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8 Sep 2008 - 8:10pm
Louis Rosenfeld

Call for Proposals: 10th Annual ASIS&T IA Summit

Please spread the word...

Call for Proposals: 10th Annual ASIS&T IA Summit
March 18-22, Memphis, Tennessee, US

The Information Architecture Summit is a premier gathering place for
information architects and all those who touch on IA to discuss, share and
learn more about information architecture.

10 Nov 2009 - 3:13pm
David Sturtz

JOB: User Experience Designer - Cedar Rapids, IA (USA) - Geonetric - Full Time

Geonetric's User Experience Designer is a key member of the interactive
software product team, responsible for understanding the market problem,
designing an interface solution and communicating with engineering on the
final solution to meet the needs of the eHealth market. The User Experience
Designer is a creative thinker, bringing ideas to the team to deliver
product features in aggressive timelines.

Geonetric helps hospitals and health systems develop and implement
innovative Web strategies to engage their patients and communities online.

We are a fast-growing (Inc.

13 Apr 2011 - 3:57pm
3 years ago
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Josh B Williams

Multi-touch References

Hi everyone,

I was looking for references on designing for large multi-touch displays or surface tables. I saw Jason Brush's Mix 10 [1] talk that was really interesting. Can anyone think of any relevant books, presentations, or videos on the topic?

[1] http://channel9.msdn.com/events/MIX/MIX10/DS06

22 Jan 2013 - 9:35pm
22 weeks ago
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Jonathan Warner

Interaction '13 ticket for sale

Hey folks:

Can't make it this year, and have one ticket at regular price ($950). Let me know if you're interested!


jonathan (att) sustain (dott) us

22 Jan 2007 - 7:54pm
Jon Plummer

JOB: Software Interface Designer; Northridge, CA; Medtronic MiniMed; Contract (on site)

JOB: Software Interface Designer
Company: Medtronic MiniMed
Type: Contract
Industry: Medical Devices
Location: Northridge, CA (Greater Los Angeles Area)

The Research and Development group of Medtronic Diabetes is looking
for qualified UI help for their software products. You will assist the
User Experience Designer in researching customer needs and translating
these needs into groundbreaking diabetes management software. Primary
responsibilities will include the production of user interface
diagrams and prototypes (static and dynamic) for use in internal
communication and testing.

10 Mar 2009 - 7:12pm
5 years ago
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Eugene Kim

Designing G1 Menus

Note: I did an IxDA search for "G1" and found only 3 results, none
of which really addressed the UI on an element level. I'm hoping a
few folks have had a chance to play around with it by now!

I'm working on an existing application which suffers a bit from some
inconsistencies in it's design. It was partially modeled after
Google's existing apps at the time and made to be contextual to
whatever page the user was on.

9 Aug 2006 - 7:00pm

Fw: When to display grid in list view

In the previous post, the sentence should have read:

19 Jun 2009 - 3:21pm
5 years ago
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alexis rachel

Interaction flow as subterfuge.

I recently ran into an issue on Drugstore.com, wherein there is a discount
offer that may be obtained, but only by a series of not-so-obvious steps—all
done on the site, but not clearly documented. In fact I accidentally
activated the promotion only because I tend to be tenacious with these
things and clicked through a multitude of links. In fact, I hadn't realized
that the promotion had been added to my cart as a result of my actions until
I was already on the phone with customer support. He explained the overly
complex process I unwittingly had gone through.

15 Nov 2009 - 3:46pm
Erico Fernandes...


I'm coordinating a post-graduate in User-Centered Design with the Universidade
Positivo <http://www.up.edu.br/ingles/> in Curitiba.
The course brings the experience of designers and engineers of
professionals / researchers from Curitiba and brings a professional discuss
for the area of interaction design and user experience.
The path chosen is the user-centered design, the same used by renowned
companies such as IDEO, CESAR, Apple, Intel, IBM, Nokia, Ad

20 Nov 2009 - 9:51am
Dave Malouf

Survey regarding interaction design graduate education is still open.

Hi folks,

If you can spare 20min of your time, I'd really appreciate a bunch
more responses to my survey on interaction design graduate

While it is complex and long, I think it can help us all better
understand the needs of interaction design education. I plan on
making the data public later in the month of December.

Both educators and hiring managers can really benefit from this
information as interaction design matures and need for better trained
interaction designers increases.

You can find it at http://bit.ly/IxDEDU

Thank you,

-- dave