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7 Dec 2009 - 1:18am

Job - Principal Interaction Designer with complex applications experience- Manhattan, NY - Recruiter

Job Title:Principal Interaction Designer with complex applications
experience, Manhattan, NY

Job Description:

Bestica is anxiously looking for an ideal Interaction Designer with 5 plus
years of industry experience in the Interaction Design field, someone who
has experience creating complex applications preferably desktop
applications. However we will consider some one working on web apps like
dynamic SAAS.

This is an excellent opportunity with competitive salary, great bonuses and
an awesome work environment.

10 Jul 2006 - 2:27pm
8 years ago
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Peter Boersma

IxD and related roles - is it about naming or type

Adler said:
> Does anyone know of a diagram or scheme that situates IxD and other
> related (or somewhat) positions?

Like this:
http://www.peterboersma.com/blog/2004/11/t-model-big-ia-is-now-ux.html ?

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3 May 2009 - 7:33pm
Tori Breitling

[EVENT] IxDA Austin // Tues, May 19 // Just Show Me a Freaking Picture

To “think visually” is to transform complex, text-based knowledge or verbal
language into engaging and memorable visuals so the information can be
better represented, understood and remembered.Visual thinking is relevant
today because the density of information we deal with is the equivalent of
being soaked with a firehose of data - and it’s not showing any signs of

Unfortunately, research indicates that when our brains find themselves in
situations of great complexity, they start to shut down. It's like being
caught in a gigantic hairball.

27 Mar 2008 - 2:01pm
Megan Rye

JOB | Sr. Flash/Multimedia Developer | Newtown, PA | Recruiter | Contract or contract to hire

As a Sr. Flash/Multimedia Developer, based in Newtown, PA, you will be
responsible for partnering with our client's internal teams to design,
develop and deliver innovative marketing initiatives. In this role, you
will partner with interactive designers and art directors and lead the
development of innovative Flash interfaces and applications.

30 Apr 2010 - 12:56pm
Andrew Gill

Re: [IxDA] UX résumés- what does yours look l ike?

I like and use ceevee.com

Does exactly what it says on the tin.

Best, Andy Linkstream - SEO Web App ------Original Message------ From: Mike Dunn Sender: ixdaor@host.ixda.org To: Andy Home ReplyTo: discuss@ixda.org Subject: Re: [IxDA] UX résumés- what does yours look l ike? Sent: 30 Apr 2010 19:41

Thanks for all of the kind words, folks.

8 Jun 2008 - 9:55am
Rohit Keluskar

Weekend Workshop on Design Inspection Methods and Usability Testing- Mumbai

Sorry, in my previous mail, few hours before, I forgot to mention that the
Weekend Workshop is in Mumbai.

Rohit Keluskar
Design Incubator R&D Labs Pvt. Ltd.
+91 ( 022 ) 6552 9069

8 May 2008 - 10:10am
6 years ago
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Caroline Jarrett

Question about "scannable bar code" on a mobiledisplay

From: "Dante Murphy" <dmurphy at digitashealth.com>

: A client has asked about the feasibility of displaying a scannable bar
: code on a mobile device, like a cell phone or PDA.

<snip - other questions>
: Have you ever heard of or seen this in action?

In the UK, I have heard that you can buy train tickets for trains that depart from a specific station (Marylebone) and have a bar
code appear on your mobile device.

15 Aug 2007 - 12:55pm
7 years ago
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Shima Kazerooni

Any Usability Test on 2-factor Authentication?


I am doing a research about two-factor authentication (those device generated numbers that are used along with user name and password for logging in to a computer or website). For example, RSA has the following devices and software:


I was wondering if anybody knows about any usability test/research done on that.

2 Jun 2008 - 4:01pm
Erin Walsh

Mindset and SmartSort

Does anyone know where I can find information concerning the apparent
discontinuation of Yahoo's Mindset and SmartSort features?

We've referenced them in the past concerning the use of sliders,
but SmartSort appears to have switched to radio buttons (http://
tinyurl.com/6fyypk) and Mindset (http://mindset.research.yahoo.com/)
appears to be down.


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11 Oct 2004 - 1:13pm
Jamie Divine

Re: 3D desktop replacement

Also check out Sun's Project Looking Glass: