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30 Oct 2009 - 11:58am
Chris Cox

We are still on the hunt for a Mobile Design Leader. If you know of anyone interested, please send along the description below.

Intuit is a leading software provider of business and financial
management solutions for small and mid-sized businesses, consumers
and accounting professionals. You probably know us by our flagship
products, QuickBooks®, Quicken® and QuickTax®/TurboTax®, but that's
just the start. We are currently going through a fundamental
transformation from a shrink-wrapped software company to one of the
country's leading providers of web-based applications and
We are hiring for several UX roles in addition to the role outlined
in detail below.

13 Sep 2005 - 3:50pm
Michael Frappie...

How to improve the user experience for a web application with purpose to help end-users integrate multiple web applications with each other

I read the mailing list daily and I believe I can get a lot of good insights
from you on some questions we have regarding how to make the software we are
working on more user friendly.

We have built a software helping non-technical users build custom, fully
integrated web applications, using our web application (we have various
versions of it - WebFusion Studio and Drag drop site creator). One of the
hardest part for us is to make users realize that they have a full
application running in their browser.

23 May 2007 - 4:34pm
Kim Hoffman

Job: Mobile Design Lead for Adobe XD team, New York City

Mobile Design Lead

Location: New York City, USA


Adobe Systems is looking for a senior-level Visual Designer to work with
the Adobe Experience Design (XD) team to design next-generation mobile
experiences for strategic third party engagements.

A candidate's portfolio must demonstrate a broad depth of experience
with emphasis on application, and user-interface design, while
leveraging rich clients in innovative ways.

10 Nov 2006 - 8:26am
Dave Malouf

JOB: General Manager x 2 - Tier 1 Strategic Creative Consulting Firm - NYC + Austin Tx - Recruiter Posting

[Due to technical difficulties, i am posting this on behalf of the
recruiter. All replies to me will be ignored.]

JOB: General Manager – World leading Strategic Creative Consulting Firm

Location: 2 immediate openings in Austin and New York (we are also
interested in suitable candidates for upcoming west coast based

Are you ready to move into a more strategic general management role?

Our client is recognized as one of the world's leading creative
consulting firms.

11 Oct 2007 - 5:55pm

JOB: User Experience Specialist, FT, San Mateo, CA

<posting ixda>

User Experience Specialist, Global Portal/DNBi - Dun & Bradstreet

Position Overview
Dun & Bradstreet is looking for a talented, creative and motivated
full-time User Experience Specialist. The work is challenging,
creative, fast pace and intellectually stimulating. Strong analytical
skills, unwavering commitment to quality, collaborative work ethic and
cutting-edge UX skills are best fit.

27 Nov 2012 - 3:38am
3 years ago
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Jeremy DEagle

Introducing usability into a large Government organisation

I'm hoping you can help me. I've been allocated the role within my organisation to look at how we can improve the usability of our systems. I'm not from a UX background at all so this is proving quire difficult. One positive to have come out of it is that I've realised this is the kind of area I'd like to work in. I'm a fairly junior grade within my organisation so I do have only limited influence.

4 Oct 2008 - 11:38am
Catriona Lohan-...

Design / IA opportunities in Asia/EUROPE

is there one of these for Europe too please?
Catríona Lohan-Conway
User Experience Architect
917 405 5127
clohanconway at mac.com

P Please consider our environment before printing.

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11 Jan 2012 - 3:44am
3 years ago
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Designing forums for an E-commerse site.

Hi all,

I am working on increasing the user engagement of an E-commerce website. Will forums be the best way to solve my problem . Please suggest some ideas or some good E-commerce websites to analys and some good forum design.


Shilpi | UI designer | INDIA

19 Oct 2005 - 4:20pm
Iram Mirza

Transcribing Software/Products


I am looking for a transcribing software that can handle multiple voices
without a practise script. Anyone heard of something that could be used?



23 Feb 2009 - 1:40pm
6 years ago
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Greg Bosque

Questions regarding the use of arrows with navigational flyout menus

Looking to get some feedback on your experiences regarding the use of
fly-out menus within top-level website navigation. Here is a link to a
JPEG file that provides three examples:

1. Linked in
2. New York Magazine
2 Yahoo Travel


Each example uses arrows next to several of the navigation labels to
indicate additional options. However not all act consistently with
some requiring just a simple roll-over while others a physical click.

My questions to the group are: