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21 May 2010 - 3:17pm
6 years ago
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E. Miller

JOB: interaction design for Squishymedia, Portland OR

Hello IxDA'ers,

We're on the lookout for a talented information designer. We're a
small web development firm specializing in projects for healthcare and
public sector organizations. We do interesting and challenging
projects for smart clients who want to make positive contributions to
their communities.

12 Nov 2003 - 8:54pm
12 years ago
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Josh Seiden

"focus not on membership"


In a variety of posts recently, you've said something
like this:

"AIFIA has made certain to focus not on membership but
on furthering information architecture."

Could you explain a little bit what you mean by this,
and what you think are the implications?


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26 Apr 2010 - 10:26am
6 years ago
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Dave Malouf

Open Systems: How would you define? What are your favorite examples? Are they always appropriate?

Hey gang,

I've been doing a bit of thinking about "open systems". This is not the same thing (though related to) open source. In fact, I've been thinking of how IxDA itself exemplifies a lot of the properties of an open system.

I'm curious what people think about open systems: how do you define them for yourself and what are the examples you point to? What are examples when they are not appropriate?

14 Sep 2007 - 4:09pm
8 years ago
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Andrew Otwell

when the self-checkout machine pushes you over the edge

> > Man takes pry bar to self-check till
> >> Machine whacked after speaking to him in Spanish
> >>
> >> http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/local/330043_prybar03.html
> >>
> >> ...and who hasn't wanted to do this themselves?

To me the worst thing about these machines is that the speech drops all the
articles: "Place item in bag. Enter PIN on PIN Pad Device. Take receipt."
That drives me up the wall.

27 Sep 2011 - 4:23pm
4 years ago
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Frank Siraguso

E-newsletter usability

I'm thinking that this may have been around the block a few times but I'd like to have to have opinions and links to research, if possible.

We send several short monthly e-newsletters and are redesigning them. The layouts are pretty much the same for all: 2 column, wide on left wtih the right column for links, etc. Our new Web manager wants to have an "In this issue" list in the right column. We-the writers-think that's redundant. Because we use a title link with a short intro, readers will see all the contents, usually. Thanks for your help!

1 Jun 2006 - 4:53pm
Josh Seiden

JOB: Senior UX Designer, NYC, Zymmetry, Inc--Contract+

To apply, see information below. Please DO NOT reply to me.


Senior User Experience Designer
Zymmetry, Inc.
New York, NY

Zymmetry is looking for an outstanding user experience designer with a
passion for creating useful, usable and desirable user experiences.

Founded in 1989, Zymmetry Limited is a leading solution provider for the
apparel industry.

22 Mar 2008 - 11:41am
8 years ago
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Dan Saffer

OT: Who's Your City?

For those of you in the "I can work anywhere" camp, here's Richard
Florida's counterargument:


NEWSWEEK: The conventional wisdom is that, with technologies that
allow us to work from anywhere, place is mattering less and less. Why
is that not the case, and how are we getting it wrong?

FLORIDA: What I realized after studying this for a couple of decades
is that no one's ever really given advice about how important the
place you choose to live is.

29 Jan 2004 - 12:11pm
a h andrew

Re: Menu caption design (Sandeep Jain)

Another option is to have a history window similar to
Photoshop's. Keep the menu name short (Either "Undo"
or "Undo Move"), but in the history window have a
longer description "Undo Move Zone A", using the
guidelines Jim outline below for the best terminology.

To "argue this with your engineering manager", you
might try to pointing to existing applications. Remind
them of how they don't like to see non-standard menu
names, or how unwieldy (or helpful!) a particular name
might be. Try to point to specific resources that back
you up.

24 Jul 2008 - 3:35pm

Job - Senior Interaction Designer - Mobile - Full Time - San Francisco, CA - Recruiter

Senior Interaction Designer - Mobile

San Francisco, CA

Passionate about designing compelling experiences for the mobile lifestyle?

Want to work for top-tier clients in a fun, small agency in the heart of

downtown San Francisco?

We are looking for a Senior Interaction Designer to join our clients

Interaction Design team on a full-time basis. You should have a strong

understanding of the user-centered design process and be comfortable working

independently as well as alongside other designers.

15 Jun 2007 - 4:49pm
Greg Petroff

IxDA Summer Pledge Drive Starts Monday June 18th!

IxDA Summer Pledge Drive Starts Monday June 18th!

Last fall, we asked for your help, and your generous contributions
helped us get to where we are now. We need your help again, in order to
bring the ixda beta experience, (beta.ixda.org) to completion and place
the organization on sound financial footing. Starting this coming
Monday, June 18th, we are going to kick off our summer pledge drive for
4 days.