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12 Feb 2010 - 4:11am
William Hudson

Can anyone point me to research about hidinginterface elements?

There is a long-standing design principle called 'progressive
disclosure'. The interface is kept to the basics for the majority of
users, with more advanced settings available through the use of an
'Advanced' or 'More' button. It has both benefits and drawbacks. The
benefits centre around simplicity for the majority of users. The main
drawback is that users may not realize that some features are available.

One particularly notorious application of progressive disclosure was an
earlier version of Microsoft Office where the menus shipped in the
'short' version.

16 Sep 2006 - 8:35am
Dave Malouf

IxD in Open Source Software projects (was RE: XGL Linux Desktop GUI)

As someone with little to no experience with Open Source interaction design
projects, I would be really interested to hear from those of you about your
experiences on these projects.

If anyone is in the NYC area, I'd even would be interested in inviting such
a person to speak at the IxDA NYC series.

A good case study or an experience case of your work on an OSS would be
really interesting, at least to me.

-- dave

1 Oct 2008 - 11:42am

Job - Sr Usability Engineer - Seattle, WA - Full Time - Recruiter

Sr Usability Engr

Great opportunity to be part of a team of outstanding usability engrs and UX
designers in a groundbreaking organization.


² Develop and implement user-focused design and research methodologies
thru dev lifecycle in partnership with UX and cross-organizational teams.

² Employ multiple usability methodologies.

24 Jul 2007 - 4:36am
8 years ago
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IXDA in Bangalore

Hello All,

I have recently relocated to Bangalore and have joined Human Factors here.
When I went thru some archived posts, I saw an IXDA F2F in Bangalore. Need
to know if this is an organised event or has stopped now... Please also let
me know if there are members here who are located in Bangalore/visit
Bangalore often


22 Jun 2010 - 3:40pm
5 years ago
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Horizontal Grouping GUI

I've been charged with designing a horizontal version of the attached graphic.

Think of the 'Conditions' area like the white text box where you type your search query in Google.

Pictured are 2 groups of items. The outer group (colored blue) has a right border that is blue with vertical lines and a triangle. This indicates it is an AND group. The inner group (colored green) has right border that is orangish with diagonal lines and a half-circle. This indicates it is an OR group.

2 Jul 2007 - 12:33am
8 years ago
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Will Parker

Tog on the iPhone keyboard

Comments on the iPhone touch-type from Tog's new iPhone article
( http://www.asktog.com/columns/072iPhoneFirstTouch.html )

> An inherent problem with all finger-touch systems is that the
> finger, by definition, must obscure the object being touched
> (unless one has a giant screen with giant buttons).

26 Aug 2010 - 11:40am
5 years ago
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Richard Carson


Hi Folks,

There has been alot of honest constructive crit going on about IDEO's latest project. I've heard alot of what some of the others have said. I am curious what you guys here on the IXDA list have to say.


22 Jan 2013 - 7:48pm

Reminder: IxDA Silicon Valley Event at Yahoo! :: Jan 23 2013 :: Steven Hoober on Designing for Ecosystems Instead of Screens and Pages

Too often, we design systems for boxes—whether big, metal boxes that it would take a forklift to move or little plastic boxes that we carry around in our pockets—rather than thinking about how they are connected and how people can share and use them to do work. When it’s all about the computer or device, we design systems, tasks, and content that fit into those little boxes.

17 Nov 2008 - 7:13am
umut tasa

[JOB] Wayfinding Designer – Istanbul/TURKEY – Sabiha Gokcen International Airport – Contract

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23 Feb 2006 - 2:27pm
beth koloski

AIGA CO Experience Design presents: Sexy, Saucy, Meaty: 3 Interactive Case Studies

AIGA Colorado Experience Design presents
Sexy, Saucy, Meaty: Three Interactive Case Studies

How do you like your web projects? Join us for a night of case studies and ideas you can use on your next website project--we've got a case study for every taste.

** [Case Study] Goldman Sachs Advanced Research Platform **
The WSOD team will explain how they designed and developed the Goldman Sachs Advanced Research Platform, which combines the power of the web and desktop applications into a single system.