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5 May 2005 - 5:59am
9 years ago
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Dave Malouf

Looking for stuff to read on aesthetics

Hey there,

I was wondering if people knew of any good books or articles about
aesthetics in design that might be good to get.

What I'm interested in more specifically is if there is a sense of
aesthetics around interaction. How can we as designers mold, play, conjure,
or otherwise control that aesthetic and harness it more purposefully than we

25 Oct 2006 - 6:22am
8 years ago
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Vikram M. Rao

Usability Labs on Hire :: India / USA

Dear All,

We need to make use of Usability Labs within India and / or the United States of America to conduct Usability Studies and User Observation excercises for a few products that we have developed for our clients. Would like to know if anyone can provide us information on any such facilities that we can make use off and what the charges might amount to.

thanks in advance

1 Sep 2009 - 4:34pm
Caroline Jarrett

[Event] Call for participation: STC Summit, Dallas, 2-5 May 2010

Dear IxDAers,

There's been some recent discussion about how to design online help.

23 Nov 2011 - 7:13am
3 years ago
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Raelynn OLeary

Seeking speakers [designers, urban planners, architects] who are working in community design...

During the Interaction 12 Local Leaders workshop in Dublin we are going to explore how we can design richer interaction design communities in our localities. It is the aim of many local groups to be more than event planning organizations. We hope to foster community and dialogue outside of events and serve as hubs for knowledge around our discipline. As such, we are looking for urban planners, Design Council members or other designers applying design thinking and methodologies in their communities to speak to the group about their approach to communitybuilding.
25 Mar 2012 - 8:13pm

Human Factors Graduate Program Assistanc

Hey guys and gals,

First off, love the website. I've enjoyed browsing the threads in the past and learned a lot. I just made an account on here and it seems like a great community.

7 Dec 2010 - 12:39pm
4 years ago
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OptimalSort vs UserZoom - How do they compare?

We are looking for an online card sorting tool and have recently had the opportunity to try UserZoom at my company. We found that UserZoom had many drawbacks that, given the cost, makes it less than ideal for our purposes.

23 Sep 2005 - 1:59pm
Coryndon Luxmoore

How to subvert from within

Nice article on how to get the user centered perspective ingrained into
a large organization. Saw approaches that i have used in the past plus
a few new ones.


Coryndon Luxmoore
Interaction Designer

coryndon (at) luxmoore (dot) com

20 Sep 2007 - 8:08am

IxD F2F in Sweden tonight

Third Thursday again.

Come after work or later to the following spots in Sweden to have a
drink and talk IxD with fellow IxDers.

- Göteborg, Delirium Café, Kronhusgatan 2B (in the loft).
- Malmö, Mosaik, Stortorget 6.
- Stockholm, NEW SPOT! , Storstad, Odengatan 41.

After having problems finding each other at the place in Sthlm we are
now introducing the TT-coaster!:
http://www.flickr.com/photos/niklasw/1408705317/ Print it, bring it,
use it and look for others. Maybe make your own?

19 Oct 2005 - 11:40am
9 years ago
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Ockler, Sarah

CMS recommendations

Can anyone recommend a good CMS with the following

-Site is built with MS SharePoint
-Need versioning, permissions etc.
-Site is personalized with dynamic content based on member (it's a
member health plan Web site)
-Site is largely transactional with little static content

I'm not sure if that's enough info. We've just started to look into CMS
after learning MS SharePoint couldn't deliver what we needed. We've
gotten a proposal from Interwoven so far. I don't have a lot of
experience with large scale CMS.

24 Jun 2004 - 1:18pm
Anirudha Joshi

Nesting and trees

We had once proposed a Venn-diagram approach for navigating complex