develop and implement
innovative Web strategies to engage their online customers.

20 Aug 2007 - 5:36pm
7 years ago
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Jim Hoekema

IxD as architect

Well, some interactive designs are mission-critical (airplane cockpit
controls, etc.), though most of us admittedly work on websites that may
fall apart but do not fall on people's heads.

Still, the point in common between architecture and interactive design
is that, unlike a conductor or filmmaker, both design an arrangement of
conditions that will affect, but not fully dictate, a set of future
events. How people behave in relation to what has been designed may
largely follow the signposts created, but users of both buildings and
interactive programs are unpredictable.

4 Dec 2006 - 7:02am
8 years ago
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Anu Leponiemi

Testing usability of mobile applications


I'm planning on usability-testing a S40 application, and would like
to hear about the ways you tend to test usability of mobile
applications. Paper prototype is always an option, however, is that
all you do, or do you test with real devices? If so, do you capture
the input some ways, possibly with a software or a camera, or do you
just watch the user use his mobile?



Anu Leponiemi * anu (thingie) lepo.net * +358 40 525 7328 * www.lepo.net

28 Dec 2009 - 6:05pm
5 years ago
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Anthony Levin-D...

Great product blogs?

Know of any great blogs written by companies about their own digital

7 Dec 2009 - 5:24am
5 years ago
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John Gibbard

What's your pen top?

As we continue to investigate the role of choice architecture in interaction
design, this post struck me today


Rather like the sequencing design that returns your card at the ATM before
your cash in order to prevent you walking off without your card (which would
surely be the case if your card was returned after the cash), this sort of
real-world behavioural psychology analogies really help sell in our skil