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21 Jan 2006 - 11:39am
Peter Boersma

For those interested in the convergence of art and

David Heller said:
> It would be great if more studios afforded themselves this type of
> exploration and focus.
> Do people know of studios doing this type of work in the IxD space,
> Industrial Design space.

In Amsterdam, The Netherlands, there's Mediamatic:

They've organized workshops on RFID and Mobtagging, and designed an online
monument for the Dutch Jewish community. I believe they also hosted an
edition of BarCamp late last year.

23 Mar 2004 - 1:14pm
10 years ago
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David Clarke

Issues raised at London meet


Firstly let me say I very much enjoyed last nights London meeting.

Two issues were raised by various people that I would like to hear more

1) Who in the group is interested in software and who is interested in
all kinds of interaction, including washing machines?

2) Secondly, are people in the group looking for a project to produce,
for example, some product or research / practice insights? Or / And are
people looking for a community that supports one another and provides a
forum for discussion?

12 Jun 2009 - 6:13pm
Amy Jones

EVENT in Austin, TX: Agile+UX - Collaboration in the Wild (Panel Discussion)

Wednesday, July 1, Austin UX will host a panel discussing how agile
development teams and UX practitioners really collaborate in the wild.
The panel will begin with four, brief presentations from local
practitioners, describing what does and doesn't work in their

14 Jul 2005 - 1:36pm
9 years ago
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Landers, Brian ...

Interaction Design Positions at Sprint

Sprint PCS is aggressively seeking out talented, innovative and
technically savvy user interface designers to join the User Experience
Design Team within Sprint.

The Group
* We call ourselves User Experience Design.
* We are the A-Team that designs products and services for Sprint
and we report directly to the Chief Development Officer.
* We work at the Sprint Campus headquarters in Overland Park, KS.
* We are a diverse team of interaction designers, researchers,
and usability engineers with a variety of education and experience.
* We affect the way over 17 million people communicate every d

22 Jan 2010 - 10:30am

JOB User Experience Exec, Heathrow nr London, British Airways, Full time


User Experience Executive

Location – Waterside, Heathrow, London, UK

Competitive benefits package

Are you fascinated by what makes people tick when using websites?
This role provides the opportunity to influence an iconic British brand in a
dynamic, creative and challenging environment.

12 Feb 2010 - 11:10am
4 years ago
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Displaying multiple filters on a page

I'm wireframing a "resource library" for a client right now and am
struggling with presentation. They have numerous presentations,
documents, etc. that need to be easily searchable and sortable via their
public web site.

The requirements are...

* Must have a keyword search option

* Must be able to sort by topic

* Must be able to sort by the resource type (PPT, Document,
Webinar, etc.)

Here's a site where we've included filters for Topic and Type, but I
feel like adding a search box will clutter the interface too much and
confuse users.

4 Dec 2007 - 9:03am
Fred Beecher

Paper Prototyping: Hi-Fi & Lo-Hi Togethe

On 12/4/07, Nam Loc <deep_frost at yahoo.com> wrote:
> So what happens now is that within the same test session, the User will be
> tested with half the use cases (functions) of the system with full
> visualisation screens, and the remaining use cases with wireframes only.

29 Aug 2007 - 8:38am
Chris Pallé

Usability Research on YUI-type Libraries

Has anybody see research/studies on effectiveness of YUI-type

20 Jul 2006 - 12:30pm
Dan Weese

IxDA Designers in Tennessee?

Are there any IA/IX/UX Designers on this list located in Tennessee? Preferably the Nashville area, but not necessary. I wanted to sit down with an actual designer to get face to face insight into this profession. My treat, you pick the restaurant.


Dan Weese
dweese at caelumtechnology.com

24 Jul 2008 - 1:14pm
Jackie O\'Hare

(Job) Staff User Experience Lead/ IA - NYC - Recruiter

My client, a premier interactive strategy, design, and development
agency with major Fortune 500 clients is looking for an Experience Lead
to direct the research, usability, and interaction design of their
projects. The ideal person is a user experience professional devoted to
creating innovative, clever solutions on interactive projects. Someone
who thinks strategically and creatively, who can focus on all project
phases from initial research through launch.