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24 Mar 2006 - 11:34am
9 years ago
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Dave Malouf

IxD Symposium @ the IA Summit in Vancouver - Pictures

Here are my pictures from the IxD Symposium @ the IA Summit sponsored by


If you have your own picts from the IxD Symposium, post them on Flickr w/
tag IxDSymp and IASummit06

I know others took pictures and I can't wait to see them as some of mine
didn't come out as well as the others.

Also, as a reminder, people at the summit and/or just live in the Vancouver
area who want to join us for dinner on Sunday night, shoot an e-mail to

30 Apr 2005 - 1:34am
Kevin Cheng

Lotus Notes S*cks! ... I know that is almostubiquitous, but here is definitive proof!

I submit http://www.ok-cancel.com/comic/11.html

At CHI2004, Tom ran into some people who work on Notes and they told
him what a huge fan of OK/Cancel they were. Tom's response,

"hey, that's cool ... ... uh, sorry we implied you guys don't do

David Heller wrote:
> I hope you all find it as funny as me and if anyone on this list
> for the Notes Client design team ...

3 Sep 2009 - 12:40am
6 years ago
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Ragavan Srinivasan

Mozilla Design Challenge: Fall '09 %u2013 Mozilla Weave Project

@joe - As Andy says, the goal of the Sync add-on is to allow users to
take their entire firefox experience with them, anywhere they go. So,
in addition to bookmarks (which are certainly a big part of one's
firefox experience), we also securely synchronize web history,
passwords, tabs, preferences etc.

Our goal is not to compete with other services such as delicious, but
rather work to better integrate with whatever services a user chooses.

Hope that helps clears things a bit.

31 Oct 2011 - 1:51am
3 years ago
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Looking for UI/UX assistance


I work with a non-profit hospital in rural India, JSS (www.jssbilaspur.org), that is building an open-source, volunteer-driven, health information system and is in need of assistance with UI/UX design.

11 Feb 2009 - 10:01am

[EVENT] IxDA Waterloo February 25: The Myths of Innovation with Scott Berkun

IxDA Waterloo is thrilled to host Scott Berkun on February 25. Scott will be
talking about the ideas in his latest book, "The Myths of Innovation". If
you're anywhere near the area, we'd love for you to join us!

Full details and RSVP instructions on our blog at:



Much of what we know about innovation is wrong. Scott Berkun takes us
through the history of innovation, dispelling the mythologies we¹ve
constructed about how we got here.

13 Oct 2010 - 10:55am
Dan Harrelson

JOBS: Design and engineering positions in San Francisco and New York

Hot Studio is a leading experience design company with offices in San Francisco and New York. Dedicated to creating elegant solutions for complex design challenges, we collaborate with business leaders, innovative organizations, and emerging companies to create breakthrough products and services that have global reach and local impact. Our clients include Cisco, Warner Music Group, Palm, eBay, Zinio, Ancestry.com, SFMOMA, and California Academy of Sciences.

23 Feb 2010 - 11:44am
Joe Sokohl

Magic Wish #2 for IxDA

Local groups are great. There are a lot of people who are working hard
to bring interaction designers and other interested folks together
locally on a regular basis.

Wouldn't it be great if local groups had a dedicated space that
brought events, discussions, and jobs into a local-centric space?
Wouldn't it be great if ixda.org could expand the ability of local
groups to communicate & collaborate?

Your wish is about to be granted:
http://www.ixda.org/blog /2010 /02 /new -website -launch -is
-imminent /

Launch is set for 5 days and counting!

31 Aug 2007 - 3:57pm
8 years ago
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Marcus I

User Experience Occupational Description Listing


Does anyone know of a job description listing in the various fields for designers? I am looking for a user experience occupational list, which gives a description of the following:

0. field
1. job title
2. job description
3. number of designers
4. business type
5. location

I have seen the U.S Department of Labor's - Bureau of Labor Statistics' "Occupational Outlook Handbook" but it appears to be out of date.

19 May 2004 - 5:43pm
11 years ago
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Andrew Otwell

Re: Summer interns needed - IxD and D (with location)

> Yodlee is located in Redwood Shores (Bridge Park shuttle service from San
> Carlos Caltrain)

...California, USA. :-)

15 Jun 2007 - 3:18pm
Nasir Barday

NYC IxDA Event: Getting Good Designs Built, Tuesday, June 26th

Hi Everyone,

It's time for another IxDA event in New York! Have you ever had trouble
convincing people to build that elegant design you've iterated, user-tested,
and refined to perfection? This month, Victor Lombardi will talk about how
to convince our companies and clients to build our great designs.