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23 May 2008 - 11:42am

User Researcher - Full Time - Seattle

User Researcher

Full Time


Bestica is looking for a User researcher with a good understanding of SOA
for the world's leading software company. How passionate are you about
improving the interactions of people, processes and technology? Our client's
User Experience (UX) team researches how people interact with technology,
businesses processes and applies that knowledge to advance our next
generation SOA platform, tools and developer framework.

Minimum Qualifications:

. At least three years business experience


24 Sep 2007 - 10:57am

IxDA Group on Slideshare

On Sat, 22 Sep 2007 19:04:40, dave malouf <dave at ixda.org> wrote:
People are thinking about doing the same on Slideshare.

This exists:


6 Jan 2006 - 1:09pm
Richard I. Anderson

Managing User Experience Groups


"Managing User Experience Groups" is the title of a 6-session evening
course that Lillian Svec and I will be teaching a in Silicon Valley
beginning January 25.

14 Jun 2011 - 12:05pm
Max L. Wilson

euroHCIR2011 - participate/schedule

This message has been cross-posted - but do pass on!

euroHCIR2011 - The 1st European Workshop on Human-Computer Interaction and Information Retrieval

Newcastle, UK - July 4th 2011 - at HCI2011

We'd like to invite participation in the euroHCIR2011 Workshop, sponsored by LexisNexis.

The event is for people who are focused on UX, Usability, User Interface Design with Information Retrieval Systems.

18 Nov 2008 - 10:43am
5 years ago
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Any thoughts on placement of company contact information?

Over the past few years, I¹ve been imploring smaller companies who have
brochure-ware sites or have a limited product offering to put their contact
information (address, tel, email, fax) and if need by, their support
telephone and email on the homepage. Usually, in the header or footer
depending on the overall site design.

18 Aug 2008 - 1:57pm
5 years ago
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Welie.com and Design Patterns


A recent Google search of mine returned the site Welie.com as one of the
first hits. I've never seen this site before and couldn't find anything
about it in the IxDA archives. Since the site is about patterns in
design interaction, I was wondering if any of you have used the site and
what you thought of it? It appears to be published by a single
individual, but he does seem to have some decent credentials.


Brian J.

27 Apr 2007 - 11:32am
6 years ago
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Kevin Silver1

Transcription Services


Does anyone know of any good transcription services that are quick
and accurate? I have a bunch of interviews I need to get transcribed
and it seems that the local talent is stuck in the land of mana.



Kevin Silver
Clearwired Web Services

10899 Montgomery, Suite C
Albuquerque, NM 87109

office: 505.217.3505
toll-free: 866.430.2832
fax: 505.217.3506

e: kevin at clearwired.com
w: www.clearwired.com

3 Oct 2006 - 8:52am
7 years ago
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Georgia Bullen

Professional Organization Memberships

So I'm new to the professional world, and I've been asked to figure out what
membership I want (ala ACM, AIGA, etc).

I'm not really sure what's best to join, so I was wondering what you all
would recommend?

For background - I studied Psychology and HCI, and I'm working in
Information Design (combo design work and HCI work).


-Georgia Bullen

1 Nov 2007 - 4:20pm
Mark Richman

Do Engineers Understand UX documents? (was

I read Todd Warfel's post and think this is a great use of usability
testing. I actively ask for feedback on wire frames from our developers but,
as you might exepct, never get any. They are too busy writing the next lines
of code.

In lieu of that, I've adjusted my documents to address any omissions or
misunderstandings I've seen. These tend to be visual issues, where the final
page doesn't match the cognitive intent. But sometimes things I expect to be
elementary are not understood sufficiently, I don;t get feedback, and the
final result just doesn;t work.

14 Mar 2006 - 9:56am
Natalie Buda

JOB: Information Architect at NavigationArts in Washington DC Metro, Contract


Information Architect

Washington D.C. Metro Area

Full Time, Contract for 4 months, with possible permanent hire

The ideal candidate is a strategic thinker who enjoys creating high-end
design for business benefit. This person must be able to collaborate with
art directors and engineers to create effective and intuitive user
interfaces using a variety of web technologies, including portal
applications, which will be the position's first project.